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Is an external document a compound document

por Rory Kleiman (2019-09-09)

Not necessarily. An external document is what it is, but if it is connected to another document, the other document would be a compound document.

Is an external spreadsheet linked to a Word document a compound document?
Sure. Why not?

share: Is an external Excel spreadsheet linked into a Word document considered a compound document in the Microsoft environment?
Is an external excel spreadsheet linked into a word document considered a compoound document in the microsoft enviroment?

share: Why is an external Excel spreadsheet linked into a Word document a compound document?
They are two distinct documents that are linked together.

share: What is external Excel spreadsheet linked to a word document?
A Word doc with a linked spreadsheet is usually called a 'Compound Document'.

share: Explian why or why not an external Excel spreadsheet linked into a word document and a web page are or are not compound document within the Microsoft office frame work or environment?
The spreadsheet does not change. The combination is called a compound document because of definition.

share: What is an external Excel spreadsheet linked into a Word document?
It is still an Excel spreadsheet. The workbook does not change, just because it is linked to another document to form a compound document.

share: What is an external document?
An external document usually is a document that was not created by the application you are using, or a completely separate document to the one you are using. You may want to link to it in some way or import some of its data into your current document.

share: Is the web considered a compound document?
It could be, depending on how loose your definition is for "compound document," but my opinion is "no." The Web is way more vast than a document. A Web page is a special type of document that can link to many different locations and other documents.

share: Is a webpage a compound document?
Well, is it??????

share: How do you or is there anyway to backup your emails onto an external hard drive?
Copy all the text from the email with Ctrl+C and paste it into a text document with Ctrl+V, save the document and drag the document in the external hard drive and Done you have all your emails as a back up.

share: Why is a linked spread sheet called a compound document?
Because it is more than a single document as one.

share: Where in on HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?
You want to refer to an external stylesheet in the HEAD section of an HTML document. Where specifically doesn't matter, although it's become standard practice to list stylesheets as the last item in your HEAD.

share: What is the document containing style information for linked style is called?
An external style sheet.

share: What is a compound word for a peace document?
One such word is peace treaty.

share: Is water a covalent or ionic compound?
Mainly covalent see external link

share: What is a fracture that involves a broken bone and an external wound is called?
open or compound

share: When a document is saved on the desktop a document icon displays on the desktop and the document is stored on the hard disk true or false?
Answer: True - yes the document which you save on the desktop is saved on the hard drive. Unless you're saving the document on an external hard drive, USB, or CD, it would be saved on the hard drive. (wow!)

share: What is the definition of a compound documents?
A compound document is a document that consists of other documents. It is a way of bringing a set of related documents or files together as one file. It can be a set of the same types of documents, or could consist of different kinds of files or data.

share: What is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet in an HTML document?
The correct place to refer an external style sheet in HTML is on the top of page. It could be done after the title tag.

share: Why helium does not form any chemical compound?
The external level of electrons is completely filled.

share: What is the process of loading an external image into an indesign document called?
InDesign has you "Place" an image on a page, creating a link to an external image. It's equivalent to "Get Picture" in QuarkXPress). Images can also be embedded.

share: What is the correct place in HTML document to refer to an external style sheet?
You have to put link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="YOUR_CSS_FILE_GOES HERE" /> in the HEAD section of your html document

share: How do you link an external Excel spreadsheet into a word document?
Select the data in the spreadsheet and copy it. Go to the Word document and in the Edit menu pick Paste Special and Paste Link. A link will be established so that when the spreadsheet changes, the data in the word processing document will also change.

share: What is the difference between a 'formal' and 'informal' document?
an informal document is a document usually sent internally in companies to tell people what to do next or that they habve to go somewhere A formal document is a document adhering to traditional standards of correctness. A formal document is usually sent when an entity is communicating with other external entities. A informal document is a document that is not officially recognized or controlled. Eg. when an employee sends a weekly status to his... Read More

share: How to use CSS file in HTML?
There are two methods to use css in a html document. 1.External style sheet. You can include an external css file using the link tag within head tag element as follow. 2.Internal style sheet. We can embed the css code inside html document using style tag as follow.

share: Difference between dde and ole in vb?
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) a communication protocol that let applications call each other.OLE was the first protocol that enabled users and programmers to create compound documents-that is documents that contain data from different applications (for example an Excel worksheet inside a Word document). Depending on the application's needs compound documents can completely encapsulate other simpler documents (embedding) or contain simply a reference to existing documents (linking). When the user clicks on an embedded or linked... Read More

share: How do you save a document permanently?
A document cannot really be saved permanently. If someone decides to delete it, it can be deleted. To prevent this you should backup all your files, documents, photos, and music to an external source; preferably an online backup system.

share: How do you you improve website Page Rank?
PageRank is primarily based on the quality of the external hyperlinks to particular web document. Therefore, to improve the PageRank for a particular web page, you would need to get high quality, relevant external inlinks/backlinks to that page.

share: How do you convert word file into pdf and in video in windows OS without using any external software?
You can't do it without external software. The easiest way to convert any document to PDF is to use a PDF printer. In this way you can print the document as normal, but rather than print to your default printer you choose the PDF printer device instead. The free PrimoPDF is a good choice here. Converting a Microsoft Word document to a video is more challenging as it's not entirely obvious how the conversion should... Read More

share: Type in css?
Typing in CSS is done inline, page or external. Inline is done right there in the HTML. Page is done in the Head element of the page. external is done by linking to a CSS file that is not included and is linked in the Head element of the document. Peace, carke

share: What is a document you can you to communicate?
Documents to communicate business: internal memo delivered personally email communication (internal or external) letter to an external party sent by mail internal memo sent by interoffice delivery telephone communication documented on calendar (computer or hand written)

share: Will helium and oxygen form a ionic compound?
Helium and oxygen will not form an ionic compound: Helium already has a highly stable electronic configuration and will neither accept nor donate an electron without a large external energy input.

share: What external assistance is available for development of document in a organisation?
publisher, publishing house and expert advice are available in your doorsterp. if you are woprking in a big firms then an expert is always there to help you

share: Can a human bone penetrate the human body?
Yes it can, either from an external or internal approach. Only if it's sharp enough like a compound fracture.

share: What is citing expert opinion?
A "citing" is a reference to some external information made by the author of a document in support of a point the author is making. The author is backing up what he/she is saying by showing where the supporting material is published and by whom. An "expert opinion" would usually be a report by an expert in a legal document.

share: How do you put clip art into open office?
You can import clip-art from external sources, by using the Insert tab at the top of a document, selecting Picture - and browsing your computer for the image.

share: What is a Map Network Drive?
Mapped network drive. In Windows networks, an external resource has the form "\\MyServer\MyFolder\MySubFolder\MyFile.doc". The folder part, "\\MyServer\MyFolder\MySubFolder", can be assigned ("mapped") to a drive letter, for example, "M:"; in that case, you refer to the document as "M:\MyFile.doc". Mapped network drive. In Windows networks, an external resource has the form "\\MyServer\MyFolder\MySubFolder\MyFile.doc". The folder part, "\\MyServer\MyFolder\MySubFolder", can be assigned ("mapped") to a drive letter, for example, "M:"; in that case, you refer to the document as... Read More

share: Is chlorine a class 2 or class 3 oxidizer?
Whether a chlorine compound is a Class 2 or Class 3 oxidizer is dependent on the compound and composition. Refer to the NFPA document in the related link for various chlorine compounds and their Hazardous Class rating.

share: What hold elements together to form a compound?
Strength and stability of chemical compounds and the possibility of their existence in certain intervals of the external environment is provided by the electromagnetic interaction

share: Where is your document stored until you save it?
When working on a document, you are working in the computer's Random Access Memory (RAM). Though very quick, RAM is a volatile memory. If you don't save your document to the internal hard drive, or to an external storage device, before turning off the computer, all is lost - the document no longer exists. If working on an important document, save to the hard drive every few paragraphs. Then, if things go wrong, you only... Read More

share: How do you transfer a document from a laptop to a computer?
A external usb jump drive. Plug it in, open to view files, paste your file there. Plug it into the computer, view files and copy and 바카라사이트추천 paste it in your documents

share: How do you copy document files from an external HDD to the HDD inside the computer?
Connect the external HDD to the PC and if you are using Windows 2000/XP or newer then it should automatically pick up the drive and show it in My Computer as a removable device which should let you just copy and paste the file to your C drive

share: Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?
In this example, I'm using a filename titled style.css located in the CSS folder: link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> Insert this line inside your head> tag. It then refers to an external stylesheet.

share: How can you retrieve a document that was inadvertently saved with a backslash in the file name?
i believe its a compound because water is H2O, which is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom

share: Is the Declaration of Independence a concrete noun?
Yes, the compound, proper noun 'Declaration of Independence' is a concrete noun as a word for a physical document; a word for a physical thing.

share: What is external css in HTML?
It is sipmply a link to a stylesheet that is separate from the HTML document and contained in the Head element of the document. This references something I did: link href="crigbypubs.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen"/> link href="print.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="print"/> done in XHTML

share: What is MSDS chemical and what it used for?
MSDS is Material Safety Data Sheet; this document offer data about a chemical compound and incarion about working in secure conditions, possible accidents etc.

share: How can you insert javascript into an HTML document?
Here are two examples of internal and external calling of javascript Internal Calling (Not Recommended) script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> // Your javascript code ehre /script> External Calling (Recommended) script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="File Path/File.js"> /script>

share: Why software requirement specification is also called black box specification?
It should only specify what the system should do and refrain from stating how to do these. This means that the SRS document should specify the external behavior of the system and not discuss the implementation issues. The SRS document should view the system to be developed as black box, and should specify the externally visible behavior of the system. For this reason, the SRS document is also called the black-box specification of a system.

share: How do I write write an essay on HRM and external environment?
You should focus your human resources management essay on a topic that affects the current business environment. Start your essay broad and focus the document towards the end.

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