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title:Reach the Romantic Heart with Personalized Valentine's Gifts
author:William Mathis
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:17

While many appropriate gifts can be purchased for Valentine's Day, the most powerful romantic message to your heart's desire might be delivered with something that costs nothing or very little.
What can you give of yourself this Valentine's Day, using mostly time and imagination? To help you decide, has developed 10 ideas for Valentine's gifts for men or women. Present one or more of these gifts with or without purchased items and you will put an unmistakable personal imprint on this special day.
1. Is there an item belonging to your sweetheart that needs mending or repairing? Almost everyone has something that should get fixed but doesn't for the longest time, mainly because of busyness. But you can take the trouble to get it done, showing both that you noticed the need and cared enough to use your own valuable time to arrange or do the repair.
2. Schedule a telephone reunion with an old friend or relative of your beloved who has been out of touch for some time. Hearing from someone who meant a lot in days gone by provides an emotional charge.
We all want to have these connections, but we get so busy with everyday living that we neglect to make them happen. So if you take the initiative and make the contact, your Valentine will be surprised and pleased.
3. What task does your Valentine least like to do? Is it washing dishes? Vacuuming? Cleaning the garage? Shopping for groceries? Excluding undergoing surgery or a visit to the dentist, there has to be something you can do in place of your sweetheart.
You could do the task without mentioning it and enjoy the surprise when your work is noticed. If you're worried that your effort won't be recognized, you could include a subtle hint with your Valentine's card.
4. This is a high-end version of Number 3. A Valentine's gift that keeps on giving will be very welcome. You could promise to walk the dog every day for a month, cook meals for a week, tend the lawn or assume any duties your darling normally does for a set period.
Just remember, whatever commitment you make must be honored or your gift will backfire. What could be less romantic than promising something that doesn't happen?
5. Cooking a meal is an obvious gift, but there are some ways to embellish it. Include special foods or beverages that you have enjoyed together, especially when you first met or during early dating.
If you fell in love while having pizza and beer, maybe that's your menu. Tastes and smells locked in our memories evoke powerful emotions, including romantic feelings. Don't overlook the power of the right music, either. Which song have you loved to dance to? What was playing the night you met? Put the music on and relive the wonderful experience.
6. If you have been together for a while, here's a way to honor your experiences: dig out your photos from various events and display them. Whether it be your wedding, birth of a child, a trip to Hawaii or camping in the woods, special occasions that you have recorded with photographs can evoke romantic memories.
Since many photos get filed away indefinitely, Valentine's Day is a great occasion to give them their due. Combine with suggestion Number 5 and you have the makings of a superb evening.
7. Is there something you have been meaning to do, and your Valentine has been urging you to do (even nagging), but you just haven't managed to achieve it? Taking a course that you need for career advancement, perhaps, or getting a tooth chip repaired, or starting an exercise program.
Everyone usually has an unresolved procrastination, despite friendly encouragement. So get it done or started, then announce the achievement or action with your Valentine's card. And don't forget to say something like "just for you" or "thanks for your wonderful support."
lethargic 8 letters. For those with writing skill, composing a special poem for Valentine's Day is a natural no-cost gift. But what if you are a creative klutz with a poetic heart?
Here's a solution: research romantic poetry at the library or online until you find a poem that reflects your feelings. Then copy it out in longhand, with a flourish if your penmanship is up to it, on some fancy paper. (Don't forget to give proper credit to the poet.) This can be your handmade Valentine's card, or you might include the poem with a card you purchase.
9. If your sweetheart has an extensive collection of music, books, photos or something similar, you could archive it on your computer and create a useful gift. Demonstrating your interest in the particular passion should earn you high marks.
10. The last suggestion is the deluxe treatment, but using any or all of it could enhance Valentine's Day. If there's time in the morning, offer a full breakfast with some delicacies reserved for special occasions. If possible, arrange to meet for a fancy picnic lunch, even if the weather dictates that you eat in the car. Follow up with a candlelit dinner, where you incorporate one or more of the suggestions noted above. Next, well, use your imagination.
It doesn't take a lot of money for a memorable Valentine's Day. Just spend some time and devotion in letting your beloved know how you feel.