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What is Aston Merrygold's twitter

por Stephen Ramon (2019-09-10)

Aston Merrygold does not have his own twitter but ...

JLS's Twitter Is @JLSOfficial

Is Aston merrygolds name on Twitter?
he only has the JLS Official one which is @JLSOfficial

What color is Aston merrygolds eyes?
Aston merrygolds eyes are brown.

What is Aston merrygolds nickname?
Aston Merrygolds nicknames are ... Lil Man, Ast, LK (Little Kid) Asty Pasty (cringee)

Is Aston merrygolds a virgin?
No he is not.

Where are Aston Merrygolds tattoos?
Aston Merrygold has 4 tatoos

What is Aston Merrygolds favourite car?
aston martin xxx

Where does Aston Merrygolds mum work?
where does Aston merrygold works in peterborough

What is Aston out of jls's phonenumber?
Aston merrygolds phone number ..... 07531052194

Who is Aston Merrygolds lover?
Sarah Richards is Aston Merrygold's girlfriend.

What is Aston merrygold favorite color?
Aston merrygolds favourite colour is BLUE.

What is Aston Merrygolds Full Nam?
His full name is Aston Ian Merrygold.

What are Aston merrygolds dogs called?
Aston doesnt have a dog lol ............. he is afraid of them

Who is Aston Merrygold's only girl?
Fatima is Aston merrygolds only girl

What sort is Aston Merrygolds car?
Aston Merrygold's Car Is An Audi TT

What colour is Aston merrygolds hair?

What month is Aston Merrygolds?
13th of february

Where does Aston Merrygolds brothers live?

Who are Aston Merrygolds friends?
kiran and marzia!

What is Aston Merrygolds favorite thing to do?
it is to sing

Who is Aston Merrygolds mom?
Shiobhan Merrygold

Who is birthdays on the 13th February?
Aston merrygolds

Aston merrygolds ex girlfriend?
natalia rush

What is Aston merrygolds mum called?
siobhan Merrygold

Where is Aston merrygolds from jls dad come from?
He is Jamacian

What is Aston merrygolds favourite singer?
Michael Jackson

Where is Aston Merrygolds home in peterborough?
This information is private.

Who is Aston merrygolds worst enemy?
Stacey sloman

What is Aston merrygolds Skype name?
jls merrigold

Aston Merrygold favorite name for a girl?
Aston Merrygolds favourite name for a girl is Rosie !!!

When is Aston Merrygolds b-day?
Aston Merrygold was born 13th February 1988.

What Aston Merrygolds Middle Name?
His full name is Aston Ian James Merrygold♥

What is Aston Merrygolds full name?
this full name is - Aston Ian James Merrygold (sexygold) ;) x

What is Aston merrygolds hobbies?
Aston merrgold likes singing and he loves football and is very good at athletics

What is Aston Merrygold house door number and what strete?
Aston merrygolds door 파워사다리 number apparently is 79

Who was Aston merrygolds old gilr freaind?
elise gourley

What is Aston merrygolds favourite song?
Chris Brown - Crawl

Aston merrygolds date of birth?
13th February 1988

What are Aston merrygolds ambitions?
To become an idol in the music industry

Who is Aston merrygolds biggest fan?
Alicia Lynne Borde

What is Aston merrygolds lucky number?
his lucky number is 2.

Who are Aston Merrygolds parents?
Siobhan Merrygold and Orjan Merrygold

What is Aston Merrygolds fave animal?
Cheetah Or Little Monkey

When is Aston merrygolds birthday?
13th February by JLSsuper fan

What was Aston merrygolds favourite subject at school?
p.e and music

What is Aston merrygolds famous saying?
Lemony Fresh!! 3

What Aston merrygolds Facebook name?
Yes he does have facebook his name on it is Aston Merrygoldz and it is also checked and verified by facebook.

What was Aston Merrygolds first job?
he was a shop assistant xx :D i love Aston Merrygold :P xx

What is Aston merrygolds shoe size?
his shoe size is a size 8

How old is Aston merrygolds sister?
she is 16 and not sure on the date of her birthday

What are Aston merrygolds hobbies?
doing back flips singing danceing

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