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Do Rihanna have a Facebook

por Chana Jackson (2019-09-12)

Nope, Rihanna dosent have Facebook but she has her own Facebook Fan Page and her own website (Website not on Facebook)...

How do you get to Rihanna Facebook page?
On Facebook, 추천바카라사이트 Rihanna is listed under Bands & Musicians.

How many likes does Rihanna have on Facebook?
rihanna has over 200,000 Facebook likes.

Robyn Rihanna fenty real facebook page?
Just type in the search box in facebook Rihanna and the first one showing rihanna playing with a guitar is the one which is the official facebook page :) if more help is needed just inbox !

How do you add Rihanna as a friend on facebook?
type in rihanna at the search bar then all the people of rihanna will come up.Then go find the rihanna you want.

Is Rihanna on Facebook?
Yes she is. Look below- that's her. All others are fakes. website She doesnt have one. She has a Facebook page.

What is the most liked page on facebook?
follow this link website

Does Rihanna have a Facebook?
depends on which one you are looking for .

Is rihanna dead do she die in this year 2014?
A Facebook hoax was being circulated saying that Rihanna was dead. It is not true, she did not die in 2014. The singer known as Rihanna is not dead. She is alive and well as of January 2014.It was a Facebook hoax that was making the rounds saying she died.

What is the name of the Rihanna website?
the official website for rihanna is rihannanow followed by the obligatory dot com or follow her by twitter or facebook :)

How many friends does Rihanna have on facebook?
more tan 200,000

Does Rihanna have a facebook page?
Yes, she does. See the appended link.

Does rihanna have adopted daughter?
Yes it looks like it on Facebook.

Which artist has the biggest number of Facebook fans in the world?
Rihanna is the artist that has the biggest number of Facebook fans in the world. Eminem is the second highest performer on Facebook.

How do you write a letter to Rihanna?
You can check her Facebook fan page for her contact information.

How can you talk to Rihanna?
You can talk to rihanna by: Sending her a text (if you've got her phone number) Sending her a message on either: Facebook , Twitter or Bebo Giving her a call If you know a famous person, then telling them to talk to rihanna and give you a call.

Hi Chris Brown my name is erica Lindsay how is you and rihanna?
chris brown is NOT on Wiki answers, but he is on Facebook

Who are the top 3 most followed people on facebook?
1st Rihanna 2nd Lady GaGa 3rd Queen Elizabeth This was answered in 1999 i hope u can change it for me

What is Rihanna mixed with?

Is Rihanna a man?
No, Rihanna is not a man. Rihanna is a woman.

Is Rihanna a guy?
No, RIhanna is not a guy. Rihanna is a woman.

Whereis Rihanna from?
Where is Rihanna from? Rihanna is from St. Michael, Barbados.

Was Rihanna pregnant at her wedding?
Rihanna did not have a wedding and Rihanna is not pregnant.

What personality do Chris Brown want in a women?
Why don't you ask Chris Brown yourself?? ... Like on twitter or facebook or something??! He would probably want a women who is similar to Rihanna!! ... That's just my opinion!!

What is Rihanna short for?
Rihanna is not short for anything. Rihanna is just her middle name. Although Rae can be short for Rihanna.

Does Rihanna have a teenwag?
Yes, Rihanna does have a teenwag unfortunately. Rihanna on teenwag

Does Rihanna have a sister?
No Rihanna has two younger brothers. No Rihanna does not have a sister.

Is Rihanna caraibean?
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, (Better known as Rihanna), is indeed Caribbean. Rihanna is from the beautiful island Barbados.

What are some celebrity facebook pages that are real?
Facebook will show a blue circle with a white check mark in the center next to the person's name when a celebrity's Facebook page has been verified as real. Some celebrity Facebook pages which are real include: The Ready Set Britney Spears Kathie Lee and Hoda Al Roker Beyoncé Rihanna Eminem Shakira Michael Jackson Katy Perry Justin Timberlake Justin Bieber Lady Gaga Vin Diesel

When is Rihanna real name?
Rihanna Birth Name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Chris Brown hi5 profile?
who are dating rihanna one question rihanna wants children give her who are dating rihanna one question rihanna wants children give her who are dating rihanna one question rihanna wants children give her

Who is better Rihanna or Cassie?
for me rihanna rihanna because she can sing and do more stuff then Cassie

Does TI go out with Rihanna?
No TI and Rihanna are not dating. Rihanna is dating Matt Kemp.

Did drake sleep with Rihanna?
Did drake ever have a relationship with Rihanna has he been intimate with rihanna

Who is Rihanna fiance?
rihanna does have a fiance.

What does Rihanna do now?
Rihanna sings!

What country is Rihanna from?
Rihanna is from Barbados.

Does Rihanna have a baby?
No, Rihanna does not have a baby.

Where goes Rihanna from?
rihanna is from barbados

Who did Rihanna marry?
Rihanna is not married.

Does Rihanna have a husband?
No, Rihanna does not have a husband.

Did Rihanna Get Married?
No, Rihanna did not get married.

Did Rihanna have a kid?
No Rihanna did not have a kid.

Is Rihanna a hermaphrodite?
No, Rihanna is a female.

What calture is Rihanna?
rihanna is American

Has Rihanna had a babe?
NO Rihanna has not have a baby.

Is Rihanna perganat?
NO Rihanna is not pregnant.

Where did Rihanna travel?
how does rihanna travel

Is rihanna from Bermuda?
No, Rihanna is from Barbados.

Is Rihanna a tomboy?
Rihanna is a tomboy

Is the real name of Rihanna really Rihanna?
No, Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

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