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Is a car a constant variable

por Shonda Stoltz (2019-09-14)

A car is but the make or model of car, colour of car, etc are not.

What is the purpose of the transmission in a car?
To match a constant speed engine with a variable speed vehicle.

What is the constant variable in Avogadro's law?
The question is about an oxymoronic expression. A constant cannot be a variable and a variable cannot be a constant!

What is the difference between a variable and a non variable?
A variable changes. It varies. A non variable does not change. It is constant. For example if I write a mathematical expression such as x + 1, then x is a variable. Its value can be whatever value we choose. However 1 is a non variable. Its value is 1 and never changes from 1. In a scientific experiment a variable would be something that you changed from one test to another. A non variable...

Is a constant a number variable or the product of a number and one or more variables?
A constant is not a variable at all, and none of its factors was a variable. It is constant.

What is the constant and variable of 6x?
The constant is 6 and the variable is x.

What a variable that does not change in an experiment is called a constant?
Constant variable

What is constant variables?
a constant variable is something that you set eg: 10mg of water. an independent variable is something that you need the constant variable to find out

What does a constant do in c plus plus?
A constant is a variable that does not change. The correct term is constant variable.

Which variable have been held constant?
Logic fault ---> no such thing as a constant variable (by axiom: def of variable) []

What is the definition of constant variable?
The definition of constant variable is a variable whose value cannot be changed once it has been assigned a value for an experiment. It is the variable held steady, or constant, for a specific experiment.

A constant that multiplies a variable?
A constant that multiplies a variable is no longer a constant. By its very definition, a constant is something that can never be different. The result of variable multiplication is thus a variable, not a constant. I would say that the above answer is not necessarily true. The common equation for the area of a circle is: area = pi * r2 The fact that you are multiplying the mathematical constant pi by a variable...

What is the constant variable of which gum will hold its flavor the longest?
There cannot be a constant variable

What is the relationship between a variable and a constant?
By definition: a variable varies (changes) in value a constant is constant (fixed) in value

How do variable constant and periodic motion compare?
3 types of motion: constant means the object is always moving. periodic means that the object is moving back and forth. variable means that the object can change its speed and direction. examples: constant - the earth moving around the sun. periodic - a swing moving back and forth. variable - a car driving then turning or slowing down.

What is variable and constant?
A variable is a named object that is mutable. A constant is a named object that is immutable.

What difference between a pointer variable and a pointer constant?
The former is variable, the latter is constant.

Can the value of a constant variable be changed anywhere in the c plus plus program?
There is no such thing as a constant variable. A value is either constant or it is variable, it cannot be both. To answer the question, a constant value cannot be changed anywhere in a C++ program. Only variable values can be changed.

What is a non manipulated variable?
In an expieriment, it is a variable that is kept constant (doesn't change). In an expieriment, it is a variable that is kept constant (doesn't change).

What is a constant variable for a science experiment?
The constant variable for a science experiment is a variable which you want to stay the same throughout all testings.

Examples of constant variable?
A constant variable is one that does not change during an experiment. If your experiment includes a dozen cupcakes and that number does not change throughout your experiment, the dozen cupcakes is a constant variable.

What does constant variable mean?
Constant means strait line and variable is an arch which is not a strait line

Is gravity a variable?
Gravity is a constant not a variable. (stays constant at 9.8ms/s in earths atmosphere)

What does the word constant variable mean?
A constant variable means that you are keeping a object or something the same.

What is a variable constant in science?
It is a variable which, under processes of the experiment or study, does not change or is assumed constant.

What is a variable times a variable?
It can be a new variable eg x*y = xy. Or it can be a constant eg x is a variable then 3/x is another variable. x*(3/x) = 3, which is a constant.

What variable mentioned in Table 2-1 is kept constant?
The constant variable is usually the 'X' variable or the variable that stays the same. For example, it may be the 'X' variable or the same number.

The variable that stays the same?
The constant variable.

What is the antonym for variable?
an antonym for variable is constant

What is the Synonym for controlled variable?
constant variable

What does constant variable mean in science?
A constant variable is one that is not the independent variable (the one you are changing) or the dependent variable (the one you change). Constant variables are so named because in order for the experiment to be legitimate, it is expected that the scientist control them, thus keeping them constant across all trials. This ensures that changes in the dependent variable are only the result of changes in the independent variable.

In math what does terms mean?
A term is a monomial. It's basically a constant, a variable, or the product of a constant and a variable

What are some examples of constant variables in science?
A constant variable is a variable that gets changed by a physical substance

What is the independent dependent and constant variable?
An dependent variable is one that you measure. The independent variable is one you set at various levels. A constant variable seems to be bad English. It refers to things that could vary (a variable) but that you hold constant so that they have no effect on the experimental results (more or less).

What is constant variable in research method?
A constant variable in research method is a factors or quantities that never change. Constant variables always remain the same.

A variable that remains the same?
Constant or controlled variable.

What is the variable called that is not changed in an experiment?
constant variable

What is the constant and variable?
The variable in the experiment that is always the same

When replacing variable with constant?
Rewrite the expressions, equations or inequalities where the constant takes the place of each occurrence of the variable.

What is the constant for 5x plus 9?
9 is the constant. 5 is the coefficient of the variable term. X is the variable term.

Can you use variables in case clauses in the switch statement?
YES - If the variable i a constant (final variable that is already initialized) NO - If the variable is not constant and is assigned at run time.

What is a variable that stays constant?
That is simply called a constant.

What is a question using the word constant?
Was the variable constant?

Define constant and variable?
Constant means that it never changes. Variable means that it could, and likely will change. There are 24 hours in a day, so that is a constant. The weather is variable, so it could be cloudy, rainy, windy, or sunny.

Difference between Constant Variable and 모바일홈페이지 Static Variable in C?
They are entirely different things, 'constant' means: not to change its value, 'static' means 'not public' and/or 'not local' variable.

A term such as 36 that contains no variable?
a constant is a number with no variable

What variable stays the same in an exprment?
control variable or constant

What is the probability of selecting a constant from the letters?
Until the letter is selected, it is a variable. Immediately after it is selected, the outcome is no longer a variable but a constant.

What is the difference between constant speed and variable speed?
The difference is that constant speed doesn't change but variable speed does. (change)

Difference Between Variable And constant?
A constant and variable are variations of data types. int a; is a variable and its value can be changed by the program as the program runs. const int b; is a constant with a fixed value and will have its value set and may not be changed by the program as as the program runs. All data types may be declared as a constant. Variable Value Can Be Changed By You In Programme.

How is a constant and an independent variable similar?
the similarity is that they are both controlled by scientist, the difference is that the constant stays the same, and the variable is manipulated and changed

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