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Is Taeyang Korean? -

por Yvette Brunton (2019-09-15)

Taeyang is Korean.

Is Taeyang Chinese?
Nope, he is Korean.

What language does Taeyang speak?
Taeyang or Dong Young-Bae speaks and sings in Korean. He also sings in Japanese under the name SOL.

How do you say sun in Korean?
Taeyang means Sun. And Taeyangboda means sunshine. and Taeyang from Big Bang is one sexy beast lol.

What is the real name of Taeyang?
Taeyang, a South Korean musician, is also known as Sol. However, his real, legal name is Dong Young-bae. Taeyang is the musician's stage name, which means "solar."

What is taeyang favorite food?
Gaeguli (frog meat - Korean food)

Who is taeyang?
Taeyang is a k pop singer from the popular Korean group called Big Bang. He was born on the 18th of may 1988 (I think) and his most popular songs are I need a girl or Wedding Dress

Does taeyang have a son?
Taeyang does not have a son.

What are the names of the guys in big bang?
I'm assuming you're talking about the Korean band?? G-Dragon Taeyang T.O.P Daesung Seungri

When was Taeyang born?
Taeyang was born on May 18, 1988.

Did Taeyang die?
No, Taeyang is still very much alive.

Who is older taeyang or daesung?
Taeyang is older by almost a year.

Does taeyang play piano?
yes, if you see taeyang wedding dress he does play

Does Taeyang have a child?
No, Taeyang has not had a child. Him, and the rest of Big Bang, are still on a no dating policy.

How many song did Taeyang sing?
Taeyang has 17 solo songs. (including intros to his albums)

Are there good looking Korean guys in Korea--Do they look like Taeyang-- Because there doesnt seem to be any in NYC?
most korean guys are good looking, but celebrities, like in any other countries, are (much) better looking than ordinary ppl. =)

Does the singer taeyang speak English?
Yes Taeyang does speak English, but I don't think he is 100% fluent.

Do you love taeyang?
Yes, I am a proud VIP and I love Taeyang, but my bias in Big Bang is G-Dragon.

Is taeyang married?
No he his not.

Does taeyang have a tattoo?
If you meant my Taeyang from Big Bang then no.His tatoos are made up.The power of make-up :)

How old is Taeyang?
Taeyang (Dong Young-bae) is 29 years old (birthdate: May 18, 1988).

What is the true name of taeyang in bigbang?
Taeyang's real name is dong yang bea but on stage, his name is taeyang.

When was Hot - Taeyang album - created?
Hot - Taeyang album - was created on 2008-05-22.

What Korean pop songs start with the letter w?
FIESTAR - We Don't Stop SHINee - Why So Serious? EXO - What is Love 4Minute - Whatcha Doin' Today Taeyang - Wedding Dress EXO - Wolf

Where did Taeyang learn to speak English?
Taeyang has been learning English to be able to sing in English and sell more records.

Does taeyang has a girlfriend?
Not currently, no...

Is there an English version of wedding dress that was sung by taeyang?

What actors and actresses appeared in Taeyang dalneun sonyeo - 1975?
The cast of Taeyang dalneun sonyeo - 1975 includes: Suk Mun

Is taeyang gay?
No, he isn't gay.

Does taeyang have a boyfriend?
No, I think he is straight.

Did taeyang ever have a girlfriend?
LOL, I'm afraid not, because Taeyang once says to the Kpop TV that he is afraid of girls so I thinkk he never have a girlfriend . All of the other members of BIGBANG may have some girlfriends but only Taeyang is the only one who never have a GF .

Did taeyang sing wedding dress in English?
Yes. Taeyang released an English Version of Wedding Dress on his Album "Solar international" whic can be bought on iTunes.

Does Taeyang from Bigbang have a girlfriend?
No. He doesn't have a girlfriend.

Who is the girl from look at you from taeyang?
Shin Min Hee

Who sang wedding dress?
Taeyang - Wedding Dress

Has g dragon got a girlfriend?
Taeyang Is his boyfriend.

What is fan name of Taeyang?
Sol-mate / V.I.P

How do TaeYang get a band named big bang?
Big Bang came first. Taeyang auditioned to be a singer under YG Entertainment. He was grouped with Daesung, GD, TOP, and Seungri to form Big Bang. Taeyang has since done a couple if albums by himself, as has the other members of the band, alongside their regular work. Taeyang does not own Big Bang or anything, if that is what you mean; it is run by YG Entertainment, and GD is the only producer from...

Does taeyang have any siblings?
yes the enier band are brothers

What is Taeyang's birthday?
Taeyang was born on May 18, 1988.

How tall is taeyang?
may be 5 ft and 5 inches

Who is bigbang Korean?
Bigbang is a South Korean male singing group. They debuted in 2006 and consist of GDragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. They work under the record label YG Entertainment alongside 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, and others. The song that made them famous is Lies. Their fans called VIPs. Any other questions? BIGBANG IS VIP! Love them,,,Fighting~ -VIP Until Whenever-

Do taeyang have kids?
No, but he has said when he's married he wants two kids.

Is taeyang going to the army?
No because celebrity recruits are no longer allowed.

Who is the girl in taeyang look only at me video?
Shin Min Hee

What kind of phone does taeyang from bigbang has?
He has a iPhone 3g for Olleh KT

What dancing style does TAEYANG dance?
you can see cleary in i be there mv he danced lyrical and in where you at mv danced hip hop and always show his emotion i mean taeyang can dance any style but the lyrical hip hop his own style :)

How do you pronounce taeyang?
From what I've heard in interviews and such it's pronounced Tay-young.

Who is taeyang from big bang girlfriend?
He never had one nor does he have one currently

Who are the people in bigbang?
G-Dragon, T.O.P, SeungRi (Victory), TaeYang and DaeSung

What Big Bang song did Taeyang Write?
wedding dress and look only at me

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