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What is Korean currency? -

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Korean won

What is south Korean currency?
Korean currency is called 'won'

What is the currency and currency symbol of Korea?
South Korea's currency is South Korean Won.North Korean currency is North Koren Won.

What language does South Korea speak and what is their currency?
South Korea's official languages are Korean and Korean Sign Language. Their currency is 'won' or ₩.

What is the name of Korean money?
The name of Korean currency (money) is Won.

What is the symbol Korean money?
The monetary symbol for Korean Currency (Won) is ₩

What is the currency of North Korea?
Currency of North Korea is North Korean won (KPW).

South Korean won

What is North Korean currency called?
North Korea's currency is called the wŏn, which consists of 100 chon.

What kind of money does Korea take?
The currency of South Korea is the South Korean won (ISO code KRW) The currency of North Korea is the North Korean won (ISO code KPW)

The currency used in republic of Korea is?
North Korean Won

What as the currency in South Korea?
The curreny is the SOuth Korean 'Won'

What do you call the currency of South Korea?
The Korean Currency is called "Won." 1 dollar ($1) usually is about 1150 won.

What is Chinese currency called like japans is called yen?
The Chinese currency is called yuan. Names for the Japanese currency (yen) and Korean currency (won) both came from the word yuan.

What is the currency used in North Korea?
It is called the North Korean Won.

What is the ccurrency of Korea?
KOREAN WON. you do know it would be faster to just type Korean currency into google than to ask on here.

How much is a Korean 1000 won bill worth in US currency?
As of October 2011, the currency is 1000won = .8588 US Dollars.

What would be 1 US dollar in Korean money?
1 US dollar is worth approximately 1,000 Won. *won is Korean currency.

What currency do the people in North Korea use?
They use the North Korean Won.

Of which country's currency is won?
South Korea use the South Korean Won

Is Malaysia's currency larger than the Korean won Please answer for both North and South Korea?
1.00 KRW = 0.00275461 MYR (South Korean Won vs Malaysian Ringgit) 1.00 KPW = 0.0239982 MYR (North Korean Won vs Malaysian Ringgit) The Ringgit is the most valuable Currency.

Value of Korean money in the Philippines?
The Korean currency is the South Korean Won. One South Korean Won is equivalent to .043 Philippine Pesos. Based on the conversion rate, it would take 24 South Korean Wons to equal 1 Philippine Peso.

What is the unit of currency in both North and South Korea?
South Korea's unit of currency is South Korean won (KRW.) It used to be sub-divided into 100 jeon, but jeon is no longer used. North Korea's unit of currency is North Korean won (KPW.) It is sub-divided into 100 chŏn. The currencies are NOT interchangeable.

What is the units of money in South Korea?
The currency in South Korea is South Korean Won (KRW).

What kind of money south Koreans use?
The currency of South Korea is the South Korean won.

How much is a Korean 1000 dollar bill worth in America?
The Koreans do not issue currency in dollars.

What is the currency of Korea?
The Korean currency is known as the won. The won itself is also divided into jeon, but this term isn't regularly used. South Korea uses the "won"

Can you pay Philippine peso in purchasing Korean air ticket?
I think you need to convert it in Korean currency not unless your from the Philippines and you'll book your flight in the Philippine airline services.

What is the worth of 1 US dollar in South Korean currency?
around 1,350.35 last time i checked

How many American dollars is in 13000 Korean money?
About 11-12 dollars depending on the currency rate

How much is 100 north Korean won in us dollars?
About 11 cents according to my currency converter

Where can you obtain current North Korean banknotes in the United States?
Due to travel restrictions and trade embargoes and other geopolitical reasons, American banks generally do NOT exchange North Korean currency.

Why is the currency of Korea weaker than Nepal?
This is not the case; the Korean Won is much stronger than the Nepalese Rupee since the government of South Korea is much stronger than that of Nepal. The term "weak currency" does not refer to the relative value of the currency, so the fact that 1 NPR = 10.61 KRW does not mean that the Nepalese Rupee is 10x stronger that the Korean Won, just that each unit is 10x more valuable.

What is the won - North Korean currency - divided into?
100 Chon = 1 North Korean Won. I am not sure how much Chon are used since the 2002 devaluation, due to their very low value.

Monetary unit of Korea?
The monetary unit of currency in the Republic of Korea is the Korean won. It trades at about 1000 won for one American dollar.

What does a Korean 500 dollar bill look like?
South Korea does not use dollars so there is no $500 Korean bill. Their currency is called the won (pronounced "wahn") and the smallest denomination bill is 1000 won. Please see the Related Link for more information.

Republic of Korea coin has 100 on one side and a man face with Korean words how much is it worth?
A Korean won with 100 on one face of the coin is worth just over 1 Canadian Dollar. Correction: Actually it is worth 7.22 cents in U.S. currency.

How do you say moneda official de cambio in English?
Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange. Currency exchange.

Why did the military pay Korean soldiers in scriptt?
I never heard of korean soldiers being paid in US 1951 US scrip (not script) was used in the Korean War to pay soldiers, and it was the currency at the bases. I know this because my father was a clerk for the first month of his service there and would run between 75,000 to 100,000 dollars worth of scrip from his base to an Air Force Base. From there it would be eventually...

How many Won equal one U.S. dollar?
The Won is the currency of South Korea. One Won equal 0.000853 U.S. Dollars. One U.S. dollar equals 1166 Korean Won.

Why Korean men likes Korean women only?
Korean men marry Korean woman to cling family lineage. Whereas Korean woman can marry non-Korean men. Percentage intercultural marriage between Korean woman non- Korean men is much highter then Korean men.

What does corrine mean is Korean?
Corrine has no meaning in Korean. Only Korean names have meaning in Korean.

What is the difference between Classical Korean and Sino Korean and when did the two classes of Korean separate?
Sino Korean is based off of Chinese while "Classical Korean" or Pure Korean is as its name says.

What is the currency exchange rate between the US and South Korea?
Actually it depends on economic situation. South Korean unit for money is "Won" and 1 Dollar fluctuates from 1,000 Won to 1,400 Won. Before IMF Crisis in Korea in 1997, usually it was around 800 Won, but it soared up to 1,800 Won right after the Crisis. More exact rate can be checked at some Korean banks websites. One of them is Korean Exchange Bank. Visit its website.

Is shinee Korean a Korean band?
yes! it is a Korean band!

Is Psy North Korean or South Korean?
South Korean

Can the euro be used in Italy?
The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency of Italy. The euro is the currency...

Is Michelle kwan Asian or Korean?
If you're Korean you are Asian. She is Korean.

What coin is silver with 1997 500 and foreign symbols on front and a bird and foreign symbols on back?
It sounds like you're talking about a South Korean 500 Won which is copper nickel and worth about 40 cents in currency conversion.

Can you find me a 10 countries in Europe and their currency?
France, currency: Euro. Italy, currency: Euro. Spain, currency: Euro Sweden, currency: Krona Germany, currency: Euro Poland, currency: Zloty United Kingdom, currency: Sterling Luxembourg, capital: currency: Euro Albania, capital: currency: Lek Romania, capital: currency:Leu

Is there a school in Korea that teach Korean?
all Korean schools teach Korean

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