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Do people travel on freighters? -

por Natalia Scrymgeour (2019-09-17)

Some freighters do allow for passenger travel. There are specialty travel agencies that accommodate this type of travel.

Is Boeing 747 freighter or passenger flight?
The Boeing 747 has both freighters and passenger variants.

How do people travel in the rainforest?
how do people travel in the rain forest

What are George W Bush's likes and dislikes?
he like his women family and the people... he dont like to travel... he like his women family and the people... he dont like to travel... he like his women family and the people... he dont like to travel... he like his women family and the people... he dont like to travel... he like his women family and the people... he dont like to travel... he like his women family and the people... he dont...

How did people travel in the 1750s?
in 1750s people used to travel around by horses and carraiges people used to travel by horses and by canal or a camel

Why people travel in many country?
Some people have to because they work for a business that requires them to travel. Or some people travel for a vacation or to learn.

What is the percentage of people who travel by plane?
What is the percentage of people who travel by air?

What do people in Madagascar travel by?
People in Madagascar travel by walking or by jeep.

How many people travel with children?
stupid question...the amount of people who travel with children are the amount of adults with children who like to travel

Did famous people in the 1930s travel a lot?
Yes, famous people did travel. Why? Because, the upper clase was the most likely to travel.

How do most people in the middle east travel?
Many people choose to travel by camels.

How do people and goods travel in Australia?
People and goods travel in Australia by cars, I guess.

Why did people travel west during the 1800?
how did people travel west during the 1800s

What kinds of boats were used to carry the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war?
Primarily civilian commercial fishing craft and small freighters.

What purpose did convoys serve?
Convoys allowed a small number of armed naval vessels to provide security for a large number of freighters.

How do people in Thailand travel?
They travel by motor vehicles.

Can you travel by bus?
Yes, people can travel by bus.

What are your options beside flying to travel to the Philippines I wonder about freighters and other cheap passages if time is of no concern. Saving money is my 1 object. Unique adventure is 2.?
Your first option would be to see if you can sign aboard a private vessel, either as guest (not very likely) or crew (somewhat more likely, though still not common). The travel time would obviously be a lot longer, but it would definitely be an adventure. The problem with this is that such voyages aren't all that common; it would likely take you a while to find one. As for freighters, it turns out that...

Why do early people travel to Africa?
Early people didn't travel to Africa. They came FROM Africa.

How did people travel in 2000's?
We are in the 2000's so people travel as they do now.

What motivates people to travel?
People travel from curiosity - to see new places and experience new things. People also travel for business purposes or other work-related tasks.

How did people in the Baroque Period travel?
During the Baroque era to travel on land people used horses and their own two feet. To travel by water people used boats, obviously.

What are travel clubs?
Travel clubs are fun groups of people who travel the world together.

How did the Aztec people travel?
By Foot! By Foot! the Aztec people did not travel on horses like pople may say they did they travel on something called their head

What kind of website is Budget Travel?
Budget Travel is a site where people who are looking to travel and save some money would shop. It will give people quotes on different travel prices and flights.

Why did so many people travel to Canterbury on pilgrimages?
Why did so many people travel to canterbury on pilgrimages?

How do people from the Sahara desert travel?
6 million people travel to the Sahara desert every year

What percentage of people in the world like to travel?
i would say 60-80% of people like to travel

Why did people travel in the olden times?
Same reasons people travel today. The only thing that has changed is how they get there.

Did people time travel?
no way! if people cant time travel now how do u expect them to do it back then!

In china how do people travel to school?
We travel by Private Jet

How do they travel in Africa?
People in Africa travel by car or bike what els do you think they travel in Due every thing we travel in.

Do you say do she and her husband travel or does she and her husband travel?
The correct sentence is, "Do she and her husband travel?" because the number of people is plural, 토토사이트 as in "Do they travel?"

How do people who live in Montana travel?
They travel the same as anyone else. They travel mostly by car.

Do travel agents travel?
No. Travel agents run a business in which they sell holidays to other people.

How do people travel in Guatemala?
People in Guatemala travel on planes, on trains, and on buses. They also travel via automobile and truck and by horse and cart in some areas.

What is the difference between present day travel and past day travel?
In the past people travel by traditional things like camels , horses. Nowadays people travel by plane , car, train etc.

Why do words travel?
people use them as a form of communication. They travel with people in trains, boats and planes. Over the telephone and via the internet. They travel in newspapers and magazines and in books, but it is up to people to cause the movement

Were the vikings animals or people?
they were people who travel

When do people travel most?
That would depend on factors like: * Business people like to be home on weekends and travel home on Fridays and out on Mondays. * People like to be Home for the Holidays. * Students like to travel for things like Spring Break. * Parents travel more when their children are on summer breaks. * Some travel with the seasons, they are called Snowbirds. * Some travel to be with the in crowd, Times Square...

Why do people travel to other places?
People travel to other places for either business, relationships, or to go sightseeing.

The filipino people benefited from rizal's travel abroad?
do you think filipino people benefited from rizal's travel abraod?

When do people travel most in the us?
Most people travel on their daily business or work commute to and from their place of business.

Why is Thanksgiving such a busy travel time?
Thanksgiving is a very busy travel time because many, many people travel to their families' houses in order to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. Also, people are able to travel because many people have off on Thursday and even more people have off Friday and possibly the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Having the time off gives people the ability to travel.

How do people travel in the gobi desert?
They travel by foot, horseback or camels

What are travel suppliers?
Travel suppliers are people that provide supplies for trips.

How do people explore Antarctica?
they travel by boat or they could travel by walking

How do people in Venezuela travel around?
they travel by a gondala atype of boat

What did the car allow people to do?
It Allowed people to travel to new places to set up new businesses and to allow people to travel for new beginnings

Canadian boose travel?
People should get travel insurance when traveling. In Canada, people can get this insurance when they book a flight or a hotel.

Why do people travel to New York?
People travel to New York to see the Statue of Liberty, and also to see the scenery.

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