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How fast do germs travel? -

por Maynard Buntine (2019-09-17)

Germs travel as fast as their hosts travel. If they are on a slow host, they will travel slowly. If they are on a fast host, they will travel quickly.

How fast are germs?
Germs can travel at speeds of up to one hundred kilometres an hour

How fast do germs travel on a hard surface?
At full speed, anywhere up to 63.45 MPH. miles per gallon varies between germs.

How far do germs from a sneeze travel?
Germs travel at 80 millimeters per second. If you don't cover them they fly a long distance.

Can germs travel through your spine?
This would be a rare situation, but if germs get into the cerebro-spinal fluid, then they would be able to travel through the spine.

Can germs travel through your nervous system?
The nervous system is the most carefully protected part of the body, and is the most difficult for germs to reach, but yes, if germs reach the nervous system they can travel through it.

How fast do germs spread?
It take a multi-million amount of germs to spread, three minutes.

How far germs travel?
It depends where they're going.

How fast do germs die?
Some germs will die within minutes of leaving a viable host. Other germs take days to die once leaving a viable host.

How fast do spaceships travel?
How fast does a spaceship travel

As germs travel do they become super germs and is the original carrier the person responsible?
The original carrier IS to blame, as they are the original source of the germ. :)

Are young rivers travel fast?
yes, they travel fast.

How do you catch a cold fast?
lick a pencil or something with lots of germs

Why is spit hazardous to others health?
Germs can travel from spit, if it the certain person is sick then there would be more Germs traveling from the spit, to the person.

Can germs travel in electricity?
No. Germs are unable to travel along electricity, as such. Electricity is simply the flow of electrical charge along a wire, and so in this sense, germs cannot 'ride' on this flow of electrons. If germs somehow were in contact with one end of an electrical current, they could not be transferred by the flow of electricity to a person at the other end. However, I suppose that the germs could be present on the...

How often do animals in captivity get sick?
often because they might be overfed and the germs that come when whe snese in zoos mean that the germs might travel

Some fast do light rays travel?
Yes, they travel some fast!

How fast do comets travel?
It can travel very fast. Except, it matters how close it is to the sun. But for my opinion, it can travel like a bajillion mph.

How fast does air travel?
about as fast as light

How fast do tsunamis travel?
As fast as they want to.

How fast do wolves travel?
as fast as they possibly can!

How far does a cough travel?
When I took the foodsafe course we were told that the germs from a cough can travel up to 12 feet in EVERY direction around you

How fast can waves travel?
As fast as your momma runs. Not very fast!

A fast way for penguins to travel on land?
A fast way for penguins to travel on land is sliding on their bellies. This allows them to travel faster and farther.

What are two things that affect how fast waves travel?
Speed and Velocity affects how fast waves travel.

Do bobcats travel fast or slow?
bobcats travel fast,but they only go up to 57 m.p.h.

Why sound travel fast in solids?
because the atoms in solid are compact it helps sound to travel fast

How fast does a baseball travel?
it depends on how fast you throw it

How fast can a basball travel?
Depends how fast you throw it

How fast does a cheater travel?
As fast as a cheating bullet!

How fast do satellites travel?
They Travel By Earths' Gravity

Why hiccup yawn cough or sneeze?
Hiccup- your diaphragm had a muscle spasm or you breathed in to fast Yawn- when your body doesn't have a lot of energy Cough- to get out bad germs Sneeze- to get out bad germs

What is the travel time of 154 miles?
That depends on the speed. After deciding how fast you will travel, divide the distance by the speed to get the time.

How fast do these waves travel?
really fast man. like super fast.

Do newspapers carry germs?
as a matter a fact newspapers carry over millions of germs techinally paper comes from trees and during the process of printing there's germs present newspapers travel everywhere and illinois valley college made clinical studies prove one newspaper has over 1.3 million germs

How fast do hormones travel through your body?
unbelievably fast hormones can travel through you body at 600,000 kmh

I play Oblivion on the xbox 360 and I want to know if there is a way to fly to a certain city. I think its called fast travel?
Yes it is called fast travel but to fast travel you have to discover it first by walking there

Should you fast travel to rivet city or stay with your dad in fallout3?
It doesn't matter. If you fast travel he will travel there with you. So if you want summary it doesn't matter.

How do fast tsunamis travel in deep water?
The answer is.... quite fast

How fast does a jet travel?
A jet can travel from 1000mph to 7000mph.

How fast does light travel in air?
It travel 186,000mph.(300,000kph)

How far do germs travel when you Cough without covering your mouth?
As long as three elephants end to end!

How long does it take to drive 735 miles?
It depends on how fast you travel. If you travel 735mph, you will travel 735 miles in one hour. If you travel 147mph, you will travel 735 miles in 5 hours. It all depends on how fast you go.

How fast do people in space travel?
It depends on where in space they are but they often travel extremely fast, upwards of 11 km per second

How fast does weather travel?
hello i don't think that anyone can figure out how fast weather can travel because if they could then it will be on the website already

How fast can the capuchin monkey travel?
how fast can a capuchin monkey trvel

How fast does the Taipei 101 travel?
Taipei 101 is a bulding. It does not travel. It might move, but it does not travel.

How do you fast travel in fallout 3?
(on the ps3, I don't know about xbox) you simply pick an icon on the world map on your pip-boy click it and say that you want to fast-travel there. Note: 온라인카지노 You can not fast travel from certain locations or when there are enemies nearby.

How fast can tsunamis travel?
tsunamis can travel 600 mi/hour

How do you get rid of mouth ulcers fast?
It may be an issue with you being deficient in vitamins, food allergies or it may be an issue with germs and immune compromise. Eat a healthy diet, and use a mouth wash that kills the germs.

What cause stomach virus?
Close contact with someone who has a virus, or from the air (germs travel in air and can linger there for days).

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