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Why did Google chose the name Google? -

por April Moberg (2019-09-17)

Because there are more than a google amount of answers on google.

Why did Google change its name from Backrub?
Basically, Larry and Sergey decided that BackRub needed a new name. They chose Google, a play on the word googol (1 with one hundred zeroes after it), to reflect the seemingly infinite number of search results.

What exctly does Google mean? defines Google as "a trademark used for an Internet search engine. This trademark often occurs in print as a verb, sometimes in lowercase." I wonder why the creators chose that name for their search engine. According to the Google guys, the company's name comes from the word 'googol' which is actually a number invented by Milton Sirotta. Probably the Google name is related to the number of the results provided by the search technology...

Who is the Mariana trench named after?
the band marianas trench chose to name themselves after the marianas trench in one of the oceans. it is the deepest point in the ocean. google it, its pretty cool

Are Google updates usually free?
"Yes, google updates are always free. I use google excusively and I have never had to pay for any updates. You can pick and chose which google updates you would like."

Why were the Texas rangers chose as their name?
The Texas Rangers were chose as their name because they are such a good baseball team

How do you double space on Google docs?
Go to : Format Then on the drop down list and chose "Document Settings..." Then chose "double spaced" in the line spacing list.

How can you open your six chakras?
find harold klemp on google. if you want it. so chose it

What was the origanal name of Google?
Google name was always just"google"

How do you get advertising on a youtube video you own?
You can on Google ads. Type it in on Google when you open it make an account fill in the information then chose what you want to advertise and how long.

How do you post pictures from Google to facebook?
you save the photo you want from google then you go on facebook and make a new post and then click the one with a picture and chose

How did Annie Oakley get her name?
She chose it as her stage name.

Name a famous German car racer?
Many to chose from I chose Hans Stuck

Why did Mother Teresa chose the name Teresa?
She wanted the name Therese in honor of Therese de Lisieux but the name was already taken so she chose to use the Spanish spelling of the name.

How do you chose a baptism name?
You chose a name that you and your partner love and think its a good name But don't have a weird name because kids make fun and don't question it kids are mean

Which is a better search site Google or yahoo?
Google and Yahoo are two of the most popular search sites out there currently. To chose between the two would be a hard choice, but data can chose one side. Google does seem to come on as having more searches, but we are not sure about the unique user hit. Yahoo is about half of the search counts as google each month, but that number could easily raise or lower.

Who chose the name One Direction?
Harry Styles chose the name One Direction after Zayn Malik suggested whatever '5' is in Greek

How do you write name instead of Google?
You Google how to put your name instead of google! You are welcome for the helpful tip!

Why did Pope Benedict chose his name?
He chose the name Benedict to honor two individuals he greatly admired - Saint Benedict of Nursia and Pope Benedict XV.

How did native Americans chose their name?
Name were given by their surrounding at the time

How did the mini van The Odyssey get its name?
some on at Honda chose the name.

What is a oovoo id?
It is the user name you chose.

Why is your name sandy?
That is probably what your parents chose.

Full name of Google?
Google's full name is: as a company: Google Inc. as a browser: Google Chrome as an operating system: Google Chrome OS

Can you Google Zharlitz ZBK?
Google can put Zharlitz ZBK name on Google search bar famous girl like her Should google her name!

What was the original name of Google Book Search?
Google changed the name of its book search from "Google Print" to "Google Book Search" in 2005. The new name better suited the task that is completed.

Why did the creators chose Wikipedia as its name?
Wikipedia's Name The probably chose it because they combined wiki with encyclopedia. By removing some of the letters of encyclopedia, they came up with Wikipedia.

Did a slave have a last name if so was it their owners last name?
When the slaves were freed, some chose their former owner's last name, 토토사이트 and some chose different last names, but they had no last names before then.

Why did Lou alcindor change his name?
He chose a Muslim name after converting to Islam.

Why did green day choose that name?
They chose that name because of their fondness of marijuana

What name can you chose for a beauty salon?
i would name Washington buity salon

Why was his name Pope Pius XII?
Because that was the name he chose when he was elected as pope.

What was the name of Davy Crockett's rifle and where is it now?
The name he chose was "Beautiful Betsy."

Why did the Venus razor company chose to use Aphrodite's name?
They chose to use her name because Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. Venus is her Roman name, so they are saying that by using the razor you will feel beautiful.

Why did marshall mathers choose EMINEM?
Marshall Mathers is Eminem's real name. He chose the name because its the initials from his first and last name. The acronym he chose to use is M-n-M. Which resembles Eminem.

What is cub in afrikaans?
If you search up Google Translate, then type in the word you want, chose your languages then click translate and your done

What is the name of Google's web browser?
The name of Google web browser is Google Chome.

What is d name of the google talk website?
There is NO d name of the google talk website ...

What is Topeka?
Topeka is a city in Kansas that changed its name to google. Topeka did not change its name to Google,KS. it was just for a day and it was to try and have google to pick Topeka for there new web service. the day after Topeka "changed" its name to Google, Google changed there name to Topeka for a day. It's the capital of Kansas!

How did Karol Wojtyla get the name Pope John Paul II?
He chose to take the name of his predecessor, Pope John Paul I, who chose the name to honor his two predecessors, Pope John XXII and Pope Paul VI.

Who chose name Elsa for Frozen movie?
They chose Frozen to be placed in the Country of Norway so they based most of the names, food and landscape off of Norway including the name Elsa

What is the company name of Google?
I think its "Google Inc" .

Why is Sadie a name?
Sadie is a name because someone thought it was pretty and unique and chose that name for their daughter.

How did Pope Leo X get his name?
He chose the name Leo at the time of his election as pope.

What are the different changes you can make to the Google search engine?
Search this on Google, you can find all sorts of interesting this that you can do to make a personal Google! website this is a good way to make your own Google name, and in Google, search Google "name in which you want it to appear". sometimes this works and you can find a specific 'themed' Google. Go to website you can change the name, and it remembers what you put!

How do you log into Facebook?
in order to login to facebook you must have an account which you can make by tuyping in facebook sign up or login on google and click on the one that you need. your user name would be your Email account and your password would be the one you chose to be your password on facebook.

What is the abbreviation wi-fi?
"Wi-Fi" does not stand for anything. It is not an acronym or have a deeper meaning. It is simply what they chose to name their creation for wireless Internet. As to why they chose, they name, I do not know. Hope this helps.

What is another word for picked?
selected, chose, to name a few.

How did the banjo get his name?
He chose it inspired by a horse called 'the banjo'

Who chose your name?
Parents are normally charged with this grim duty.

Is Destrier a good name for a horse?
It is up to you to make that chose.

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