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Advantages of Buying Ready to Move In Properties

por Effie Carswell (2019-09-19)

The demand for ready to move in flats has increased over the years than the 'under construction flats'. Due to the distrust over the completion of the project, people are more in favour of readymade flats. Also, the shortage of time has made this situation a need than a desire. Delays in handovers have become a common phenomenon for such flats. It has been found that under construction houses has a higher financial risk.

No hassle and delays
There are risks involved while buying an under construction house whereas there are no tensions regarding the time factor for a readymade flat because you are hand over the apartment then and then.

Extra income
The readymade flat can put on rental purposes if you already have a house to live in. The rent can act an extra income for your family. It is in fact a great investment.

Loan sanctioning is easier
A bank is always ready to sanction the loan without any mess for a property which is already completed as there are lesser risks involved in it. They offer loans at better rates and there more financing options available.

Negotiations in case of ready to move in flats is possible where as this is not the case for the under construction projects. In order to sell the apartment, the dealer may easy come down to a negotiable price or a better deal which wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Also, in an attempt to sell the property the dealer may even provide a free parking area to the client.

Fixed price
Unlike an incomplete project where you have pay the money in instalments and often this leads to the rise of the pre decided money at each installation, readymade flats doesn't have such a scenario. Some real estate managers even say that one doesn't have to pat GST for an already completed project.

There are numerous ready apartments in north Kolkata. Yes! it is true that readymade flats are costlier than the under construction houses but these are hassle free investments and can help you earn more profits than the later. You also have an idea about what you are actually buying which is not the case by simply seeing a blue print of the construction project. Thus, 소액결제현금화방법 nowadays homebuyers are demanding for readymade flats more than the incomplete or near to completion projects.

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