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How to do Job Teaching English in China?

por Bernd Pokorny (2019-09-20)

On a global level, English is always considered as the preferred language of communication. Today, even in countries like China parents want their children to learn the English language so that they can be better equipped for the future. Working professionals in China also want to learn the English language so that they can take up professional challenges in a better way. So there is plenty of scope for the English teachers in China.

If you want to take up a job of teaching English in China then here are some things that you need to do.

Getting the work permit:

In order to teach in China, you will need a proper work permit. A lot of things will depend on the country's foreign employment regulation policies. If you want to teach in this country then you have to apply for the working Z visa. It is mandatory to have this visa before you come to China. You need to do proper planning to obtain this visa as it takes around 2 months time for the processing of this visa.

Basic preparations on arriving in China:

Once you arrive in China you will have to find accommodation. Until you find the accommodation you might have to stay in a hotel. So you need to be prepared financially and mentally for these things.


It is also better to make sure that you get proper training before you start teaching in China. This is important in order to understand the method of teaching in China. It will also help the teacher understand the courses and the curriculum and the teaching resources in this country. With proper training and 카지노사이트 orientation, you will be better equipped to teach in this country.

All this sounds a bit confusing? Then opt for experts who can guide you!

New country, new methods of teaching, new policies and laws can be very confusing. But that does not mean that you must miss out on this wonderful opportunity of teaching the English language in China. There are some reputed companies which offer services to teachers like you who are coming from a different country to China.

These companies help you from scratch. That is they will help you find the best job. They will help you in negotiating with the educational institutes. Their support does not end here. Once you get the visa and arrive in China their support staff will receive you and make arrangements for your accommodation for the first few days. They will also help you find a good place to stay. They will also take care of your training and orientation programme. They will be there to support you throughout your stay in China. There are many good companies which offer these services to the teachers for free. Their main aim is to make sure that the correct candidate is connected with the right institute.

If you are an English teacher then golden opportunities are waiting for you in China. All that you have to do is finding the right opportunity through the right people.

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t is a known fact that Chinese people toil a lot and this goes for both students and working professionals. Naturally, you will have to work hard as well to blend in. That doesn't mean you cannot go out for some fun. Your students will often offer you lunch or dinner to continue English conversational practice. Make yourself ready for multi-course shared meals and day-off explorations.