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What is the German word for advertisement

por Brent Ocampo (2019-09-21)

Advertisement = Werbung

What is the abbreviation for the word advertisement?
The abbriviation for the word advertisement is advti.

What is a shortened word for advertisement?
An abbreviated (or shortened) word for advertisement is 'ad'.

Is the word 'Advertisement' a noun?
The word advertisement is a noun, a singular common noun; a word for an announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy; a word for a thing.

What is a sentence containing the word advertisement?
Is that a new song or is that an advertisement?

What is the British spelling for the word advertisement?
'Advertisement' is the correct English spelling.

What is the origin of the word advertisement?
The origin of the word advertisement is late Middle English from old French advertissement, from the verb advertir.

How do you say advertisement in Japanese?
広告 (koukoku) is the Japanese word for "advertisement".

What is the silent letter in the word advertisement?
If you spell it "advertisement", then the middle e is silent.

Is the word advertisement a noun or a verb?
Advertisement is the corresponding noun to the verb advertise

What is the American English word for advertisement?
Advertisement is referred to either as an "ad" or a "commercial."

What is a 5 letter word that starts with a b and ends in a b for a brief advertisement?
The five letter word for a brief advertisement is blurb.

What is the word 'advertisement' when translated from English to Spanish?
"Publicidad" Advertencia Publicidad

What is the clipped word for advertisement?
Advert and Ad could both be clipped words for advertisement.

Use the word advertisement in a sentence?
A large portion of a company's overhead is dedicated to advertisement. Did you see that silly advertisement, too? I'm certain that the advertisement will draw a lot of interest to your product.

What is french word for advertisement?

What is advertisement copy?
Copy is the newspaper word for the text of an article to be printed. Advertising copy is the text of a printed advertisement.

How do you say freak in German?
The correct translation is "Ausgeflippter", but we use "freak" more frequently, since it is part of our "Denglish" (words adopted from the English language like "fairness" or "team" or English words taken instead of the German word to make it sound more 'cool' or 'modern' for advertisement and teens)

What word can imeandersttev spell?
The letters 'imeandersttev' unscrambled create the word advertisement.

What is a thirteen letter word with the letters raindeeevmtst?

How many words can you make from the word 'Advertisement'?
Determinate is an 11 letter word. Advisement, determines, detriments, divestment, interested, mistreated, reinstated, reinvested and terminated are 10 letter words.

Use the word adversity in a sentence?
She Is Doing An Adversity. The Word Adversity Is Like an Advertisement.

Do ads always have to have the word 'Advertisement' next to them?
No, many sites do this to let visitors know that it will take them away from the current page.

Can you make a sentence with the word ad?
"ad" is not a word. It can be used as a prefix as in adverb. It is an abbreviation for advertisement.

What is the abbreviation for 카지노사이트추천 advertisement?
In the United States, normally the word "advertisement" is abbreviated as simply "ad" for convenience. In Great Britain, however, the word is normally shortened to "advert" instead, but both abbreviations mean the same thing.

What is the German word for furniture in German?
Möbel is the word for furniture in German.

Is Dutch the German word for German?
The German word for German is Deutsch (sounding like "doitch."

Is the word German a compound word?
German is not a compound word.

What is the German word for with?
"mit" is the German word for "with".

What is the German word for their?
The German word for their is "Ihre."

The word from in German?
The word FROM in German is von

What is the word for is in German?
The word for is in German - " ist "

What is the German word for he?
The German word for he is er.

What is the German word for when?
The German word for when is wenn.

What is the German word for who?
The German word for "Who" is "Wer".

If the word dorm is a clipped word and dormitory is the original word give some examples of a clipped word?
advertisement-ad, bicycle-bike

The definition of the word advertisement?
It is a public notice concerning a vendor's product.

13 letter word starting with a?
acceptability accommodation advertisement alternatively

Can you give me a sentence for the word advertisement?
Advertisements are the soul of any business.

What is a 13 letter word starting with the letters ad?
* adventuresome * advertisement

Is deutsch another word for German?
Yes it is, "Deutsch" is the German word for "German"

What does the German word sunna mean?
Sunna is not a German word. The closest German word is Sonne which translates as sun.

What is the German word for berne?
The German word is Bern.

What is the German word for pig?
The German word is "Schwein".

What is the german word for PINK?
"Rosa" is the German word.

What is the German word for out?
The German word for "out" is "aus". aus

What is the German word for 8?
the German word is "acht"

The word can in the German language?
The word can in German is "können."

What is the German word for Kidney?
The German word is "Niere".

What is the German word for jail?
The German word is "Gefängnis".

German word for elephant?
The German word in 'elefant'

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