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What is the term used for an unwanted by-product

por Latasha Mackennal (2019-09-22)

Waste Product

What is the term used to describe spread of unwanted microbes?

What is the most useless element periodic table?
Protactiniumand Francium have no known uses outside the lab. Protactinuium is an unwanted natural byproduct of uranium decay. Francium is radioactive and very unstable.

What does the term 'glutamate' mean?
The term 'glumate' is a word used in chemistry. It refers to a salt that is produced when neutralizing glumatic acid with a base. The same reaction also produces water as another byproduct.

What is a four letter word used agricultrual term for any plant growing where its not useful or wanted?
An unwanted plant is a weed.

Which is the term for the unwanted physical and mental effects caused by a drug?
side effects

Shades are used for what purpose?
Shades is a slang term which may refer to sunglasses, which are used to block unwanted sunlight and/or glare from the eyes. Shades also may refer to window coverings, which are used for much of the same reason, to block unwanted sunlight and/or glare from the home.

Give you a sentence for byproduct?
The byproduct of meat packing is used to make pet foods.

What is nitrates in medical terms?
In a medical term, nitrates is sometimes used on a urinalysis or urine dipstick report. Nitrates in this context are a metabolic byproduct of bacteria living in the urinary tract.

What does the term radiant barrier refer to?
Radiant Barrier is a term that is most commonly used to describe a kind of material that is used to help save energy by holding in heat and keeping out cold, yet being able to keep out unwanted heat.

What are the short term effects of landfills?
Short term affects of landfills is that they are very stinky and noxious. They also may bring unwanted animal life to the area.

What are the differences between a energy efficient light bulb and a regular light bulb?
An energy efficient light bulb will use less energy than a normla light bulb; this means it produces less heat (heat is usually an unwanted byproduct of producing light).

Can unwanted food be used as fuel?
No, unwanted foods can't be used as fuel!

Does hydrogen have a byproduct?
Yes, the only byproduct of hydrogen is water.

What is a benefit of hydrogen fuel cell that its byproduct is?
Its byproduct is water.

What is urobilinogin?
urobilinogin is a metabolic byproduct of hemoglobin degradation urobilinogin is a metabolic byproduct of hemoglobin degradation urobilinogin is a metabolic byproduct of hemoglobin degradation

What trouble does black dog get into?
Black dog is often a term for depression,and unfortunately many people suffer from this ailment, rather than the term you use "trouble" i would suggest unwanted experience would be a better term.

What does the term safe haven imply?
That it is a safe place for your little unwanted pixels to get chubby and be free. Oh and that it isn't a slaughterhouse.

What is the byproduct of a smelter?
byproduct of smelter are H2SO4.GOLD,SILVER,SELENIUM,

Is leather a byproduct of meat?
Yes. It's a byproduct of meat production. Leather is made from animal skins and is the most economically important byproduct of the meat industry.

In what instance is a byproduct obtained?
A byproduct is basically something which is produced that the plant does not need for it self. For example, When a plant photosynthesizes, it releases most of the oxygen as a byproduct into the atmosphere.

What is the product and byproduct of photosynthesis?
The product of photosynthesis is sugar (C6H12O6), and its byproduct is Oxygen. Both of these are used by the plants cellular mitochondria during it's respiration process.

Oxygen was introduced into the atmosphere as a byproduct of?
Oxygen was introduced into the atmosphere as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

What is the byproduct of the electron transport chain?
Water is the byproduct of the Electron Transport Chain.

What is a byproduct of condensation of two molecules of glucose?
Sucrose product, water byproduct

What is a byproduct?
A byproduct is a secondary or additional product - produced in addition to the principal product.

What is water used for in cellular respiration?
It is simply a byproduct

What is a leakage?
The English term 'leakage' can have several meanings, including: 1. an unwanted discharge of a fluid or gas from from a container which was designed not to leak; 2. an unwanted leakage of electrical current from something (such as a battery) which should not normally lose any current when it is disconnected from a circuit.

What is animal byproduct?
A byproduct of anything is waste material of a process of some kind. An example would be when a person inhales oxygen, they exhale carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide would be the byproduct.

Is glucose an animal byproduct?
I do believe it is actually a plant byproduct. Glucose is like plant food.

What element do cyanobacteria release to the atmosphereas a byproduct of the photosynthesis?
cyanobacteria releases oxygen as a byproduct into the atmosphere.

Is the light energy produced in a toaster a wasteful byproduct?
Is the light energy from a toaster a wasteful byproduct

What is a codom used for?
unwanted baby's my friend .. unwanted baby's. That's all i got to say.

What are two different uses of the agricultural byproduct known as straw?
There are many different uses for the agricultural byproduct known as straw. With only naming two of the many uses, it can be used as packaging, and it can be used as animal feed.

Is metal rusting a physical or chemical change?
When the term 'metal rusting' is used, one usually refers to the oxidization of iron. Because there is also an oxygen atom attached to the iron atoms, it is a chemical change. The orange color is the byproduct of the attachment of oxygen.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'to go clear'?
To go clear is a term used in the Church of Scientology. It is a state achieved by using Dianetics to free the self of all subconscious negative or unwanted emotions and traumas.

What is a byproduct caused by friction?
Heat is a byproduct of friction; that's why rubbing your hands together makes them warmer!

What is thermal pollution a byproduct of?
Thermal pollution is a byproduct of the production of nuclear energy. Thermal pollution is a byproduct of the production of heat. A foundry, for example, produces much thermal pollution in the process of forging steel.

What is byproduct that is pumped away?
It is common for a process that produces a desired product to also produce something that is not needed - and this is called a byproduct. If a byproduct has no use it may be pumped away, which may not a very environmentally friendly thing to do.

What is uranium a by product of?
Uranium is especially a byproduct of phosphate industry; but also a byproduct of gold, vanadium, 상품권현금화 shales mining.

Any byproduct material that is encased in a capsule designed to prevent leakage or escape of byproduct material is a?
Sealed Source

What is the byproduct of ATP and is it bad for muscles?
The byproduct of ATP when it makes muscles work is ADP and energy. They are not harmful in anyway.

What are 3 techniques used by corporations to gain market dominance?
*Forcing customers to sign long-term contracts *Forcing customers to buy unwanted products in order to receive other goods *Buying out competitors

What is goal of respiration?
It might be better to ask what is the function of respiration; not all biological activities are consciously purposeful, as the term goal implies. In any event, respiration performs the function of gaseous exchange. It gets rid of unwanted gases and acquires needed gases. In human beings, the unwanted gas is carbon dioxide, and the needed gas is oxygen. In green plants, oxygen is the unwanted gas and carbon dioxide is needed.

Is ammonium nitrate product or byproduct?
Its a product if you using for agriculture or for explosive purpose but, a byproduct if we want to remove it out for waste water

Which is a byproduct of using hydrogen fuel?
The only byproduct of using pure hydrogen as a fuel is water, often in vapor form.

What a coke?
Coke is a short name for Coca-Cola, the best soft drink in the World. It is also a byproduct of heating coal to rid it of certain byproducts. Coke is also a slang term for the illicit drug cocaine.

Why does old aspirin sometimes smell like vinegar?
Aspirin is the generic term for the chemical acetylsalicylic acid. The chemical process that yields apirin is a byproduct of acetic acid. Acetic acid is the key component in vinegar.

What is a sentence using the word Consequences?
(consequences is a term meaning results, often used to mean unwanted or negative results) He admitted to helping the robber and had to face the consequences of his act. The consequences for violation of the honor code are quite severe.

What is 'dickweed' or 'dick weed'?
It can be someone who is self-absorbed, rude, unintelligent, or a lady killer. It is usually an insult, and basically used out of anger towards someone you don't like. This name is usually used towards men, which explains the word "dick"which is a slang term for the penis. A weed is an invasive, noxious, or unwanted plant. So think of something unwanted and male, and you sort of have the idea of the meaning of...

Why do people spay and neuter their pets?
To avoid unwanted behaviors, unwanted health problems and unwanted babies.

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