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What life pets can you get on wizard 101

por Mitzi McLendon (2019-09-23)

life scarab, pixie, life troll and life minitaur

Do pets grow on wizard 101?
yes you can grow a pet in wizard 101

share: What life pets can you get from your teacher on wizard 101?
satyr at level 48 and forest lord at level 58

share: What pets are in wizard 101?
there is thousands

share: Do the give wizard 101 cards at cvs?
yes one that gives life pets but any school can use them

share: Can your pets have offsprings in wizard 101?
No, they can't.

share: What do pets do in wizard 101?
Pets can be played with and they can fight monsters but I'm not sure how :(

share: How do you pick up stray pets on wizard 101?
There aren't any stray pets.

share: What pets can you get from rattle bones in wizard 101?
myth sprite and thats all i have got from him im al level 9 life called sarah

share: What death pets can you get on wizard 101?
It really depends on what kind of wizard you are, but there are dozens of death pets available to every wizard. Farming, hatching, and more can help you find the perfect death pet!

share: How do you switch pets in wizard 101?
Click on pets, then go to next to the pet you want, there should be a hand sign. Click on it and you get it.

share: Where do you buy pets in wizard 101?
You can buy pets in the shopping district in wizard city . You can also buy pets in other parts through out the game. An easy way to get pets is fighting rattle bones ,sergeant skull splitter ,and lord nightshade.

share: How do you refill your pets energy in wizard 101?
you can wait or buy it with crowns in the pet pavilion

share: Does lady blackhope in wizard 101 drop any pets?
no she doesnt but she does drop wings

share: Where do you buy pet in wizard 101?
You can but pets in every world. Search for pet merchants on the map. You can also but pets in the crown shop.

share: Is there any game like
well not with pets in it but check out wizard 101 its pretty cool.

share: Can you ride a firecat on wizard 101?
No, usually you can only ride pets bought in the crown shop.

share: What classes are there in wizard 101?
there are eight classes in wizard 101: Fire, Ice, Life, Myth, Storm, Balance, Death, and Astral.

share: What is a Theurgist on wizard 101?
It is a life student

share: How do you equip your pet in wizard 101?
Go to your backpack, click on the backpack tab (NOT the pets tab) and go the the sub-category Pets, there will be a list with all your pets, doubleclick to equip

share: What do your pets do in wizard 101?
A few types give you a special spell card, and others are just for show.

share: What are the 2 pets in the hatchery on wizard 101?
One is a piggle. (The pink flying pig). The other is unknown.

share: Are there pets in wizard 101?
Yes. There are 100's of pets that all Wizards can get/ buy in the crown shop, defeating bosses and farming them, and buying them in the gold market.

share: What is cheapest pet combo on wizard 101 to hatch?
try the to cheapest pets in the whoel game (there probably in wc)

share: What do you get if you hatch a hydra with a dragon in wizard 101?
There is no mixed breed for those pets. You will either get a hydra or a dragon pet.

share: How do you get a undead wizard pet in Wizard 101?
You can get! You can get pets like wraiths and scarecrows as rewards from duels. You can also get the dream ghoul by purchasing it from the crown shop. Good Day!

share: How do you get cool pets on wizard 101?
you can get cool pets by bosses, 슬롯사이트 or by using crowns to buy them in the crowns shop. Some pets are sold for gold at the pet shops, but only the non-rare ones.

share: What is the next project for wizard 101?
The next project for wizard 101 is the oppsite of wizard 101.So its the bad side of wizard 101.

share: How do you get the wizard 101 herif?
you can find herif in the life tower

share: Where is malinda zou in wizard 101?
in ravenwood in the school of life

share: What are the wizard types on wizard 101?
the types are ice, fire, storm, myth, death, life, and balance

share: What is the best wizard school pairs in wizard 101?
balance life death with fire/storm/ice

share: What is a good second school for life wizard in wizard 101?
Fire because life and fire and storm and thunder fought together in the war

share: Wizard 101 how to get lots of free pets?
you can't or maybe you could ask someone to gift you a pet in the crowns shop

share: How do you make your pet cast sprite on wizard 101?
Some pets naturally have it or you can train it to get talents and it might get a sprite spell

share: In Wizard 101 at what lvl you get life blade?
you get life blade at level 16 or so

share: What are life and myth wizards called in wizard 101?
Life, Theurgists. Myth, Conjurers.

share: What is the tree of life in wizard 101?
The Tree of Life is a dungeon in MooShu, the world after Marleybone.

share: How much is life mastery amulet in wizard 101?
LIFE mastery is 9950 crowns

share: How do you get your pet to follow you out of your house in wizard 101?
go in ur back pack and go in pets then click on your pet then equip it then when you go out it will be there

share: Who is the horse on wizard 101?
the horse on wizard101 isn't a horse... he is a unicorn. his name is Diego and he is the deuling master. he will help you learn how to fight in arena matches early in your wizard 101 life

share: Who created pirate 101 and wizard 101?
Kingsile created pirate 101 and wizard 101

share: How do you get a minion on wizard 101?
Its a feature of the Myth school. - I am going to improve this answer just a bit... well I have a balance wizard and I also have a life wizard and they both have minions too, balance-mander, life-sprite.

share: Is there a cheat for wizard 101 to get more pips or power pips?
GET A Feking LIFE!

share: What happened to malistare wife in wizard 101?
His wife died and she was the professor of life

share: Do you have to pay real money to buy crowns in wizard 101?
ya vanessa life brezze (life )

share: How do you take out your pet out in wizard 101?
you click the book then you click the backpack then you click pets then you select what pet then you click equip (its a little fist)

share: When was wizard 101 created?
wizard 101 was created in 2007

share: Every once in a while is see wizard 101 players with two pets how do they do that?
There is a glitch in the wizard101 game that will occasionally show players as having two pets. The players cannot get two pets, they only have two because of a mistake in the game.

share: What level do you have to be to enter the school of death in wizard 101?
See my answer in How do you get to other worlds in wizard 101? See my answer in How do you get to other worlds in wizard 101?

share: How do you get 10000 coins on wizard 101?
Do lots of missions on wizard 101 and DONT'S SPEND YOUR MONEY! On Wizard 101 my screen name is JacobMoonDust

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