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What You Need to Know Before You Can Use Facebook to Connect to Wi-fi?

por Rosemary Conley (2019-09-23)

About Facebook Wi-Fi

In 2014, 인터넷바카라사이트추천 Facebook made a giant move by providing an avenue for businesses to connect to customers while the customers are offered free access to Facebook Wi-Fi in North America. This move according to them was a convenient way for small scale businesses to reach out to customers and generate revenue, increasing social media engagements. Now, Facebook free Wi-Fi has been made available to almost all the countries in the world by partnering with NETGEAR R6300 smart Wi-Fi router and other Facebook Wi-Fi routers.

A Facebook Wi-Fi router is needed by businesses to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot where these customers get to connect and check-in to your business page. All what users or customers need is just to set up a business Wi-Fi access on their phones, tablets or laptops from their connection list, check-in and be redirected to the business page they would like to visit and continue surfing.

7 Reasons to Use Facebook Wi-Fi

Facebook Wi-Fi increases your Facebook business page, visibility and activity

Regular check-ins by customers lead to more business engagements

When customers check-in, a notification is sent to their Facebook friends and families. This notification reaches new potential customers, creating more awareness about your business

No Wi-Fi password setup is needed. However, to avoid the process of check-in, you can skip the process by opting to enter a general password visible to everyone

No costly third-party services like purchasing data are required, saving cost

It offers customers a more convenient way to check-in business pages when traveling or visiting

By interacting with customers using Facebook Wi-Fi, business owners get to learn how their businesses thrive and if there is any room for improvement on such products or services rendered

Facebook Wi-Fi improves business pages by providing some demographic data such as customers' interest, gender or age, etc.
How Does This Network System help In Generating Business Revenues?

Facebook Wi-Fi network system helps small scale businesses generate revenue by the amount of activity and engagements each business page has. More check-ins and engagements customers have on your page increases activity and in turn, improve your page ranks in Facebook graph search. This high engagement generates revenue to both Facebook and the owner of such a business page.

Business revenue is also generated when customers make a purchase through page engagement. With the Facebook Wi-Fi system, new potential customers no doubt are reached every day. When customers reach your page and see what products or services you offer, depending on how much a product or service meets the requirements they get interested and would like to have such product or services. A notification about your check-in and probably your comment about how satisfactory such product or service is sent to your friends on Facebook who might be interested in such products or services rendered. Hence, generating more revenue.

Need Assistance

Facebook Wi-Fi is a cost-effective way of promoting your business. Every small scale businesses need Facebook Wi-Fi to grow their business and reach potential customers. As a business owner, If you need help setting up a Facebook Wi-Fi router as a hotspot, we can help you set up one! We also offer some of the best Facebook Wi-Fi routers like NETGEAR R6300, Cisco ISR G2 and ASR 1000 series for sale.

In case of any assistance required for an accurate selection of facebook wifi network system for any location, one can reach out to REVLIGHT SOLUTIONS. Our products work with the top technology prevailing in the market which makes this wifi network system/router outstanding than our competitors. We provide you with the best assistance 24*7.