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Is Chinese food in the food group

por Mariana Claborn (2019-09-24)

Chinese food does not have its own food group. Its foods are in different food groups, depending on what kind.

When did Chinese food first come to Australia?
Chinese food came gradually to Australia, with the arrival of the first Chinese settlers. The first Chinese settler to Australia, Mak Sai Ying, arrived in 1818, and small numbers of Chinese trickled into Australia in the ensuing years. The first large group of Chinese migrants came to Western Australia in 1847, followed by another large group of 121 Chinese to New South Wales in October 1848. These groups were in response to a labour shortage.

share: What is the Chinese food diet be?
The Chinese food diet is simple: Do not eat Chinese Food.

share: Is Chinese food a good food?
Personally I am very fond of Chinese food. Chinese food is really healthy.

share: Is Chinese food really Chinese?
That depends on what chinese food you eat. It's really for a good taste if you eat the traditional chinese food.

share: When was Chinese Estates Group created?
Chinese Estates Group was created in 1986.

share: Is Chinese food the same as Asian food?
Asian food refers to any type of food from Asia. Chinese food is more specifically food from China. Because China is part of Asia, Chinese food is Asian food, but Asian food isn't necessarily Chinese food.

share: Is sushi Chinese food?
yes...its Chinese food'

share: Which is better pizza or Chinese food?
Chinese food

share: What food do Chinese chicken eat?
Chinese Food.

share: What was Steve Irwin's The Crocidile Hunter favorite foods?
it was Chinese food Answer it was Chinese food his favourite food is chinese but can he cook?

share: Chinese or Mexican food?
i prefer Chinese food over Mexican, cause am hispanic so i eat that food occasionaly and i love Chinese food

share: Is Chinese food American in origen?
Of course not! There is a reason Chinese food is called Chinese food. Anyways the Chinese have been around way before there was even an America.

share: What is more healthier Chinese food or American food?
Chinese food, obviously! American food has tons of fat and calories, but Chinese food is yummy and nutritious at the same time. Chinese food doesn't have a lot of grease and includes vegetables in a delicious way.

share: What is traditional Chinese food?
bacoeuse Chinese is a expert in food

share: What are the ingredients for Chinese food?
how many calories does Chinese food have

share: Fear of Chinese food?
Sichuaphobia - Fear of Chinese food

share: What are some of the differences between Australian food and Chinese food?
The difference between Aussie and Chinese food is huge but there are still some Chinese resturants in Australia. And Chinese food is yum, the Chinese put a lot of effort into making thir dishes stand out

share: Famous Chinese food and drinks?
XICHUAN food and chinese tea,

share: What culture invented Chinese food?
The Italian invented Chinese food.

share: Is Chinese food high in calories?
It matters what type of Chinese food you have.

share: What do Chinese people call the Chinese food in Australia?
There's not really a specific name for it. Were you looking for a Chinese translation of 'Chinese food in Australia' or what?

share: What are the similarities between Mexican food and Chinese food?
Chinese food come from china and Mexican food comes from mexico.

share: Why do Mexicans like Chinese food?
All types of people like Chinese food. Mexicans tend to like spicy food and different flavors and Chinese food meets that criteria.

share: What ethnic group do most of the Chinese belong?
Most Chinese identify themselves as being from the Han ethnic group.

share: Why does Chinese food have no cheese?
Chinese food has no cheese as it is not an authentic Chinese food it was made in Europe and it also wouldn't fit in with all the other yummy ingredients

share: Who likes Chinese food?
Many millions of people enjoy Chinese food.

share: Does Justin Bieber like Chinese food?
yes he does like Chinese food

share: Why do you have to eat Chinese food?
There is no medical reason why people have to eat Chinese food. There are enough other types of food to sustain you. Many people choose to eat Chinese food because it is delicious.

share: What is the Plural of Chinese?
Chinese. In this case, you do not add an s when referring to a group of people of a certain nationality. Example: The French are known for the exquisite taste in clothing. In some cases, you do, like when it ends in "-an." Example. The Germans and the Italians make great food.

share: What Is Miley Cyrus favourite food?
Her favourite food is Chinese food and she also learned a few Chinese words

share: Which immigrants were the largest group of labourers in the Canadian Pacific Railway?
the chinese This would probably be the Chinese it was the chinese Chinese

share: How did the Chinese take out come to be?
Chinese take out isn't actually Chinese take out. Chinese take out is and was made in America and other countries, but it is not actually Chinese food. they just made up foods they thought was Chinese and called it 'Chinese food'. i know this b/c I'm Chinese and i eat "real" Chinese food everyday. but it is really real Chinese food. there is not food in china that's called the orange chicken or teriyaki or... Read More

share: What is the difference between American Chinese food and authentic Chinese food?
American Chinese food are usually not real Chinese food. American Chinese foods are changed to attract American customers. Sometimes, the meat is not real. Chinese foods also is less sweet. For example, American Chinese orange chicken are usually really sweet. Chinese people enjoy more salty foods and don't enjoy much sweets.

share: What is the difference between the Chinese food pyramid and the Western food pyramid?
The Chinese pyramid is much the same to the western Pyramid but there are differences. For one the Chinese pyramid is missing Herbs, Minerals and Food Supplements, and there pyramid includes Industrial Chemicals and other "Mystery Proteins". We need to see both the western and Chinese food pyramids (diagrams) to make a comparison. ******************************* or their is the more obvious answer, the Chinese one is full of Chinese food and the western on got western... Read More

share: Does Miley Cyrus like Chinese food?
yes, miley does like Chinese food.

share: 카지노사이트 Where do Chinese people store their food?
Chinese people are not that different, they store there food in a fridge

share: How do Chinese people catch their food?
Chinese people catch their food by using chopsticks

share: Do chinese people eat mexican food?
Some mexicans like chinese food

share: What is the duration of Chinese Food in Minutes?
The duration of Chinese Food in Minutes is 1800.0 seconds.

share: Do Chinese restaurants serve real Chinese food?
Some Chinese Restaurants Serve Authentic Chinese Cuisine, and some do not. there are those that serve a Chinese Food American style here in the USA.

share: Who is most likely to eat Chinese food?
Ok this might sound weird but... I eat Chinese food alot! I love Chinese food. Where I live they make it reallllly good.

share: How did ancient Chinese get there food and who got the food for the ancient Chinese people?
the ancient Chinese got there food from farming, hunting, and fishing because they live near many seas

share: What are Indian foods?
Indian food are food that India traditinally made. For example Chinese people made Chinese food

share: Food Mexicans do not like?
Chinese food Thats messed up because I love chinese food and im mexicano -_-

share: Is citrus a food group?
Citrus is not a food group. However there is a fruit food group.

share: What ethnic group are most Chinese related to?
the Chinese people are Asian.

share: What type of food Chinese eat?
Any Food They Want To Because There Chinese Doesn't Mean They Eat Something Relating To Chinese Nature!

share: How do Chinese people prepare their food?
Chinese people preare their food in front of people and grill.

share: Do Chinese use rats as a source for food?
Chinese don't use rats as a source for food.

share: Is Chinese food really cat?
yes! but only real Chinese food places in America!!

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