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What is to contemplate marriage? -

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To consider marriage

What is a sentence for contemplate?
You should contemplate the consequences of your actions.

What is Tagalog translation of contemplate?
Tagalog translation of CONTEMPLATE: gumunita

How do you spell contemplate?
That is the correct spelling of the verb "contemplate" (to consider, or to meditate).

What is a sentence for the word contemplate?
This girl was looking at me in a contemplate way I think this is incorrect. It would be 'The girl was looking at me in a contemplative way.' You could say 'I decided to contemplate about the girl.'

How do you use contemplate in a sentence?
the man was contemplate when deciding if he should buy the new 2012 mustang.

What is a sentence with contemplate?
Many users on WikiAnswers like to contemplate their answers before they post them on the website.

What does contemplate mean?
It means to think things through, for example, I need to contemplate my future plans for college.

How would you say contemplate in a sentence?
As a senior in high school , I should contemplate on my future goals in college.

Can you give me a sentence for contemplate?
I was contemplating the beauty of the lake, and dreamed about my sweetheart. To contemplate is the main tool for meditation.

How do you use the word contemplate in a sentence?
I When I contemplate my situation, something always distracts me, like a new song, or an idea for my novel.

What sentence can you give us with the word contemplate?
if a 5-year-old steals a cookie, you give them a time out so they can CONTEMPLATE on what he/she did.

Another word for contemplate?
Consider is another word for contemplate. Additional synonyms include foresee, plan, ponder, scrutinize and study .

Could you give me several examples using the word contemplate in a sentence?
Sometimes I like to sit for a minute and contemplate my next chess move.

What is the synonym of think?
Consider or contemplate.

How can you use contemplate in a sentence?
The class was studying caterpillars and how they turn into butterflies, but Lauren just could not contemplate how they could change into completely different things.

What is contemplate in French language?
contempler / envisager

Another word for think about it?
* Reflect * Contemplate

Is common law marriage legal in Oklahoma?
Yes. A common law marriage can be established in Oklahoma if certain conditions are met: Oklahoma case law sets forth a five-part test to establish a common law marriage: An actual and mutual agreement between the spouses to be husband and wife; A permanent relationship; An exclusive relationship; The parties to the marriage must hold themselves out publicly as husband and wife, and; Cohabitation as man and wife (There is actually a split of authority...

What are the release dates for Rob E C Contemplate - 2009?
Rob E C Contemplate - 2009 was released on: USA: May 2009 (Los Angeles, California)

What is a synonym for ponder?
contemplate, speculate, muse, reflect

What is the definition for the word contemplate?
To think on something, to ponder it.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses be allowed a girlfriend?
Yes they can have girlfriends but not just to say they have one but to get to know that person and realy like them with a view to marriage. Jehovah's Witnesses do not engage in "social dating" but date when they are old enough to contemplate marrage. They do not engage in sex before marrage.

Find a word similar in meaning to contemplate?
Contemplate means to think, meditate, or ponder about something. Synonyms (similar words) would be consider, observe, survey, examine, scrutinize, inspect, or study.

Touch is to see as tangible is to?

What is a synonym for contemplate?
scan, view, examine, inspect, consider

What are the antonyms for the word meditate?
Think. Cogitate. Concentrate. Contemplate.

What is another word for Dwell on an issue?
contemplate, peruse, scrutinize

What is another name for think?
* Contemplate * Debate * Wonder * Cogitate

What 2 careers did Hitler contemplate when he was younger?
To be an artist or an architect.

What two careers did Hitler contemplate when he was younger?
To be an artist or an architect.

What do prisoners do while in jail?
Hopefully they suffer and contemplate their errors.

What word means the same as consider?
contemplate, ponder, 바카라사이트 evaluate,

What is a synonym and anytonym for contemplate?
A synonym is wiegh an anytonym is discard

Where do Buddhists practice worship?
They don't worship, they contemplate and meditate, anywhere.

What is another word for the word contemplate?
consider, speculate, observe, study

What is a sentence using the word Contemplate as a verb?
I'm contemplating the answer again.

What is an synonym for the word contemplate?
look, gaze, stare, watch, examine

How long to contemplate divorce?
Answer Until you are absolutely sure that it what you want or what is necessary.

Use comtemplate in a sentence?
Let me contemplate that thought for just a minute.

What does God Behold mean?
Contemplate God's power, look upon God.

What part of speech would be contemplation?
It is an abstract noun. The verb would be "to contemplate."

In what episode of cheers did frasier contemplate suicide?
I am at the end of season 9 and have yet to see it.

What is the definition of the word nostalgic?
To contemplate the past; usually happy events in a person's life.

Another word for meditate?
Contemplate, reflect, ponder and muse are the other words for meditate.

How can you use the word contemplation in a sentence?
"contemplate one's navel" "There was contemplation as to whether or not they should go."

How do you use repression in a sentence?
He was not interested in the meeting and made use of repression to contemplate other things.

What is a synonym for the word compare?
analyze, examine, study, observe, match, inspect, contemplate, balance

Can you put contemplate in a sentence?
I contemplated doing the project myself, but it would have taken too long.

What is 2 verbs for mull?
As in "to mull something over"? Think, contemplate, consider, cogitate, examine...

Is it okay to contemplate suicide because you dinners cold?
NO! A better comtemplative state of mind would be, how to reheat it!

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