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Why do churches ask for money if God owns everything

por Holly Monzon (2019-09-25)

Bad churches are not connected with God.

Good churches ask for money, so God can see are you ready to give - so He can give to you :)

Is God lord over your money?
Yes. If He is the Lord of your life. God owns everything since He created it all. Haggai 2:8 The silver is mine and the gold is mine,' declares the LORD Almighty.

Why does God need money?
God does not need money but religions need money to maintain their churches, temples, synagogues, etc.

Did God create the universe and life?
Yes Here are some arguments for Creation or against Evolution. These point to Divine Creation: The staggering complexity of every organ and every cell in the human body. The vastness of our minds and emotions. The fact that the universe has definite design, order, and arrangement which cannot be sufficiently explained outside a theistic worldview. (This is how Abraham, without benefit of teachers, came to reject the chaotic world-view of idolatry and the possibility of...

Why did God feel the need to test Abraham?
to test if he would put everything he loves and owns on the line for god

Is god real who has money?
From a Christian prospective, God owns everything. He freely gives all things but because of people continue to fall from His endless grace, the world becomes more and more difficult to believe that He is a good God. Jesus came to this world to freely save it by doing what He was told and because His Love is Unconditional. He owns all the money but He freely give to others so that they will freely...

Why does god want your money since he owns everything already cause greedy is a sin even for god?
The men/women who control religion are the ones who are greedy for wealth, money and material possessions not any God. Any belief system which dictates that members must contribute to the personal financial/economic benefit of its leaders is not about spirituality and divinity.

What religion is jennifer's body based on?
it is based on the religion witchcraft in american, they have their own churches and god and everything

Are churches becoming a business?
no, they have always been a business...God is a supernatural all mighty, all knowing, all powerful why would he need our money? The answer is that he doesnt, its the people, the people in charge of the churches that take you build more take more money. =)

What does God mean you have given every green herb for meat?
it means that god has given you everything he gave you money food clothes a car a house everything

What is to put money before god?
To put money before God is when you put your trust and love in money and the things of this world and not in the eternal loving God. God will forgive you of this but as with any sin you must be sincere and make a conscious effort to get your priorities right and always have God first in everything.

Why did Charles Darwin cause controversy?
Because his views opposed the churches. The church said that god created everything as they are now. Darwin believed in evolution.

Why did the church object to Charles Darwin?
Because his views opposed the churches. The church said that god created everything as they are now. Darwin believed in evolution.

Is a priest responsible to his parish for parish funds?
Catholic Answer In the United States, legally, the Bishop owns everything in the diocese. All the land, buildings, convents, churches, schools, etc. are in his name, personally. It is called a corporate sole. Although ultimately the priest is responsible for the parish funds, and he is responsible to the people of his parish for that, ultimately he is responsible to the Bishop of his diocese who actually owns the funds, etc. Of course, ultimately...

What do the poor have the rich want and god fears?
Nothing the poor want money the rich want everything god fears the devil

How many assemblies of god churches in India?
I have churches in mumbai and wants to associated with assemblies of God chrurches,

Why were the churches so important in the middle ages?
Churches were important because Religion used to be huge. Everyone looked to Religion for the answers to everything. Also there was hardly anything to do back then, and Religion gave people something to do. Going to Church and worshipping God.

Why did people not take Charles Darwin seriously at first?
Because his views opposed the churches. The church said that god created everything as they are now. Darwin believed in evolution.

How much money do churches around the world give to charities every day?
nothing, they keep every single penny. for 'keeping up to date' with god, most churches which are mostly not-for-profit organization do an annual turnover of about $1,000,000

Is God everything?
Yes. On the grand scale, God is everything, and everything is God.

When was Churches of God General Conference - Winebrenner - created?
Churches of God General Conference - Winebrenner - was created in 1830.

Is god rich?
I think he is. He owns the world and the world have a substantial amount of money in it, what with property and all it's banks, I would say he is a very wealthy man.

What has ten letters poor people need it rich people want it god made it and god has it?
"Everything!" Everything is the answer. Everything has ten letters. Poor people need everything. Rich people want everything. God made everything. God has everything. What do poor people need? Everything! What do rich people want? Everything! What did God make? Everything! What does God have? Everything! COPYRIGHT!!! DO NOT EDIT!!!

Are God Christ and the Holy Spirit one?
According to trinitarian churches, yes. Most mainstream protestant churches, the Roman catholic church, orthodox churches, and oriental orthodox churches are trinitarinan. They may have differing understandings of the nature of the trinity, but they all agree that God is one god, yet three persons.

What three things god uses to talk to us?
God does not exist - it is just an excuse for favoured powers in the past to extract money and servitude to gain wealth and built those massive cathedrals and churches you see today.

Why do brides get married in churches?
They are married in churches because God is present in their midst with the priest who blesses them.In front of God, they will swear their commitment.

When was Ohio Valley Association of the Christian Baptist Churches of God created?
Ohio Valley Association of the Christian Baptist Churches of God was created in 1931.

How does the Assemblies of God differ from other churches?
The Assemblies of God differs from most non-Pentecostal and non-Charismatic churches in that the Assemblies of God believes that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is still applicable for today. The Assemblies of God also believes that God still heals people today. Other ways that the Assemblies of God differs from other churches is that the Assemblies of God holds traditional Pentecostal believes.

What are the creations of God?
The universe and everything in it. Day by day, God created the universe and its contents (Genesis ch.1).God created the universe out of nothing (Exodus 20:11, Isaiah 40:28; Rashi commentary to Genesis 1:14; Maimonides' "Guide," 2:30). Note that the Torah, in describing the Creation, deliberately employs brevity and ellipsis, just as it does in many other topics. See the Talmud, Hagigah 11b. On day 1: God created the universe in general, light, and this Earth...

How do you realize that god knows everything?
Because he's a BOSS Answer 2: Realizing that God knows everything is something that follows from the believe that God creates and maintains everything. For God to maintain and sustain everything, it follows that God has to know everything.

Why churches were fomed?
Churches were formed , so the early Christians could meet and worship god.

How are Islam mosques and Christianity churches alike?
Both mosques and Churches are for Same God worship

Do you have to pay to go to church?
Most churches will gladly accept anyone that wants to attend even if you don't have money. However, a lot of Christian churches teach the law of the tithe. This means that most churches believe that it is a commandment from god to give one tenth of your earnings to the church. Don't let that scare you of though because most churches will still let you attend even if you aren't paying your tithes.

The religion that believes everything is god is called?
pantheism, basically. This means that there's a life force, and everyone and everything is connected to it. Everything is in god, and everything is god.

How do churches remember god?
The Bible is how they remember

Why do all churches and chapels have a sanctuary lamp?
Churches have sanctuary lamps because it represents the presence of god.

What churches worship Saints?
No churches worship saints. We worship God alone. We honor, or venerate the saints.

Who believes god is everything everything is god?
Followers of Pantheism.

Who owns the world?
God owns the world. He also created belive him because he did it all

Is riches from God?
Everything is from God, if you believe... Answer Riches are a gift of God if come by honestly and used wisely. The rich man is to help the poor and needy. Some misquote a passage in the Bible which says "Money is the root of all evil" when in fact it should read "The love of money is the root of all evil".

What has the author Joel Bjorling written?
Joel Bjorling has written: 'The Churches of God, Seventh Day' -- subject(s): Adventists, Bibliography, Church history, Churches of God, Seventh Day, Sabbatarians, Sacred Name movement, Seventh Day Churches of God 'Consulting spirits' -- subject(s): Spiritualism, Bibliography

What can God teach us?
Everything. God is Almighty, there is nothing he doesn't know. We could ask for all the knowledge in the world like Solomon, and we could get money from it and get rich. All we need is absolute faith in God. But if we were true christians, we wouldn't ask for money anyway so we only need the knowledge about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

What do Hindus believe god is?
Hindus believe that God exists in everything, and everything around them is considered sacred. They believe that God is one, and 상품권 현금화 everything has a part of the God and must be respected.

How is the real god of the sea?
First off there is only kone God the true God and he owns the sea

What makes pantheism unique?
It believes that God is everything & everything is God.

Who owns aegis?
zeus greek god

What are the similarities between all the Christian churches?
Basically, all of the Christian churches worship God in some form.

What do Hindu followers believe about god?
Hindus believe that God exists in everything, and everything around them is considered sacred. They believe that God is one, and everything has a part of the God and must be respected.

If money is so evil why do you use it?
Money is not evil itself but it's the LOVE of money that is evil. Almost every societ had some form of trade and our society trades with money the sad part is that people start to love money more than god and everything else

What is the difference between the Catholic and Church of God churches?
Catholic's believe in spending as much money to give glory to God because he dwells in the them, its to show honor,glory, and respect to God, with a few other differences, and Church of God Churches, also known as Protestants, believe in as plain a church as possible and to give as much as possible to charity. This was one of the main factors of the English Civil War, the split of religions in the...

From what was everything created?
God created everything, and i disagree with Evie. he said there was no god.

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