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Recommended Reading: The redesigned WWE Network

por Thalia Hueber (2019-10-01)

-text c-gray-1" >WWE Network 2.0: How WWE rebuilt its streaming service after a split with Disney
Chris Welch,
The Verge

After a flashy reveal at CES a few years ago, the WWE Network is by all accounts a success, amassing well over a million subscribers by early 2019. Disney threw a wrench in the plans when it bought BAMTech, the company that had successfully constructed streaming services for the likes of Major League Baseball and HBO Now. It was also what WWE relied on for its 24/7 buffet of choke slams and live events. WWE saw the writing on the wall, and rebuilt its streaming library from the ground up.

Apple wanted to improve songwriter pay to $0.00091 per stream. Spotify and Google weren't keen.
Tim Ingham,
Music Business Worldwide

The debate over music streaming royalties continues, and as it does, we learn more about where all sides stand.

Coming soon to a battlefield: Robots that can kill
Zachary Fryer-Biggs,
The Atlantic

What if military assault vehicles didn't need to have human soldiers on board? That reality is closer than you might think.

Who's country
Rob Rushin
The Bitter Southerner

Ken Burns' next documentary is all about country music. The Bitter Southerner has a preview with both him and the super talented Rhiannon Giddens.

The big show never ends: How Dan and Keith's 'SportsCenter' changed TV forever
Bryan Curtis
The Ringer

As ESPN celebrates its 40th anniversary, The Ringer takes a look at the legacy of its flagship show for highlights and commentary.

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