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What is the number of bank in Bangladesh

por Gregorio Dejesus (2019-10-02)

The numbers are as follows:

Foreign banks - 9

Private Banks - 33

Government Banks - 5
Their names are:

Government Banks:

Rajshahi Krishi Unnoyan Bank

Bangladesh Krishi Bank



NRB Bank Ltd.

Private Banks:

Agrani Bank Limited

Krishi Bank

BRAC Bank Limited

Eastern Bank Limited

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dhaka Bank Limited

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

Pubali Bank Limited

Uttara Bank Limited

IFIC Bank Limited

National Bank Limited

The City Bank Limited

United Commercial Bank Limited

NCC Bank Limited

Prime Bank Limited

SouthEast Bank Limited

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Social Islami Bank Limited

Standard Bank Limited

One Bank Limited

Exim Bank Limited

Mercantile Bank Limited

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

Mutual Trust Bank Limited

First Security Islami Bank Limited

The Premier Bank Limited

Bank Asia Limited

Trust Bank Limited

Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited

Jamuna Bank Limited

ICB Islami Bank

AB Bank Limited

BASIC Bank Limited (Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited)

Foreign Banks:



Standard Chartered Bank

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

State Bank of India

Habib Bank

National Bank of Pakistan

Woori Bank

Bank Alfalah

What is the IBAN number of sonali bank in Bangladesh?
IBAN Number in Bangladesh

What is the IBAN number of Agrani Bank of Bangladesh?
mohammed feroj

What is IBAN number Sonali Bank of Bangladesh?
Tell branch name

What is the name of nine foreign bank in Bangladesh?
The name of nine foreign bank in bangladesh: Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited Bangladesh Krishi Bank Bank Al-Falah Limited BASIC Bank Limited Trust Bank Limited Eastren bank limited Habib bank Ltd The hongkong and shanghai banking corporation limited Standard chartered bank

List of Bangladesh merchant bank?
full list of merchant bank in bangladesh

When was Bangladesh Bank created?
Bangladesh Bank was created on 1971-12-16.

What is the four state owned commercial bank in Bangladesh?
There are 4 state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh which are fully or majorly owned by the Government of Bangladesh. They are Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Rupali Bank and Janata Bank.

When was Nepal Bangladesh Bank created?
Nepal Bangladesh Bank was created in 1994-06.

What is Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd's motto?
The motto of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd is 'Your Bank, Based on Islamic Shariah'.

When was Bangladesh Development Bank created?
Bangladesh Development Bank was created on 2009-01-03.

When was National Bank - Bangladesh - created?
National Bank - Bangladesh - was created in 1983.

When was Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited created?
Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited was created in 1994.

What is Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd's population?
The population of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd is 10,068.

When was Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd created?
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd was created in 1983.

What is the iban number of rupali bank in Bangladesh?
Rupali Bank, Head Office, Address- Rupali Bhaban, 소액결제현금 1000 Dhaka. SWIFT code: RUPBBDDHXXX

How many public bank in Bangladesh?
There are 5 public or government owned banks in Bangladesh. They are: 1. Rajshahi Krishi Unnoyan Bank 2. Bangladesh Krishi Bank 3. BDBL 4. BASIC BANK Ltd. 5. NRB Bank Ltd.

Where is the Sonali bank located?
The Sonali Bank was founded in 1972 and is located in Bangladesh. Sonali Bank is run by the state and is the largest bank in Bangladesh with 1,200 branches.

When was Trust Bank Limited - Bangladesh - created?
Trust Bank Limited - Bangladesh - was created in 1999.

How much Branch of Brac Bank In Bangladesh?
Brac Bank has 149 branches in Bangladesh as of today (Jan 4, 2012)

Show the names of Top 20 multinational companies of the Bangladesh?
Multinational companies in Bangladesh Nestle Bangladesh Grameenphone GlaxoSmithKline IBM Bangladesh Unilever Standard Chartered Bank HSBC Citi NA Siemens Nokia Ericsson British American Tobacco Mobil Sanofi-aventis Youngone Mashreq Bank Schneider Electric NEO Zipper ICICI Bank ABB Bangladesh

How many days required to re-issue a bank chequebook in Bangladesh?
It takes about 10 days to re-issue a bank chequebook in Bangladesh.

Grameen bank which is bank of poors organisation based on?

What is the objective of brac bank ltd of Bangladesh?
i want to know that what the Intermediary Bank of brac bank is.

What is non-scheduled bank in Bangladesh?
non scheduled bank is a bank which not controlled by central bank like, accf bank

What is the number of banks in Nepal?
Nepal has a total of 12 banks. They are: Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal Citizens Bank International Ltd. Himalayan Bank Laxmi Bank Limited List of banks of Nepal Nabil Bank Nepal Bangladesh Bank Nepal Bank Limited Nepal Investment Bank Limited Nepal SBI Bank Nepal Rastra Bank Rastriya Banijya Bank

What are the principal money market and capital market instrument available to the bank in Bangladesh?
What are the Capital Market Securities of Bangladesh

Did Bangladesh get its reserve money back?
Surely from your Bank

History of brac bank in Bangladesh?
BRAC Bank started its journey on July 04, 2001.

Bangladesh pubali bank comilla mdnazir account fdr account?
MD nazir hossain i have account Bangladesh pubali bank so i want know the stutas of the account nominee by Abdul motalab

What is swift code for brac Bank in Bangladesh?
Brac Bank SWIFT Code is : BRAK BD DH

Where can one find a Grameen Bank?
Started in 1976 in Bangladesh, the Grameen Bank has grown over the years. It has helped many people giving them small loans or help make small businesses become viable. This is a bank owned mainly by woman. To find this bank, you must go to Dhaka Bangladesh.

Who will act as banker to the government of India?
Reserve Bank of Bangladesh ,,

Who is the country director next in Bangladesh?
As of May 2, 2013, the next country director in Bangladesh that was appointed is Johannes Zutt. He was appointed by the World Bank, and he joined the World Bank in 2000. He hopes to reduce poverty in the country.

What is the present situation of poverty in Bangladesh?
Poverty in Bangladesh is overwhelming. The nation needs aid from the World Bank or the IMF to begin to escape from poverty.

List of non scheduled bank in bangladsh?
There are now 4 non-scheduled banks in Bangladesh which are: Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank, Karmashangosthan Bank, Probashi Kollyan Bank, Jubilee Bank

What are the problems of the bank sector in Bangladesh?
In Govt. sponsored Banks, corruption

How many branches have of Bangladesh bank?
In every division one branch

Which Bank first started the ATM service in Bangladesh?
ANZ Grindlays Bank started ATM services in Bangladesh. Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh started ATM Service for their customers. Now a day ANZ Grindlays Bank has been accoutered by Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh as a result they can claim the credit. Later on Dutch-Bangla Bank established the widest net work of ATM made accessible to the general banking customers. Similarly BRAC bank is also expanding their network. Most recently the ATM networks are sharing each other's...

What is dutch bangla bank shanti nagar branch of Bangladesh swift?
its confidential

How can I cash My Alertpay balance from your Dutch Bangla Bank personal savings account in Bangladesh?
just go to the bank manager in dhaka

How many bank operate in Bangladesh?
The financial system of Bangladesh consists of Bangladesh Bank (BB) as the central bank, 4 State Owned Commercial Banks (SCB), 5 government owned specialized banks, 30 domestic private banks, 9 foreign banks and 29 non-bank financial institutions. Moreover, MRA has given license to 298 Micro-credit Organizations. The financial system also embraces insurance companies, stock exchanges and co-operative banks.

What is the number of people per square km in Bangladesh?
Bangladesh - 1,099.3 people/km2

What is current bank rate in bangladesh.?
That really depends on the type of account. Please specify

What is difference between Number of bank accounts and bank account number?
Number of bank accounts is how many bank accounts and bank account number is the number that identifies the bank account.

What is the position of Darul Ihsan University of Bangladesh in private University ranking in Bangladesh?
rinking number of

What is the ranking of south east university in Bangladesh?
7th number of all private universities in Bangladesh

What is import procedure of Bangladesh?
At first you have to submit the PI in bank & fill up LCA form.

What is ifsc code of ncc bank?
In Bangladesh there is no code (related to Banking) aclled ifsc code

Aiub position in private university rankings in Bangladesh?
its always number 1 private university in bangladesh.

What is the position of south asia university in Bangladesh?
The position of south asia university in bangladesh at number 16

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