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Feudal aid is where vassals would be ready to assist monetarily such as in giving ransom money in time of need

por Sharon Wirtz (2019-10-03)

Feudal aid

What was the feudal system a system of?
Power. The feudal systems involved aristocratic landlords giving landed estates (feuds) to lesser aristocrats and knights in exchange for political and military support. These people were called vassals and owed loyalty their feudataries. Since there were not centralised armies, soldiers were raised by the aristocrats and giving land to vassals ensured that military services would be provided to them by the vassals.

How did the crusades contribute to the end of the feudal period?
It cost a lot of money to the kings and queens that were running the crusades, and castles took a decline from all the sieges. It also caused towns to spring up and vassals, serfs and freeman alike ran to the towns, giving the lords the need to hire mercenary armies.

How does the Feudal system work?
The three terms you want to keep in mind when you talk about Feudal societies are: lords, vassals, and fiefs. Basically, lords (primarily members of aristocracy or the rich) appoint a piece of land to vassals. Vassals then use that land for their own benefit, but at a price-they must pay a price in the form of a military contract. This grant of land was called a fief. Another type of feudalism involving still: lords...

What did feudal lords get in return for giving vassals land?
The vassal owed a number of possible services, but the most important was either military service, or a cash payment that could be used to hire warriors for military service. Other duties could include providing hospitality to the lord and his entourage, or his agents and servants. A vassal might also attend the lord's court, and provide the Lord with advice and council. Some vassals might travel with their lord (the great nobles were almost...

Do you assist in your dog giving birth?
no its gross

Is volunteering an abstract noun?
Yes, the gerund (verbal noun) 'volunteering' is an abstract noun, a word foran act of giving time, effort and talent to a need or cause without profiting monetarily.

How government assist business?
Mainly by giving them tax breaks.

Why was the feudal system the most important way that William kept control?
because he got stuff from people giving him more power

What is the abstract noun of assist?
The word 'assist' is an abstract noun as a word for an act of giving and for types of plays in baseball and basketball. The abstract noun forms for the verb to assist are assistance, and the gerund, assisting.

Do you assist a rabbit giving birth?
no, leave her alone and she'll take care of them

How to assist chihuahua giving birth?
you are fat dont ask stupid questions

What were the responsibilities for a king lord knight and serf during feudal times?
They didn't do anything they just sat around giving peasants orders to do things!!

How did the kings of Europe express their gratitude to the nobility support?
They did that - we are talking about the feudal system in the Middle Ages - by giving them lands, their proceeds and the authority over them in the King's name.

What is the importance of immunology in nursing?
it is important because it assist in the giving of medicine after being diagnised withn a disease

What does a call center agent do?
a call center agent assist all the needs of the calling client and giving them satisfaction.

Why are Miranda rights a good thing?
Miranda Warnings are good because they assist in giving everyone due process.

How does the Department of Education assist college students with student loan consolidation?
The department of Education assist College students with loan consolidation by giving advice, being references for worthy students and helping with individual needs.

How do you as teachers assist children with special needs to achieve autonomy?
Teachers can assist children with special needs to help them achieve similar educational statuses by giving them more direct and specialized learning environments and courses.

How did the government assist big businesses?
The government assisted big businesses by giving generous land grants and other subsidies.

What are two ways in which a sponsor could assist a national team?
financially - giving the team money supplies/products - giving the team free stuff (e.g sports drinks, football boots, etc)

Why do you suppose McLoughlin went out of his way to assist American settlers give two pieces of evidence?
John McLoughlin went out of his way to assist American settlers by giving two pieces of evidence to maintain law and order.

Frg assist the commander in providing family with the tools?
The FRG leaders do go to the commander about giving families tools. They do a lot more that.

What did William of Normandy do with his barons and soldiers after the battle of Hastings?
== == He divided the country between them, giving them land to rule as feudal lords each doing homage and owing service to him for their land and receiving homage and service from those below them.

How do opticians use science?
Opticians use several instruments that are scientifically designed. The instructions giving by the instruments assist opticians in the proper construction new glasses.

What are the duties of a baptist church nurse?
to check the well being of the pulpit, giving the pastor juice, water, towel and to check on the member of the church and to assist with funeral.

Is assisted an noun?
No, the word 'assisted' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to assist. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective (assisted care). The word assist is also a noun, a word for an act of giving help; the action of a player who by passing a ball or puck makes it possible for a teammate to score. The noun forms for the verb to assist are assistance and assistant.

Is skitty good?
I think the only good thing about skitty is assist. Its baiscally giving skitty a lot more moves. I once did a playthrough with skitty once but I used tm's to teach five other pokemon moves or moves they learned on their own but I never used the pokemon. Now I have a skitty with three moves and assist giving me 20 more moves. Skitty is good but its not really that amazing.But is really...

What does a franchise consultant do?
Franchise consultant usually assist persons that are interested in buying franchises and also for those who selling them. He helps the buyers or sellers,giving them opportunities and recommendations.

How did improvements in trade and commerce affect feudal societies?
The trade helped because of the imports given in the process. it gave needed materials to build structures. It also gave food for the society and economic stores in the process giving a chance for employment as well.

Is it important to ask the patient perission to assist or touch them prior to providing any form of firs aid?
No. If their life is in immediate danger, then your priority lies in giving them first aid. Even if their life is not in immediate danger, you are still giving them first aid to help them, not to just touch them for any other reason.

How does bauxite benefit Jamaica?
bauxite mining in Jamaica provided jobs for thousands also the bauxite company's assist farmer in rural areas by giving them mines out lands and seedling to increase agriculture productivity.

Which Microsoft Office is good for making speeches?
You could use Microsoft Word to type up your speech and print it, so you can read it. You could also use a Powerpoint presentation to assist you in giving a speech or a presentation.

How feudalistic started?
the feudal system started in what is now France in the period between 800 - 1000 A.D. Money was a very rare commodity then, and the only way a king could reward his warriors was by giving (or rather: loaning) them land. De feudal system was a kind of trade-off: the man being loaned the land had a right to its administration, proceeds and riches IF - and as long as - he recognised the...

How did people live in medieval times?
They lived with a system called "the Feudal System." Kings gave Nobles (Kings and Queens) land in turn giving it to knights for service (Protection Usually). Knights Had Peasants in whom were tied to the land and called serfs. Although they had serfs they DID have Peasants in which they were not tied to the land.

Epsom salt promote hair growth?
Ive been told magnesium deficiency creates hairloss.Bathing in Epsom salt will add magnesium to your body.,so i think it can assist in hair growth.its worth giving it a try.

FRGs assist the commander in providing family members with the tools necessary to educate enable and empower them so that they are?
FRG leaders talks to the commander about giving family members a chance to learn more. The FRG leaders do a lot.

Would a taxi driver assist with a birth?
most likely. if anyone ever went through a situation where a mother was giving birth, even if they didn't have proper medical training, i think they would do anything they could to help.

What are the benefits to sap training?
SAP training can help you develop skills and gain experience concerning the oversight and implementation of technology. SAP training can assist either you or your organization in giving you faster and more cost-effective results.

How can I help with my dog during birth?
In most cases when a dog is giving birth the best thing to do is to let nature take its course. However if the dog is having issue, you can assist be very slowly an gently pulling the pup outward.

Where did abolitionists live?
Abolitionists lived along the Underground Railroad so they could assist slaves on the run by giving a safe place to spend the night. Other abolitionists lived in big cities to inform slaves about the underground railroad.

Can hospitals give narcotics to addicts for detox?
Giving addicts other narcotic drugs to assist in de-toxification used be be fairly common, but new narcotic blocking drugs are now more common, and far more useful.

Do RNs have to clean people?
Yes, Registered Nurses should and do clean people. Many RNs try to avoid giving direct hands on care, such as for a patient with diarrhea... but, it's part of a nursing role to assist in the direct care.

When can you become a rich man?
Monetarily? Perhaps never. Riches don't come to everyone. If you work hard for that specific goal, you may achieve it, but then again you may not. There is a lot of chance at play as well in the search for monetary gain. If you are talking about the riches of love and peace and goodness or other intangibles, I think that you could be a rich man today, if you focused on seeing the good...

What are the odds of a sixteen year old dying while giving birth?
The chances of dying while giving birth, if the birth is performed in a modern hospital, are very low, even for a young mother. Trained doctors and midwives assist with the birth, and monitor the mothers status at many points during the birth, and are on hand to assist if anything begins to go awry. If the primary doctor believes for the birth to be high-risk, he or she will recommend a cesarian section prior...

What kind of licence do you need to be able to quote auto insurance?
All states have different laws, rules,regulations, and licensing requirements etc. Contact your states dept of insurance (or check their web page) and they will be able to assist you by giving you the requirements.

What does the word stimulus in dance form mean?
A stimulus can be something visual, auditorial, tactile, ideational and kinaesthetic for eg. the roughness of a jumper, which will assist you by giving you an ideal perception for your intent and movement when composing a dance :) i owned the last answer woot woot!

How are horses helpful?
Horse's often live on farms and when it is time to herd or gather cows, or sheep or other farm animals horses assist the farmers and ranchers by giving the farmer/ranchera higher stature and a greater view of where the farm animals are.

Can you get a divorce if your spouse won't sign?
Yes, file the divorce complaint and follow the court's instruction about giving notice. You should consult with an attorney who can guide you through the process. If there is no property to divide and no children the court may assist you in filing without an attorney.

How do you do oops ending in cute knight in detail like how do you assist in the first experiments like giving him all ingredients he needs?
I think it said you keep helping and then one day he will ask you for something really crazy and it ends up oops ending!!!

What is an actual agency?
There are a variety of agency types. Modeling agencies in particular serve the purpose of discovering models, 핸드폰소액결제현금화 signing them to modeling contracts, and finding their talent work. They also assist in giving their models exposure and handle all paperwork and payment arrangements.

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