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Where can you see Pokemon number 146 and 147 in the Sinnoh Dex Pokemon platinum

por Hassan Chirnside (2019-10-05)

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What Pokemon is 146 in platinum pokedex?
Pokemon #146 in the Sinnoh Dex is Uxie.

What is Pokemon 146 on the Sinnoh pokedex?
-SPOILER- Sinnoh Pokemon number 146 : Uxie the Legendary Pokemon Type: Phychic EXP at 100: 1,250,000 Ability: Levitate

What Pokemon is number 146 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

What is number 146 on the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?
146 is Uxie on sinnoh pokedex On National pokedex it is Moltres

What Pokemon is number 146 on Pokemon Diamond?
== == In the SINNOH Pokedex it is UXIE. In the NATIONAL Pokedex it is MOLTRES. == ==

Where are the Pokemon Nnumbered 5 64 146 151 152 in Pokemon Platinum?
Sinnoh Dex (Platinum expansion) 5 - Monferno 64 - Ambipom 146 - Uxie 151 - Manaphy 152 - Rotom National Dex 5 - Charmeleon 64 - Kadabra 146 - Moltres 151 - Mew 152 - Chikorita

Who is Pokemon 146 in Pokemon pearl?
Pokemon 146 in the national pokedex is moltress and Pokemon 146 in the sinnoh pokedex is uxie. have fun!

Who is number 146 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon platinum?
146 is an uxie that is one of those little caves in the lakes. i cant remember which one so youll just have to fly to see. you have to battle it to registar in ur pokedex and is really hard to catch =] hope this helps x

Which Pokemon is number 146 on platinum?
it is Uxie before the national dex and Moltres after you get the national dex

What is number 146 in the Sinnoh pokedex?
I have diamond and its Diagla.

What Pokemon is 146 on the Pokedex in pearl?

Where to find Pokemon 146 in Pokemon Platinum?
Pokemon #146 is Uxie, and can be found in the Acuity Cavern in the middle of Lake Acuity. In Platinum, I believe you can have another chance to catch it if you don't catch it the first time.

Where is Pokemon 146 in diamond and pearl?
in the sinnoh pokedex it is uxie at one of the lakes i do not know what it is for the natinol

What is the list of all Pokemon ever known?
There are 493 pokemon, 150 kanto, 99 Johto, 146 hoenn, sinnoh 106

What is nomber 146-148 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon pearl?
uxie azelf and mersprit in the caverns of the lakes of sinnoh one Pokemon per cavern but u need palkia or dialga first

What are Pokemon 146 147 and 148 in Pokemon diamond?
uxie merspirt and azelf in caverns of the lakes of sinnoh found in the water of the lakes one Pokemon per cavern

Pokemon pearl in the pokedex what Pokemon are number 146 131?
146 = Moltres 131 = Lapras

What is Pokemon 146?
Moltres, the legendary Fire/Flying type of Kanto, 에볼루션카지노 has the Pokedex number 146.

What are Pokemon 146 147 148 in diamond?
uxie mersprit azelf they are found in the 3 caverns of the lakes of sinnoh wich are in the water of the lakes use surf

In pokemondiamond 146 is what Pokemon?
number 146 is uxie once you get or face dialga you go to either lake valor or lake acuti

What is Pokemon 146 in Pokemon Pearl?
memmemem whatever that means,#146 is Uxie

What is the national pokedex number for Moltres?
Moltres is #146 in the national pokedex, and it is a Fire-Flying type Pokemon.

Is 146 a prime number or a composite number?
146 is not prime. 146 = 2 * 73

What are the names and where can you find these Pokemon for the pokedex in Pokemon diamond 65 114 146 148?
65 - Drifloom - Can be found outside the Windmill Works on Friday (once per Friday). 144- Unknown - Could be found in the Soceleon Ruins (go to Soceleon and go right as much as possible, you'll get there eventually, it's a cave) 146 - Uxie - Found in one of the three lakes of Sinnoh. 148 - Azelf - Same as Uxie.

Is 146 a prime?
ANSWER: NO. 146 is a composite number. 146 is a composite number because 146 has other factors like 2 and 73 other 1 and itself (146).

On Pokemon Pearl on the Pokedex what Pokemon are numbers 146 147 148?
146 is uxie 147 is mesprit and 148 is azelf

What is the 146 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?
the dang answer is uxie

Where do you find Pokemon numbers 146 147 and 148 in Pokemon diamond?
146 moltres 147 dratini 148 dragonair hope i helped

What are the factors of number 146?
146 = 2 x 73

What is 146 over 3 as a mixed number?
146 over 3 as a mixed number = 482/3

What has a mass number of 246 and it has 146 neutrons?
Fermium-246 has the mass number of 246 and it has 146 neutrons.

What is 62 percent of 146?
To find 62 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.62. In this instance, 0.62 x 146 = 90.52. Therefore, 62 percent of 146 is equal to 90.52.

What is 146 percent as a fraction or mixed number?
146% = 146/100 = 1 46/100 or 1 23/50

What percent of 146 is 102?
For a question like this, take the end number (102) and divide by the starting number (146) then multiply by 100 (convert decimal to percent). So we get (102/146)*100 = a long number that is approximately 69.863

What is 8.146 in fraction form?
8 and 146 over 1000 it's a mixed number with 8 as the whole number 146 as the numerator and 1000 as the denominator

In Pokemon pearl poke'dex what are the Pokemon numbers 146 147 and 148?
they are the lake Pokemon you find them at all 3 laks in caves

Is 146 a rational number?

Is 146 a prime number?
An even number is never a prime number (it can be divided by 2).

What is number 146 147 148 151 152 168 169 170 190 193 197 203 on Pokemon platinom in your pokedx?
#146 is uxie. #147 is mesperit.#148 is azelf. i don't know #151,152,168,169, and 170.#190 is dusclops.#193 is porygon 2.#197 is elekid.#203 is swinub

Why is 146 not a prime number?
you can divide it by 2

Is 146 a prime or a composite number?

Can samebody tele you where is in Pokemon pearl Pokemon 65135146147?
65-Drifloon 135-Lumineon 146-uxie 147-Mesprit

Is 146 over 80 high blood pressure?
The blood pressure, 146/80 is considered to be high. The top number is just a bit high but the bottom number is good.

Is 146 divisible by 2?
yes, the rule is that if a number ends in 0,2,4,6,8 then it is divisible by 2. and 146/2=73 so it is.

What is the greater factor of 146?
The greatest factor of any positive number is the number itself.

Pokemon Diamond pokedex 146?
Pokemon # 146 is Uxie in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Acuity just left of Snowpoint City. Pokemon # 147 Mesprit in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Verity just left of Twinleaf Town. Pokemon # 148 Azelf in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Valor between Pastoria City and Veilstone City. for...

Is 146 a square number?
No. (122 = 144) and (132 = 169)

What is 14.6 as a mixed number?
146 = 14 3/5

How many neutrons does U 238 have?
Number of neutrons = Mass number - atomic number = 238 - 92 = 146

What and where are the Pokemon with the numbers 45 46 65 114 134 135 and 146 in Pokemon pearl?
Number 45: Burmy. Left of Eterna City, on route 205. Number 46: Wormadam. Evolve from Burmy, or route 212. Number 65: Drifloon. In front of Valley Windworks on Fridays. (You can wait or skip the DS date to a friday, catch it, save, turn off the DS, turn it on again, and change the date back to the original) Number 114: Unown. Solaceon Ruins at Solaceon Town. Number 134: Finneon. The waters of Iron Island...

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