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What is all the movies in the movie series like scary movie and epic movie? -

por Lara Mccord (2019-10-07)

Scary Movie 1

Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 3


Epic Movie

super hero movie

disaser movie

What scary movies can 13 year olds watch?
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Scary Movie 1, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, Epic Movie, etc.

How many scary movie movies?
As of July 2012, and not counting the spin-offs (Epic Movie, etc) there are 4 movies.

What movies has Carmen Electra starred in?
Some of the movies that Carmen Electra has starred in Scary Movie , The Spartans, Epic Movie , Date Movie, The Chosen One, Scary Movie 4, and Mardi Gras Spring Break. This is just a small list .

What are some movies like epic movie?
scary movie 1-4 superhero movie dance flick stan helsing and the list goes on and on

Scary movie 5?
The movie that was supposed to be scary movie 5 is actually called Epic movie.

Are there movies like vampires suck?
Like movies that make fun of the original movie yes try Epic Movie...Super hero movie....Onion movie..scary movie 1.2.3and 4 if it helps ur welcome if not sorry

Is the Harry Potter series good?
the books are epic and scary but excellent

Will there ever be a scary movie 5?
yes they did because epic movie is the 5

Any mixed movies besides scary movie epic movie disaster movie and avp?
Hot Shots and Shot Shots Part Deux IMPORVED: Vampires Suck is hilarious if you have seen the twilight saga but are not a fan (your a boyfriend of a fan and had to sit through all the movies)

What are all the spoof movies?
Scary Movie (series) Epic Movie,Dance Flick,Superhero Movie, Meet the spartans, not another teen movie, date movie, disaster movie, Monty Python (series), Ace Ventura (series), spaceballs, Killer tomato (series), Mars attacks, dracula dead and 바카라사이트 loving it, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, Austin Powers (series), Date Movie, Another gay movie (series), The best movie, the onion movie, Stan helsing, extreme movie, spanish movie, macgruber, vampires suck, silent movie, not another not...

What are some good Spoof movies?
Some good spoof movies that I know of and/or have seen are : Scary Movie I (1) Scary Movie II (2) Scary Movie III (3) Scary Movie IV (4) Epic Movie The Superhero Movie (spoof on Spiderman) Top Secret (old movie but VERY funny) There are of course a lot more good ones but these are all that I know. (feel free to add to my list) Beside Form The Ones Named Up There Theres...

What are similar films to disaster movie?
epic movie, date movie, the scary movie 1-4,meet the spartans,disaster movie,

Is there a Scary Movie 5 coming out soon?
No. Whatever you saw on youtube isn't real. It was a trailer of epic movie.

Which books or movies include goblins?
The Lord of The Rings is perhaps the most famous book and movie series that contains goblins. Labyrinth is a funnier movie, less focused on epic battles and quests.

What is the difference between epic movie and disaster movie the unrated version?
The disaster movie is a spoof of natural disaster movies, including Twister and the day after tomorrow. Epic Movie is a spoof on adventure movies and features Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Narnia.

Where can you watch epic movie?
You will find most movies at including

Is epic Mickey a movie?
No Epic Mickey is a video game released in 2010. There was also an episode from the television series Disney 365 with the title Epic Mickey

What is the plot od scary movie 5?
it is based on the omen, final destination 3, the hills have eyes, seed of chucky, the Texas chainsaw massacre, prom night, silent hill, house of wax, and many more! Cindy and brenda are the main people! this is how they rate the SCARY MOVIE trilogy: 1. scary movie 5 (9.8) "professional" 2. scary movie 2 (9.4) "excellent" 3. scary movie 3 (9.1) "awesome" 4. scary movie 1 (8.6) "good" 5. scary movie 4 (8.2)...

What is the spoof movie of Narnia?
Epic Movie is a spoof based on many different movies but one of the main films it spoofed was The Chronicles of Narnia.

What movies are in epic movie?
Here are 15 out of 16 of the movies in Epic Movie: Snakes on the plane, nacho (it's the one with Jack Black), x men, Charley and the chocolate factory, Narnia ( they spell it Gnarnia), Crib, Punked, Pirrates of the carribean, NASCAR, I think a James bond movie, and Click. If there were any other movies or none of the ones I listed sorry for the mis understanding. P.S the 1 movie I missed...

Will they make an epic 2 movie?
I hate to say this, but may be no. For movies to have a sequel, it should be a hit. However, Epic only gross $250M, ($350M atleast to guarantee a sequel for animated movies). I really like Epic. It is indeed epic, I don't know why some people don't like it, but for me it is finest animation since 2010 (year of great animation, e.g Toy Story 3, HTTYD). Maybe if Epic wins a oscars...

If one were viewing an Epic movie trailer what would someone be watching?
If one were to watch the trailer for the film "Epic Movie", one would be watching a trailer for a parody movie. The film mocks fantasy films, such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If one is referring to epic themed movies in general, it would mean a film set around some grand or fantastical plot. Most films that can be called epic are set in medieval times. One example is Braveheart starring Mel...

What are facts about pirate ships?
they are scary and big and EPIC like jeff

What is the duration of Epic Movie?
The duration of Epic Movie is 1.42 hours.

What movies does ''Epic Movie'' spoof and parody?
Narnia, willy wonka, and snakes on a plane, harry potter, and pirates of the Caribbean

When was Epic Movie created?
Epic Movie was created on 2007-01-26.

When was Epic Movie released?
Epic Movie was released on 01/26/2007.

What was the Production Budget for Epic Movie?
The Production Budget for Epic Movie was $20,000,000.

Where can you buy the movie Epic Movie?
Luckily you can purchase Epic Movie now on amazon. It is retailing for $4.38.

Can you give me a sentence using the word epic?
You are an epic fail! haha or that movie was epic

Who wrote epic movie?
Epic Movie was written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

How much money did Epic Movie gross worldwide?
Epic Movie grossed $86,858,578 worldwide.

How much money did Epic Movie gross domestically?
Epic Movie grossed $39,739,367 in the domestic market.

How epic teater is different from traditional theater?
an epic theater was used for plays and poems. are theaters now are recorded movies.

Words that describe movies?
Depends on the movie. If it is a great movie then Spectacular, 2 thumbs Up, Entertaining, Hilarious, Touching, Delightful, Epic, Fantastic. If the movie sucks, then Horrible, Ridiculous, 120 minutes of life I will never get back. If you mean the word Movies, you could refer to it as the show, theatre, motion picture, entertainment event,

What was the name of david lynch science fictions epic?
It could be Dune if it's about a movie or Twin Peaks if it's about a tv series. 1990-1991 Twin Peaks (TV series) 1984 Dune

What is the song called on Epic Movie?
The song at the end of the movie trailer for the 2007 movie 'Epic Movie' is called Cobrastyle. The song was recorded by The Teddy bears.

What are good preteen movies?
i know i got rid of stuff. chucky is a horrible movie. no preeteen should watch it. Epic Movie Strawberry Shortcake: Revenge of the Strawberries Wedding Crashers My big fat greek wedding mamma mia! Epic Movie Strawberry Shortcake: Revenge of the Strawberries Wedding Crashers My big fat greek wedding mamma mia!

Which is better epic movie or disaster movie?
This is like asking is it better to be poisoned or drowned, but according to Metacritic, Epic Movie had an average review rating of 17 (out of 100) while Disaster Movie had an average review rating of 15, so Epic Movie is slightly better.

What are great movies to see?
a list of gr8 movies r any1 wiv peter Andre in lol :) --------Depends on what you like, a few good comedies are Meet the Spartans, Meet the Fockers, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie.....Harry Potter was pretty good...GI Joe is gud...i like The Eye horrorish... xD what kind of movies do u lyke? >. -Wow :D

Will the warriors movie be computer animated?
One of the Erin Hunters said that the movie is going to be in CGI, with very realistic cats, like Aslan from Narnia. This way, the movies will still look epic, but there will be no need to train any cats.

How do you watch videos on epic mickey?
At the main screen go to extras then select your profile. Next, there will be 4 choices. Select movies and then pick which movie you want to watch. (you have to unlock them first)

What is a theme in a movie?
I personally love Schindler's list theme! (I've never the film)... Laura's theme from Doctor Zhivago is a classic! :) (one of my all time favorite movies!!!) The Godfather's theme is epic too! (never seen the movie)

Is there a movie called Epic Movie?
Yes. It released in 2007.

Where can you find Epic Movie in Australia?
at your nearest movie dealer

How many stars did eclipse the movie get?
3 stars, and a B- by movie critics. I work at a theater, and get to see the movies before they come out. It was the best one yet, kinda like the book. A bit of twists, most epic, and Taylor Lautner shirtless!

Why might someone rather see a movie at a theater rather than home?
The theare often has superior sound to even the best home enetertainment systems. Some movies have an epic visual sweep that best suits being projected onto a large screen. Some movies benefit from the electricity or 'buzz' from the reactions of other movie-goers. There is an overall 'experience' when going to the movies that sitting at home does not offer.

My brother and I used to watch this pokemon sprite series. I don't remember the name of the series but I do remember that the name of the first episode was epic dish. Can someone find it?
Well, I researched it and I can't find anything about the series or the episode of Epic Dash.

Are they planning on remaking the Eragon movie?
No the Eragon movie was an EPIC FAIL!

What is the movie Friday the 13th about?
This is basically about a deformed boy (Jason Voorhees) at a camp who drowned in the lake when the councellors weren't watching. Years later when new councellors come to the camp the mother of the boy (Pamela Voorhees) seeks revenge on the councellors and kills all but one of them. The mother's the killer for the first movie, but the rest of the sequels has Jason as the killer. If you want to know what...

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