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What do you do if your friend is gay

por Alecia Batt (2019-10-07)

Why should you have to do anything? If your friend is gay, be a friend to your gay friend.

If you are gay with your friend are you gay?
If you are gay with your friend, then you might be gay, or partly gay, which is called bisexual.

What if you like your gay friend?
If you like your gay friend, then you like your gay friend. That's all there is to it.

What does gay best friend mean?
Either you have a gay best friend or 카지노사이트 you are the gay best friend idk

How do you get a gay best friend?
YOu get a Gay friend the same way you get a straight friend. You be real and open.

How do you get your friend to be gay?
You are gay or not there is no way you will get him gay if he is not.

Testing if friend is gay?
my friend is all ways happy and and stands like a gay guy and his voes is gay

What happen if you becomes friend with an gay would he like you?
If you have a gay friend, it means they are attracted to the same sex. If your gay friend is the same sex as you, they may or may not like you as more than a friend.

Should you tell your friend you're gay?
Yes. You should tell your friend that you are gay.

Is Scott Herman gay?
No he is not gay he has a girl-friend from Brazil. Having a girl-friend do not means that he's not gay .Look around you.

Your friend is gay and wants you to also be gay what do you do?
One cannot "be gay" just because a friend asks. You might be straight, and experiment with your friend (if you wish to). This is known as being bi-curious.

Does Miley Cyrus have a gay friend?

What to you do if you are in love with your gay best friend?
If you are also gay, then tell your friend. If you are the opposite gender, then move on.

Is Rupert Friend Gay?
yes, he is gay

How do you get your friend gay?
I do not think you can get anyone to be gay. People are born gay.

Are you gay if you and your friend do each other in the but?
Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to your friend (of the same gender).

How can i deal with my friend if i know he is a gay?
You can either accept him for who he is or just leave him alone. You are not a true friend if you cannot accept him for who he is. And don't say he is "a gay" that sounds offensive. He is gay, and he's your friend, so deal with it.

What happen if i becomes friend with an gay would he like me?
If you become friends with a gay guy, you have made another friend. Whether your gay friend would like you depends on how he feels about you. You may or may not be his type.

What does it mean if your boyfriend's best friend is gay?
Has a lot to do with age, if he is a "new" friend and he is aware of his sexual orientation, he might be "curioius", if he is a long time friend and either just came out or "became" gay I wouldn't worry. ANSWER it means nothing other than your boyfriends best friends gay. if you are having doubts as to your boyfriends sexual orientation,his having gay best friend is very little to do with...

You are are 12 and gay?
you can be i knew i was gay when i was 14 and my friend knew he was gay when he was 8

If a guy says to your friend he'll be your friend your friend tells you just after he graduated and he never told you what does that mean?
THAT MEANS HES GAY and he doesnt wanna be your friend cause your gay

You think your friend is gay and you are gay what should you do?
If you were to come out to your friend and inform them of your sexual orientation, then possibly your friend would feel open to telling you theirs

Is it gay for the straight guy if he has gay guy friends?
Absolutely not, a friend who gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual is doing what any friend should do and that is being supportive.

Is your straight friend gay?
No, your straight friend is straight.

Was rapper biggie smalls gay?
YES so gay and his best friend was gay

Is it okay to fancy a guy who is gay?
like as a friend? it is ok to have a gay as a best friend. they make really good friends for girls. one of my best friends is gay. and before he was gay.... we hardly ever talked and i wouldn't of considered him my best friend. now that he told me he is gay though, we are extremely close. or do you mean likelike a gay guy? if you mean it like that... probably...

How can you till if you friend is gay?
Gay men are primarily sexually attracted to other men, rather than women. I hope you will still be friends if your friend turns out to be gay!

What should you think if your hot straight guy friend made out with your gay friend?
That he's gay or at least bi/experimenting.

Is your friend gay if he grabs your balls and screws around but has a girl friend?
It may be a sign that he is gay. He may also be experimenting.

What do you do when your friend tells you he is gay?
I say that he was your friend before and he is your friend now no matter who he is.

Gregory Smith is gay or bi?
He is not gay he is a great friend -Cole

Is my best friend gay?
We don't know your friend. If you are best friends, ask your friend!

Is Eden Foik gay?
Well Eden foik is my friend and I will have to say he look's gay but his not acturally gay

Is jack lisle gay?
Yes he is gay, i have a friend who is called Jack Lisle and he is gay. :) - Lauren Hall

What to do if your gay friend cares for you a great deal and you are straight?
Your gay friend is very aware you are straight and if you feel things have changed on your gay friends part and they are hoping to get you romantically involved with them it is up to you to calmly tell them you are straight and will always be that way and you do love them, but just as a friend. If your gay friend persists and makes you feel uncomfortable then you are going to...

How can you make your friend gay?
You can't "make" someone gay. Either they are or they aren't. It would be like trying to "make" your friend shorter or taller.

I have a friend i like him but i think he's a gay what can i do in this situation?
Continue to be his friend and accept him for who he is. Don't let the fact that he might be gay change your friendship with him.

How can i stop my best friend from from forcing everyone to be gay?
No one forces people to be gay. You either are or not. If you can't support your friend then I suggest you move on.

You think your friend is gay What should you do?
Nothing unless you are also gay and want a relationship with him. There is nothing you can do to make somebody who is gay, not gay !

How do you tell your best friend that you are gay?
A crazily situational question with no real answer... besides just saying,"I'm gay". It really depends on what kind of person your best friend is and how well they are gonna take that to begin with and the reason why you are telling your best friend you're gay.

What to do with a bisexual friend?
Anything and everything you would do with a straight or gay friend.

Your friend like guys is he gay?
If he likes guys, he is gay or at least bisexual.

Is liam on teen wolf gay?
No, but Mason (Liams friend) is openly gay.

Is Andy Liu gay?
Yes, he is gay, and so is his girl-friend teegan

Is the best friend in 'I Love You Beth Cooper' gay?
No, he is not gay. People asume that he is since he has never had a girlfriend and since he is in drama. But really, he OS just a shy nerd like his best friend Denis. So the answer is that Rich, the best friend, is NOT gay.

How do you know if you are gay and you like your straight friend?
You know you are gay if you have sexual feelings for people of the same gender. If you are gay, and you are attracted to a straight friend, you need to move on. You are only setting yourself up for heartache.

Is there any gay reference to amigo?
The only gay reference to "amigo" is someone thinking its cute and implying that it means gay. The true meaning of AMIGO, is male friend, thus AMIGA= female friend

How can you tell by wrestling with your friend he is gay?
You can not tell if someone is gay by wrestling with them. The only way to know for sure is if they would choose to tell you they are gay. It should not matter anyway, especially if they are your friend, you should accept them for who they are.

Why are you bullshiting?
Because you my friend are gay

How do you make your friend gay?
you can not make any one gay! it is gentic! that beening said you can try out gay sex, but that does not make them gay, only god can make you gay!

Who is Iyaz's best friend?
People figured out that Iyaz's Best Friend is Miley Cyrus they say that Miley Cyrus wrote a Song about a gay Best Friend and she said her Bff is Iyaz so Iyaz is gay and keeping it a secret and before he came famous he was gay then too.

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