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What is the definition of cash disbursement

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A payment of money or simply a payment. Usually, the writing of a check to pay for an item previously obligated to be paid, such as loan payment, 핸드폰소액결제현금화 salary payment or accounts receivable payment.

What is the purpose of a cash disbursement journal?
The cash disbursement journal is used as a record of any cash transactions that a company has made. This is essential in the operations of a business as one could look at the register to see what cash has been paid out.

Cash disbursement journal is used to record?
To record cash payment bill.

What is a cash concentration and disbursement payment?
A taco supreme

What is the definition of the word disbursement?
The word disbursement means to spread out or to dole out. An example would be "The disbursement of the food was fair to everyone in the crowd, and no one left hungry.".

How did Hutton Company uses a sales journal a purchases journal a cash receipts journal a cash disbursement?
check your answer

What is net float?
Definition Sum of disbursement float and collection float.

What are the 3 controls over petty cash?
The major controls over petty cash are the control over safekeeping, approval for disbursement and recociliation.

What is the first disbursement date?
The disbursement date is the earliest day a borrower's financial institution and/or the National Student Loans Service Centre is allowed to negotiate (cash) his/her loan document or grant cheque.

What is the Definition of check disbursement?
A check disbursement is a check written on a specific account to pay for something else. For example, a check written from your savings account to pay for your electric bill.

What is the difference between a cost center and profit center?
cost centre = the department which activities cash disbursement profit centre = the department which activities making cash

Definition of a drawdown loan?
Loan draw down is withdrawing the money as in the disbursement of the loan.

When is a cash disbursement balanced?
open the second & third link of this website: hope you get answer; good luck !

Definition of a cash cash management definition and objectives objectives of managing cash flows?
what is meaning of cash management? what is meaning of cash management? what is meaning of cash management?

What is surplus disbursement?
Good question. I just got a $5,000 dollar check in the mail and not sure if I should cash it. Its titled as a "surplus disbursement". The problem is its coming from my home mortgage company. Why would they have extra money? wouldn't any extra just be applied to the principle?

What is Dividend Disbursement?
Dividend Disbursement

Definition of flexible cash budget?
By definition, a flexible cash budget is a cash budget with wiggle room, in lay terms. It can be adjusted or flexed with varying circumstances as they arise.

On June 1 a Cash balance of 12000 was recorded He deposit 3000 and total disbursements of 16000 what is the cash balance?
Ending balance = opening balance + deposit - disbursement Ending balance = 12000 + 3000 - 16000 Ending balance = -1000

What is disbursement cycle?
when it comes to managing the disbursement cycle, the objective is to: Shorten the Disbursement cycle Lengthen the disbursement cycle Equalize disbursements with receipts Borrow for all disbursements

What is the definition of cash crop?
cash crops are crops selled for cash by the farmer or maker of the crops

Definition of cash take sale?
Take the cash and it will ba sale

Where can you look up the definition of cash flow?
You can look up the definition of cash flow in any encyclopedia.The Merriam-Webster Dictionary will also have the definition in it. It should not be hard to find at all.

Where can you find the a definition of cash flow?
The definition of cash flow can be found on wikipedia or the dictionary. It is defined as the amount of money being transferred in and out of a business.

What is petty cash book?
A petty cash book is a book of vouchers which are prepared each time a disbursement is made from petty cash. The voucher would show the date, amount, recipient, purpose and general ledger account number relating to the expense. The person giving out the petty cash and the person receiving the petty cash would sign the voucher and any supporting documentation (such as receipts) would be attached.

What is the definition of a cash payment?
The definition of a cash payment is a form of liquid funds that is given by a consumer to service and goods providers in return for receiving them. You can learn more about cash payment at the Business Dictionary website.

What is the definition of cash inflow?
Cash inflow - Cash flowing into the business from all sources over a period of time.

What is the definition of Sales Realization?
The definition of sales realization is the conversion of goods, services, and assets into cash. These things are sold to receive cash or other goods.

What is the difference between 'disbursement' and 'reimbursement'?
The difference between disbursement and reimbursement is that with reimbursement a person is getting back every cent they paid in. Disbursement is a set amount or percentage of money paid in.

What are the benefits of the Visa Signature credit card?
The benefits of the Visa Signature credit card are services like the Cardholder Inquiry Service, an Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement.

What is the difference between disbursement and reimbursement?
There is a difference between disbursement and reimbursement. A reimbursement is a disbursement of money owed to a customer equal to the amount spent.

What is disbursement in accounting?
Disbursement relates to money paid out for goods or services.

Example of formal definition?
assets is a property of business either cash or non cash.

What day of the month are food stamps issued in PA?
This varies by the county which you live in. Your county has a corresponding code which you can find on the related link page. Scroll down to find your county, then click the 2012 Disbursement and Corresponding Dates for Cash/SNAP Benefits (PA 1635) link at the top of the page to find what date yours are issued (disbursement date).

Use disbursement in a sentence?
When I rich I am going to be really careful about the disbursement of my money.

What is the definition of Transaction motive?
A desire to hold cash in order to conduct cash-based transactions.

What is definition of CRR?
Cash Register Role

Functions of financial manager? budgeting 2. cash management 3. credit management 4. commercial banking and investment banking relationships 5. dividend disbursement and share repurchases

What is the definition of cash outflow?
Cash outflow: when cash goes out of your business or account. for example: purchase of machinery will lead to cash out flow or sattlement of any debt witll lead to cash outflow.

Definition of 'cash deposit'?
Cash deposits are moneys that are placed into the bank to be kept safe. There are accounts to keep each of these cash deposits.

What is the Easy definition for non accrual accounting?
That would be Cash Basis accounting and the only entries recorded are Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements.

What is the definition of a companys cash flow?
A company's cash flow is the amount of cash (or income) that goes into a business. Cash usually comes from a product or service that a company sells for profit.

Journal entry on disbursement for specific job?
Debit Job account Credit disbursement account

What is the definition of less cash received?
It means minus.

What is the definition of cash?
Actual coin and paper money.

What is more liquid a savings bond or stock shares or certificates of deposit or cash?
By definition, cash is the most liquid.

If your children live with me in pa but their father is a resident of Mississippi does he pay ms child support?
He owes you child support (or to the State, if the child is receiving cash assistance). But he should be paying that through the MS disbursement unit, not to you directly.

What kinds of extras does a visa card offer?
For shopping & Security they offer cardholder inquiry service, emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement, lost/stolen card reporting, no pre-set spending limit.

What is the definition of a cash advance on a credit card?
A cash advance is when you borrow cash against your credit card. When you borrow cash you will usually pay a much higher interest rate than you would for purchases.

How do you make disbursement voucher in Excel?
See related links for an example of a disbursement voucher form in Excel format.

What is a true statement about both eft and split disbursement?
One true statement about eft and split disbursement is that they are mandatory.

What is the definition of reinvestment assumption?
The definition of reinvestment assumption is an assumption made concerning the rate of return that can be earned on the cash flows generated by capital budgeting projects. The cash flow can be interest, earnings, dividends, or rent.

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