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What is harmful food

por Fausto Grier (2019-10-10)

'harmful food' is food that is dangerous, or food that can cause harm to you

How can food be harmful to man?
Food can be harmful to man if you are allergic to the food, if the food is raw (raw bacon, etc.), or if the food has poison in it.

share: Is it harmful to eat burnt food?
No, it is not harmful at all to eat burnt food unless there is some type of plastic burnt on the food item.

share: How are animals harmful?
animals are harmful at times because they can steal your food and carry harmful diseases

share: Is eating burnt food harmful?
Eating burnt food is NOT harmful. The taste just isn't to appealing for most people.

share: Harmful effects of disodium phosphate?
Disodium phosphate is used mainly as a food additive to stabilize food. Used as a food additive it is said not to have any harmful effects.

share: What are harmful effect of genetically modified food to health?
The harmful effects of the genetically modified food to health is that they contain cancerous cells.

share: Why fly is harmful?
flies are harmful because it can get your food dirty and it is like a mosquito

share: How are bacteria helpful or harmful?
they help digest food they are harmful by "attacking" cells

share: Are the effects of photosynthesis beneficial or harmful?
It is not harmful. it is making food forall creatures.

share: Is food harmful to earth when biodegrated?
No it is not harmful because food is biodigratable and when it aborbs in to the soil in makes plants grow. It is good for our earth not bad for it.

share: Is fast food harmful or useful?
Fast food can be both useful and harmful. The harmful parts are that it can make you obese and cause health problems such as clogged arteries, diabetes, and heart disease. The useful parts are that fast food can taste delicious and save money.

share: Which is the most harmful food coloring?
Pink food colouring

share: Are leaf cutter ants harmful or helpful?
There not harmful and not helpful but they digest the leaf into food

share: What food molds are harmful?
Answer: All food molds are harmful. not the cheese one, if you eat any other mold you will die a slow painful death

share: What are the beneficial harmful effects of chemical changes?
useful photosynthesis cooking food process of digestion harmful pollution rusting taking highly acidic food

share: Is microwaved food harmful to your body?
No. Microwaves just excite the water molecules in the good. Once the microwave is done running, it does not leave anything harmful in the food.

share: Is human Maltodextrin harmful to cats?
Maltodextrin is harmful to cats and may even be harmful to some humans. It is a polysaccharide used in human food.

share: Is fungi harmful or useful?
Fungi can be harmful and useful. It can be harmful because it breaks down food and big clumps of mould start appearing on the food and you get atheles foot from it, but it can be useful because certain types of fungi are used in medicene.

share: Why is genetically modified food harmful?
It is not known conclusively whether GMO food is harmful. Many claim that science shows that it is safe and others claim that anecdotal evidence (non study) suggests it is not safe and could be harmful to the environment.

share: What type of food properties allow harmful bacteria to multiply rapidly?
There are various food properties that allow harmful bacteria to multiply rapidly; one being the food is low in acid. Two more are moisture and that the food is high in protein.

share: What is the clostridium perfringens in food handling?
it is a harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

share: Is food colour harmful to children?
No, not at all. It isn't harmful to anyone. (Other than people allergic to it.)

share: Is cheese harmful for dogs?
No it is not harmful. It is one of dogs favorite. There are some recipes for dog food with cheese..

share: Is archaea harmful?
If our body contain any compound that can be used as food for archaea it will be harmful. (((Moustafa Sharamant)))

share: Which food is harmful for your puppy?
chocolate will kill them

share: Food toxicants and their control methods?
Food toxicants are those substances found in food that are harmful to the recipient

share: What does vinegar do to preserve food?
Vinegar is an acid that preserves food by killing harmful bacteria that can spoil food.

share: Why should you not eat food which has fallen on the floor?
When food comes in contact with a surface, it can become covered in potentially harmful bacteria that may make you feel ill or be harmful to your body.

share: Why junk food harmful for us?
its not . Oh yes it is harmful. It makes us fat and liable to heart disease.

share: What happens if harmful bacteria enters the digestive system?
Harmful bacteria can cause food poisoning, vomiting and or diarrhea.

share: Is food coloring harmful to any substances?
yes because the die in the food coloring.

share: Bad effects of food preservation?
In many cases, food preservation is a great thing. However, with the evolution of preserving food, there have been many harmful preservatives invented that make a product last longer, which can sometimes be harmful to your body.

share: Are mouse droppings harmful to dogs?
Mouse droppings, urine, and saliva can be harmful to dogs. Mice that have diseases can contaminate the food so medicating the dog, and replacing the food should be done.

share: What are the harmful effects of microorganisms?
it can cause food poison &

share: What Ways are fungi harmful?
because they spoil food

share: What is the most harmful bacteria found in food?

share: What are the effects of GMO food?
The effects of GMO food is not yet known. Though some say there are no harmful effects, others question that and 카지노사이트 claim there is anecdotal evidence that GMO foods are harmful to health.

share: How are protists helpful and harmful to the environment?
They are helpful by being some for the food. They are harmful by causing disease and they cause bad things.

share: Is Vibrio cholerae helpful or harmful and why?
Vibrio Cholerae is a harmful microorganism because it is transmitted through contaminated food and water.

share: Are cabbage leaves harmful to cats?
Yeah, Feed them cat food, no human food is healthy

share: How can bacteria be harmful to your body?
Bacteria can be harmful to the body if the species of bacteria is a harmful one. It can cause food poisoning, infect wounds, and pollute water. Some harmful types of bacteria are MRSA, E. Coli, and gangrene.

share: Is the amoebas helpful or harmful to humans?
Can be both harmful and helpful. They can be harmful to humans because, many types of amoebas can carry diseases, and some can feed on human tissue. They can get into our body by, contaminated food and contaminated water. Amoebas are also helpful because they are part of the food chain.

share: What causes rotting in food?
A majority of rotting in food is caused by microbes. It is important to understand that most rotting organisms are not harmful to humans, they only make the food taste bad, but there are harmful molds and bacteria that do not rot the food. Therefore, food that doesn't smell, look, or taste spoiled could be harmful, and rotten food may just taste bad. This doesn't mean anyone should consume rotten food, because the likelihood of... Read More

share: What are the harmful disease for genetically modified food?
No harmful diseases are known to be caused from GMO foods, although some believe some studies point to possible harmful effects of eating them.

share: Harmful effects of flies?
Flies can have various harmful effects on humans. For example, they may give birth to maggots in food and contaminate it.

share: What are the aims and objectives of cooking food?
Cooking food makes it easier to digest, kills harmful bacteria in the food, and makes the food taste better

share: Why do you need to study food safety?
we need to study food safety so we know what food can give nourishment into our body and what food can be harmful into our body.

share: What are the harmful effects of junk food on teeth?
junk food effects teeth because because junk food has a bunch of sucrose in it

share: Why are rats harmful to humans?
because they destroyed food and clothes.....

share: What is a harmful thing that processed food contains?
bacteris and preservatives

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