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Is the legal payment date the date the transaction is initiated or the date the payee receives the payment

por Lina Rand (2019-10-14)

The legal payment due date is the date specified in the contract. The actual payment date is the date the payment is initiated by the payor unless specified otherwise in the contract.

How many pennies can you legally use per transaction?
There is no legal limit; however, some companies may have a policy limiting the forms of payment, or the amount of change, that they will accept.

Is daily cash transactions legal?
yes it is legal for daily transaction

What is bond washing transaction?
A bond-washing transaction is a transaction where securities are sold sometime before the due date of interest and reacquired after the due date is over. This practice is adopted by persons in the higher income group to avoid tax by transferring the securities to their relatives/friends in the lower income group just before the due date of payment of interest. In such a case, interest would be taxable in the hands of the transferee, who...

What is legal tender money?
a legal medium of payment

Is it legal for an online store to cancel an order 36 hours after it was confirmed and you already have a receipt?
Yes, it's legal for a store to cancel a transaction if there's a legitimate reason, such as the payment method won't go through or the item is out of stock or discontinued. If you weren't given a reason for the cancellation, call their customer service center and ask why it was.

Is it legal for a cashier to refuse to accept coins in payment for goods or services?
The coins are legal tender for 핸드폰소액결제현금화 debts public and private. It is not legal to refuse coins for payment for goods and services.

What is the meaning of the legal term 'originating motion'?
proceedings initiated at outset

What in legal terms is a payment ex gratia?
Ex Gratia means "by favor". In legal terms, this is a payment made by a company or employer when no payment is obligated. The payment is not made because a person is employed by the company and is unconnected to the services the company provides.

What is the difference between inter-company and intra-company?
Inter company transaction is between two or more related legal entities while intra company transaction is within the same legal entity.

What does legal tender mean in money terms?
LEGAL TENDER MONEY: A legal medium of payment.

What is required on a bill of sale to make it legal?
A bill of sale should have the signatures of both parties in the transaction. It should also have the date of the transaction and a liability clause.

What is notarize for?
a legal witness to attest that a transaction has taken place between people.

What is the legal mimimum payment to sibling in a will?
There is no such thing as a minimum payment. There is no requirement that anything be left to a sibling.

What is meant by saying a proposed payment is legal?
Simply that the payment is not specifically prohibited by Federal law

Is it legal to refuse cash as payment in America?
Depends. If the cash payment is the payment of debt, then the payment cannot be refused, as long as the money is still legal tender. Cents stop being legal tender after a certain amount, which is why you cannot try to pay a debt using 10,000 cents for example, this can be legally refused. If it's payment in a shop, a shop has the right to refuse service to anyone as long as it is...

Who is a third party purchaser in a real estate transaction?
An outsider with no legal interest in the property.

Why is prostitution legal in Rhode Island?
Prostitution is legal in Rhode Island only if the transaction occurs entirely in private. Street prostitition is illegal.

What is the meaning of Ex gartia payment?
In law, an ex gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognizing any liability or legal obligation.

Who can enter into contract?
Two or more people of sound mind and legal age at the time the contract is initiated.

If you change your mind after consulting with an attorney and agreeing to his services can you stop payment on the check before he takes any action in the case?
NEVER stop payment on a check that has been rendered for services or goods. Stopping payment on a valid business transaction (especially one where a contract has been signed), is illegal and can cause serious legal problems for the individual who wrote the check. Contact the attorney and inform he or she that you do not wish to have them represent you in the matter. The terms of the agreement you entered into will determine...

What is realization concept?
The realization concept and convention is an important concept in accounting. It basically means that accounts recognize transactions and any profits arising from it at the point of sale or transfer of legal ownership. They do not just recognize the transactions when cash exchanges hands, but also when the transaction occurs at the point of sale, and this is when the transaction becomes legal, as it does not just become legal when the money is...

How do you you sell and transfer a land deed in another state?
You hire an attorney in the other state to handle the transaction for you, or, you hire a local attorney who has a contact in that other state. Deeds should be drafted by legal professionals. You hire an attorney in the other state to handle the transaction for you, or, you hire a local attorney who has a contact in that other state. Deeds should be drafted by legal professionals. You hire an attorney in...

Is it legal to enter into an employment agreement in California where the employee receives no compensation for working the first 6 months of employment?
It is not legal.

You refused to take advocate's legal notice Will they take action against you?
No. There is no immediate action for not taking advocates legal notice but there is every possibility legal proceedings may be initiated against you in the appropriate court of law.

Is downloding legal?
If it is offering something that you usually get for free for very little or no payment, it will usually not be legal

What does foreclousre mean?
legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess a house or another property due to a loan in default.

Can a customer stop payment on a credit card transaction?
In short, the answer is NO. A customer cannot stop payment on a credit card once you have authorised it, i.e. put in the pin number on the card machine or clicked the 'payment' button on an internet shopping site, in the way you can stop payment from say a cheque. However, you can rise a 'dispute' over your purchase/order after the payment has gone through under certain conditions, like if the company was dubious...

Is it legal for a credit card debt collection co to ask for payment over the telephone then ask you for your routing number and checking account information?
It's completely legal, if you've agreed to make a check payment over the phone. They can't take the payment without that information.

What is the purpose of the Statue of Limitations?
A Statue of Limitations is an enactment in a common law legal system that sets the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated.

What are legal transactions?
A legal transaction is a binding agreement by two or more parties. Who, for the sake of preventing a long drawn out process, choose to agree on a set circumstance.

Is it legal to round the payment for 1 and 2 cents?
No it is illegal.

Is it legal to download a TV Series if it is impossible to obtain through transaction in your own country?
most likely not

Is it legal to stop payment on a check that is going to overdraw your account?
It is legal to do so as long as the reason for writing the check in the first place was not fraudulent, and as long as you promptly take other means to make good on the payment.

What is meant by the term Australian legal tender?
From "The Reserve Bank of Australia" website has this; website LEGAL TENDER The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines legal tender as "currency that cannot legally be refused in payment of debt (usually up to a limited amount for baser coins, etc.)". It is the Bank's understanding that, although Australian currency has legal tender status, it does not necessarily have to be used in transactions. Under the legal tender provisions of the Currency Act 1965 and the...

Is it legal to put stop payment o a check?
Yes. It is perfectly legal for the person who issued the check to put a stop payment on it. However, if the check was issued to pay for some goods or services offered by someone or for a loan, the receiving entity also has a legal claim and hence can file a police complaint against you for not making the payment. So, you need to talk to the person to whom you gave the check...

Is it legal for the lender to repossess a vehicle after you made arrangements and they accepted a payment?
it is legal, until it is paid for 100% and you have a title it belongs to them.

What constitutes legal tender?
Legal tender is any kind of money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts.

Legal tender money?
Legal tender money is the valid medium of payment allowed by a country's legal system to be used during exchange of goods and services.

Who is responsible to ensure a legal government credit card transaction occurs when making a purchase?
using card holder.

Is it legal to own an airband radio?
Yes, it's legal to own a radio that receives those frequencies, but it is not legal to transmit on those frequencies without the appropriate FCC license or permit.

Are coins and checks legal tender?
coins are legal tender personal checks, credit cards, and similar non-cash methods of payment are not usually legal tender

Is the money that a creditor must by law accept in payment of debts?
Legal Tender.

What is the legal effect of a decision by the Supreme Court of Canada?
ask mr payment

Responsibilities of voucher certification include verifying that the payment is?
legal, proper, and correct

In a property transaction the home owner increasingly has a legal responsibility to?
disclose all information on the home's condition to interested buyers.

What exactly is a real estate lawyer?
Real estate lawyers generally help to build the legal aspects of a real estate transaction, either a sale or rent, and also help to settle disputes that may arise during the transaction.

Is it legal for a car dealer to repossess a vehicle after 27 days late on payment?
Depends on your jurisdiction. If you're late on a payment for just 1 month, it's legal for the car dealer to repossess your vehicle, but 27 days seems a bit uncalled for.

What is 'Legal Tender'?
Legal Tender is a forced tender payment that should be not refused in settlement of a debt. website

What is the legal age limit to make a car payment?
Any age you would like, but you normally must be 18 to enter in to a legal contract.

In Australia is one obliged to accept Australian currency in payment?
Yes - this is what "legal tender" means. The Australian dollar is legal tender in Australia.

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