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What nationality was Paul Cezanne? -

por Dora Everett (2019-10-24)

Hec was French, from toeic aix-en-Provence.

What things did Paul cezanne do?
Paul Cezanne is a painter. His style is impression.

What country did Paul Cezanne study?
Paul Cezanne studied in France

What country did Paul Cezanne live in?
Paul Cezanne lived in France.

What is Cezanne famous for?
Paul Cezanne was a painter.

What type of style does Paul Cezanne use?
Paul cezanne is a post imoressionist

What kind of paintings are from Paul Cezanne?
There are many paintings that are from Paul Cezanne. Paul Cezanne created paintings that used repetitive and exploratory brushstrokes that are highly recognizable.

When did paul cezanne stop painting?
It is not known when Paul Cezanne stopped painting. Paul Cezanne died in 1906 and painted over 200 still-life compositions.

What kind of work does Paul Cezanne do?
Paul Cezanne is one of many great artist in the world his most famous art is the Still Life with Apples by Paul Cezanne.

What does Paul Cezanne tie in from portraits and landscapes?
Paul Cezanne is the best artist besides DeVici

What was Paul Cezanne's father called?
Paul Cezanne father is named Louis-Auguste Cezanne

The model in Paul Cezanne Spirit of the dead watching is?
Cezanne painted no such painting. Paul Gauguin did, though.

What is paul cezanne fathers name?
his name was Louis-Auguste Cezanne

Was Paul Cezanne a good person?
Paul Cezanne was a good person but sometimes liked to hang out a LITTLE BIT

All about paul cezanne?
Paul Cezanne was born on January 19TH 1839 ,in France and unfortunately passed away in October 22ND 1906. Paul Cezanne was known to paint still life's and is a French painter .

When did Paul Cezanne begin to paint?
Paul Cezanne began to paint briskly after the sudden death of his pet mouse, Bojangles. This was in 1781, way before Cezanne himself was born.

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