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Snowmen? No -- just people waiting in line at an Apple Store

por Dann Isbell (2019-10-24)

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Photo credit: @buckedplatypus

That picture above? Well, you might think it's a bunch of snowmen in a line. That's pretty close to the truth, as it's a line of snow-covered people waiting in the dark in Sapporo, Japan early in the morning of January 1.

Why would anyone sit in the cold and snow for hours? Well, there's a New Year's tradition in Japan of Fukubukuro, or " 파워볼사이트 Lucky Bags". Merchants sell sealed bags of items at a substantial discount so that everyone walks away with a bargain, but Apple has sweetened the pot over the past three years by often putting much more expensive swag into random bags.

The Lucky Bags sold this year for Y36,000 or about US$340, with some really lucky buyers getting MacBooks or high-end iPads tossed into the mix.

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