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Building Your Brand With Twitter Influencer Marketing

por Luciana Horgan (2019-10-24)

Social media is the way forward for brands and businesses.It is the present and future of marketing, and the number one way in today's smartphone-obsessed society to generate high volumes of quality traffic, loyal fans, and targeted leads. A full scope marketing campaign would ideally combine word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) with peer to peer word-of-mouth-related activities like social media, in order to leverage global marketing efforts.

What kinds of results do these marketing strategies generate? On average WOMM result in 3 to 5 times higher conversion rates than other marketing avenues. Combined with social media marketing (SMM) with a substantial audience is a strong push for ROI. The two together create a snowball effect and feed off of one another; social followers become clients who contribute to word-of-mouth, and visa-versa.

Twitter is one of the most powerful ways to leverage this type of combined marketing strategy. Word of mouth of course extends beyond current and potential customers. Influencers are the single most effective source of WOM marketing today, and a twitter influencer outreach program will drive exceptional results for 온라인슬롯추천 your business.

Why is that? Well, targeting twitter fans directly is not necessarily beneficial, efficient or effective and most businesses find that looking outside of their targeted audience pays off dividends. In comes the Influencer. Leveraging the social Klout and massive following of an Influencer Marketer on twitter is an extremely effective way to break down the barriers of traditional, one-dimensional marketing, build customer loyalty, all on a mass scale.

Sure, you would love to speak directly to your customers and followers, and you should. Keep in mind, however, that even though you may have large number of followers on twitter, what matters the most is how influential you are there (klout, etc). In a nutshell, it is about building a community of people who are passionate about your industry and eventually become passionate about your brand. Influencer marketers are the people who have built followings massive enough to do this for you, and they exist in every niche imaginable.

These days, celebrity twitter and Facebook endorsements of products and services may be the most commonly recognized influencer marketing tactics. Cost-prohibitive for small business, social media influencers with thriving communities are likely to capture your customer's ear without all the fuss or impossible fees.

How do you connect with such influencers? The easiest and quickest way to build a relevant twitter community is to have strategic partnership with an influencer marketing company. Influencer marketing companies are the matchmakers between businesses and social media influencers. They can increase your chances of securing a strong influencer relationship, a solid influencer marketing campaign, which will in turn boost your likelihood of reaching your customers in an engaging way that results in major payoffs.

You won't even remember your minor initial investment to engage an influencer marketing campaign on twitter or any other social platform, because in no time the campaign will bring you tremendous ROI.

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