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NHL updates its website and apps to deliver more video clips and stats

por Terrell Fowler (2019-10-25)

-text c-gray-1" >ESPN+ may be Disney's powerhouse in the world of sports streaming, but options for sport-specific services are growing as well. Hockey enthusiasts can watch games and get info on their favorite teams and players through the NHL site and app, both of which are getting a makeover to show more of the information that hardcore fans love to see.

The updates to NHL app's Gamecenter will show data and highlights in pre-game, live and post-game views, while the homepage has been redesigned to make it easier to find games, scores and team information.

There are more features planned for future rollout, including personalization options on the NHL homepage and interactive data visualizations coming later this season.

If you want to stream matches through either the app or the website, you'll need a subscription to NHL.TV which offers a variety of packages for watching games live or on demand. You can sign up within the app or via the website, and the service can also be streamed through different platforms like iOS, tvOS, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV and tablets and Google Chromecast.

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