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What were the reasons the bomb should have been used on Japan

por Jamel Rodriguez (2019-10-26)

We spent money to build it so it was ready to be used

Reasons why the bomb was dropped on japan?
To end the war.

What was one of the reasons why we dropped the bomb on japan?
To end WWII.

Why did the US decide to use the atomic bomb on japan?
There were several reasons. They knew an invasion was impossible, they wanted to test the bomb in cities that hadn't been war torn, and it was felt the Japanese would surrender.

What are reasons for dropping the atomic bomb?
To "convince" Japan to surrender in WWII.

Should the atomic bomb have been dropped on Japan?
Atom bomb should not have been dropped. it was still a prototype and had seemed like a good way to end world war 2 . It worked but at a great cost and much suffering

Do you feel japan should have been warned before the atomic bomb was dropped?
Absolutely not, they might have attempted to shoot down the strike planes and captured a bomb.

What reasons did the united states give for using the atomic bomb on japan?
Japan bombed Hawaii. (pearl harbor)

What are reasons why the US should have dropped the atomic bomb?
Because it saved hundreds of thousands of American lives and Millions of Japanese lives by not having to invade mainland Japan

What are the two main reasons Harry Truman dropped the atom bomb on japan?
End the war with japan and to scare the Soviets.

What were reasons for the use of the atomic bomb against japan?
To bring about the quickest end to the war.

What were the main reasons for and against using the atomic bomb on Japan in World War 2?
to end the war and cos japan dropped a bomb in the us on perl harbor,so that's th reason!

Why would the US not drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan?
japan do not want to surender so usa have no choice then drop the atomic bomb so japan been forced to surendered . note : atomic have kill half of japan population ( not nulclear bomb ) :) .

What were the two main reasons that the US decided to drop the atomic bomb on japan?
Because a mainland invasion would have been very costly, and the US wanted to test their new toy.

What were three reasons against dropping the atomic bomb?
There are many reasons against dropping the bombs on Japan. one reason is that the bomb killed many civilians and also it caused long term damage to the soil and it was considered to be a war crime.

What are three major reasons for the US not to bomb Japan during World War 2?
it would kill many people

How did the Korean War add to the Race for the SUPER BOMB?
The atomic bomb had already been used against Japan in 1945

What reasons did Truman have to drop the atomic bombs on japan?
since the Japanese Army was actually doing Kamikaza, which means japanese sucide bomb attacks, on the United States Navy. Truman had no other choice to to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan since they refuse to surrender regardless of how Truman explained to them how deadly the bomb is.

Should America drop the bomb on japan?

Should America have dropped the bomb on japan?
yes the reason why they have bomb America for a long time so there was a taste of there own medicine

What are the reasons America gave for dropping the atomic bomb over Hiroshima in 1945?
== == It was an effort to convince Japan to surrender during WWII

Should you bomb Japan again?
No. Bombing Japan or any other nation without being provoked would not be constructive.

Why was the atom bomb used on Japan?
Because the invasion of Japan would have been too costly in terms of human life, and the U.S wanted to see the power of the atomic bomb, that's why he dropped the bomb on a city that wasn't touched by previous bombing.

Why the atomic bomb should not have been used against japan?
The use of atomic weapons against other human beings set a precedence that is in direct contradiction of the "Moral Imperative" .

What use is the atom bomb to the US?
-Reasons to use the Atomic Bomb. Saves lives Saves money Saves time Revenge of Pearl Harbor Keep Russians out of Japan, preventing them from getting Manchuria.

Why did the U.S. government debate about whether to use atomic bomb on Japan?
I don't think there was a debate about whether to use the atomic bomb on Japan. Once the bomb became available the U.S. gave the Japanese an opportunity to surrender or suffer awful destruction. They declined and, with many U.S. solders' lives in the balance, President Harry Truman gave the order to use the bomb. Since then, there have been many morning after debates about whether we should have done it.

Should Japan have bombed pearl herbor?
Many people have different opinions on this topic. If you want to know the answer, you need to read information on Pearl Harbor and decide what your opinion on it is. Then you can decide if Japan should have bombed Pearl Harbor. Personally, I think they had good reasons to bomb Pearl Harbor. If you want to understand more, click this WikiAnswers link that should be helpful. website

What are reasons why if you dropped the atomic bomb on Japan than you could get even with them?
The United States was attacked without previous notice. That is all they needed.

What were the reasons given by Roosevelt as to why the atomic bomb was dropped in japan?
Probably nothing seeing as he was dead when Truman decided to drop Fat Man and Little Boy on Japan. Truman dropped the bomb because he was faced with the decision to launch a costly (In terms of lives) invasion of the Japanese mainland or drop the bomb. The Japanese were not keen on surrender or retreat as it was considered shameful.

Reason for not using the atomic bomb?
If the tested bomb had not worked it is likely they would have tried dropping the other bombs. If Japan had surrender prior to the dates the bombs were to be dropped then the bombs would not have been dropped on Japan.

Why was the atomic bomb created?
To save millions more lives that would have been spent in a drawn out conventional war with imperial Japan, the scientists in the United States (ahead of Nazi Germany, who was also working on the atomic bomb) created the bomb to escalate the war with Japan. They ignored the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima, but the Empire of Japan decided they could not win and surrendered to the US shortly after a second bomb was...

Did Japan deserve the bomb?
Nobody "deserves" this. However, in war people have to make judgement calls and the US president of the day decided that use of the bomb on Japan was justified because it would save many American and allied lives (that would have been lost if Japan had been invaded in a conventional manner to end the war).

Why did they make the nuclear bomb?
The US, working with the British, developed the atomic bomb, as it was then called, because it was believed that Nazi Germany was well on the way to making one and it was necessary to be able to match them if they began to use, or threatened to use, such a weapon. As it turned out, the Germans had not been able to overcome technical as well as political problems and were never near to...

What were some alternatives to dropping the atomic bomb?
Something peaceful would never have worked. The Japanese people thought their Emperor to be almost god-like and it took an atomic bomb to wake them up. We also rebuilt their cities after we destroyed it. I have been to Japan and have heard the older people come and tell me they are not upset with America over the atomic bomb. They were sad to lose all of those people, but it sent a powerful message...

Was it justified to drop an atomic bomb on japan?
No, it was not justified to drop an atomic bomb on Japan

What are President Truman's reasons for dropping the the atomic bomb?
After the dropping of the two A-Bombs on Japan, there was relief that the war was over. However, after several years, questions began to be asked as to the wisdom and morality of having used the atom bombs. Truman and his supporters justified his order to drop the bombs claiming it had actually been a humane act since millions of Japanese and Americans would have been killed if the United States had invaded Japan instead...

What two reasons President Truman decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan?
1. Japan refused to surrender 2. Invading the Japanese mainland was projected to cost the lives of 1 million Allied soldiers.

What are the effects of the atomic bomb in japan?
The affects of the atomic bomb in Japan was very bad. Japan lost a lot of people. About 30% of Japanese people dies and about the same amount was injured. Even the some survivors died because of the radiation of the atomic bomb. But also, the radiation of the atomic bomb cause hair loss and certain cancers. It should also be noted that the Hiroshima bomb had the power of 15 kilotons ( 15.000 tons...

Did japan bomb pearl harbor with an atom bomb?
No. They didn't have any atom bomb at that time. The US had and atom-bombed Japan.

What are three major reasons for the US to bomb Japan during World War 2?
The three major reasons for the US to bomb Japan during WW 2 are: 1) The Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor PRIOR to a declaration of war. 2) The Bataan Death March. 3) Japanese treatment of civilian internees & women from Korea. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What were good reasons for dropping the bomb on Nagasaki?
Two resions are, 1) Shortly after, Japan surrendered! 2) It was a one way fight, we were fighting, and 휴대폰소액결제현금화 not getting hurt.

What were the united state's reasons or motivation for using the atomic bomb on japan?
The decision was the President's. He stated that he wanted to put an end to Japan's capacity to go to war.

Would the US have used nuclear bomb on Japan if the population of Japan were Europeans?
We can never know for certain as that is not the case. However had the Nazies been able to continue fighting or had the bombs been ready before the Nazi surrender, I believe there is a good chance the first atomic bomb would have been dropped in Germany instead of Japan. But this is also not the case as they surrendered before the atomic bomb was available. Counterfactual History can be fun to think about...

Has America ever said sorry to Japan for dropping a nuclear bomb on them?
No, but Japan has never been able to apologize meaningfully for making it necessary, either.

Why was it right to use the atomic bomb?
I believe it was right, yet unright, to use the atomic bomb in World War 2. On one hand, it quickly stopped the war, we would not have to involve ourselves in a bloody invasion of the home islands, and it made the U.S.A. look stronger. But on the other, there have been almost 500,000 deaths because of it, there have been uprisings of revisionists, and we could have waited to see if the invasion...

Why the us should not have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?
Opinions differ on this. The bomb did kill a lot of civilians. However, it was an order of magnitude fewer than the official US military predictions of the number of Japanese civilians that would have been killed in a conventional invasion, so in a sort of twisted way, the bomb was actually a more humane choice.

How did the atomic bomb result in japan?
It didn't. Japan existed long before the atomic bomb

How did Japan feel after the atomic bomb?
After the a-bomb japan ha no hope. They surrendered the next day.

Was Japan warned of the atomic bomb?
Indeed, leaflets were scattered over japan warnig about the bomb.

What plains did you use to bomb japan on December 7?
Pearl Harbor didn't bomb Japan.

Who was the leader of japan when the atomic bomb dropped?
shigandi was the ruler of japan when the bomb was dropped on japan during ww2 ...... ........ shigandi hahahahahahaha

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