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In what food chain would cheetahs find their food

por Rosalyn Benson (2019-10-29)

the food chain that they can find their food is in the predator food chain

Do any animals feed on the cheetahs food chain?
No, but cheetahs feed on our food chain ;)

share: What is the food web for cheetahs?
What is the cheetahs food chain?

share: What is the cheetah's position in the food chain?
Cheetahs are carnivores, high on the food chain.

share: How would it effect the food chain if the cheetah went extinct?
there would become an overpopulation of the prey of cheetahs

share: What part of the food chain are cheetahs in?
Cheetahs are apex predators - at the top of the food chain. They are generally secondary consumers and eat primary consumers, such as gazelles.

share: Are cheetahs important?
yep. food chain.

share: Can cheetahs live in Antarctica?
There is no food chain for cheetahs in Antarctica, and it's too cold for them there.

share: How do cheetahs meet their needs?
Hunting for food and being the top of the food chain

share: Where does cheetah fit in a food web or food chain?
cheetahs are carnivores or a consumer

share: How do cheetahs help their environment?
the cheetahs help the environment by keeping the life cycle or food chain in order

share: Food chain for cheetahs?
the cheetah eats all cindes of dear.

share: Should you kill out the cheetahs?
no because we need all animals even if they are bad .. not saying that cheetahs are bad but we still need all of them. it would destroy the animal kingdom and the food chain. this might help

share: Why are cheetahs on the earth?
To protect its baby cheetahs and it is a big part of the food chain. I asked this question because of a school project!

share: What role do cheetahs play in their environment?
they play their role in the food chain. if there are no more cheetahs, the gazelles and other animals that the cheetahs eat will overpopulate. Cheetahs are very important. they deserve to live.

share: How does a cheetah find or catch its food?
Cheetahs find food by hunting for prey such as gazelles. Cheetahs are very flexible and dangerous.

share: What 2 food chains would a cheetah live in?
the predator, and prey food chains, it fits in the predator food chain because it eats other animals, it fits in the prey food chain because it gets eaten by some types of animals, the animals thaat eat cheetahs of course.

share: What would happen to an ecosystem if one part of the food chain disappeared?
the food chain would get ruined or the animals would find something else to eat if they were lucky

share: How does a cheetha find food?
Cheetahs hunt for food

share: Could you find a food chain that has 10 organisms?
No. That would be in a food web.

share: Is a lion part of the food chain?
Every living thing is part of one food chain or another. A lion is the top predator in its food chain, and in the African savanna food web, it is at the same level as hunting dogs, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas

share: How do cheetahs protect itself from preators?
They don't have predators since they are at the top of the food chain.

share: What if there were no more producers in the food chain?
Everything in the food chain would eventually die unless they could find a new producer.

share: Why would it be rare to find food chain?
they sunk with atlantis.

share: Who kills cheetahs?
A cheetah is one of the few animals almost at the very top of the food chain. Human beings are the one that that kill cheetahs on a regular basis.

share: What is chetas predators?
Well, first of all there are two E's in cheetahs and no there are no predators foe the cheetahs because it is on top of the food chain. But when a cheetah dies the decomposers decompose it.

share: Where would you find the gaboon viper on the food chain?
it is near the top

share: What level of a food chain would you find a decomposer?
Bacteria or Fungi?

share: Do cheetahs have any usefulness or attractiveness to humans?
Cheetahs are an important part of the food chain and therefore are useful. They are also some of the most fascinating wild animals to watch in the wild.

share: How would a bat find food in Antarctica?
A bat looking for food in Antarctica would starve to death, because there is none -- no food chain on the continent.

share: What is the cheetahs food chain?
Sun shines --> grass grows --> gazelle/antelope eat grass --> cheetah eats gazelle/antelope The above food chain is incredibly simple but it's basically how it works.

share: Do tigers have any enemies?
no they dont really have any enemies. Because they are at the top of the food chain, the only thing they have is competition, and that would be lions, and most likely lepards and cheetahs too.

share: What stage of the food chain would you find a producer?
the bottom. producers are plants.

share: Would you be likely to find a food chain containing 10 links?
you answer the questiojn

share: 온라인카지노 Where can you find a piranha food chain. Or a food chain with a piranha in it?
the piranha cannot be at the end of the food chain.

share: If 1 organism is removed from a food chain what will happen to the number of organism before it?
This is a hard queston I would think that the animals before it would have to find a new food source or die out them selves but this is why a food web is more real world than a food chain in the food chain anything after the one that some how just went away they would die off as well

share: What eats a cheetah?
Nothing. Unless you killed one for the purpose of eating it, it is at the top of the food chain. loin eats cheetahs.

share: What will happen to the organisms in a food chain if the producer is taken out of the chain?
Without the producer, all organisms in that food chain would have to find another producer, or they would die. For instance, pandas are an endangered species because they only eat bamboo shoots. When they cannot find enough bamboo shoots, they are not able to successfully switch to another plant for food. The producers (plants) make the food. All other organisms consume the food, either directly by eating plants, or indirectly by eating other animals. Without... Read More

share: What effect would a drop in the size of the of the krill population have on the Antarctic food web and why?
Euphasia superba, Antarctic krill, are the base of the food chain in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica. Any decline in their population would mean that the remainder of the food chain would be forced into warmer water to find food.

share: If an animal from food chain is disappeared then what will be its effect on the food chain?
it would effect the food chain because one part of the food chain is missing

share: In a food chain where would the grasshopper be?
in a food chain the grasshopper would be the primary consumer.second in the food chain! Grass ----> Grasshopper ----> Toad ----> Snake ----> Hawk

share: Why would it be extremely rare to find a food chain with nine links in it?
because energy has to travel up the food chain, and by the 9th link there is very little energy for the animal to use

share: Where to find a picture of a food chain?
go to google images and type in food chain or every food chain hope it works!!!!!3

share: If a mouse was out of the food chain what would happen to the owl and the mouse?
if the mouse was taken out of the food chain, either the people that madepoptropica would have to find something to replace it or it would be impossible to become friends with the owl so there would be no point of the owl so they would propably get rid of the owl. that is my answer

share: What food chain doesn't start with the sun?
I have a homework that is to find a food chain that doesn't start with the sun, but so far I can't find anything. EVERY single food chain starts with the sun...

share: What would happen if the Australian sea lion became extinct?
The consumer in the food chain/web that eats the Austalian sea lion would be forced to find other food. If that consumer can't find other food then it would extinct as wel. And so on...

share: What would happen if there are no animals in a food chain?
Then there is no food chain anymore.

share: What is the first level of a food chain?
The first level of a food chain should always be a producer of some sort, such as a tree or plant. It is the start of the food chain - and without it, the entire food chain would fall apart and into pieces; as it would disrupt the order of the levels in a food chain.

share: Would you find penguins or polar bears in antarctica?
You would find penguins, which are sea birds. There is no food chain on the Antarctic continent to support polar bears.

share: What is cheetahs competition for food?
Cheetahs competition would be lions, tigers, and hyenas since they all live in the same area.

share: Food chain and different parts of the food chain?
a food chain is a chain wich u can use to find out what eats what e.g. preditor=lion prey=bird end=seeds...

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