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How To Edit Bound Documents

por Yukiko Bertram (2019-10-30)

Have you ever took the time to bind your documents, only to realize that you need to edit them? If so, don't worry because there are ways to do so. Just locate your binding method below and read the directions:

Plastic comb binding. If you bound your work with a plastic comb, editing it will be really easy. Just place the document back on your machine's comb opener and open the comb. Add and/or delete the necessary pages and then close the comb to finish the job.

Coil and wire binding. Coils and wire spines can make any document look great. However, it can be difficult to edit work bound with these implements because you will basically just need to re-bind the book. To remove a wire spine from your document, grab one end of the spine and pull. The wire should come loose so you can make your changes and rebind the document. If you used a coil to bind your book, clip the coil's ends and then spin it out of your document. You will need to use a new coil to re-bind the book after it's been edited. Don't forget to crimp the ends of the new coil to secure the binding.

GBC ZipBind and ProClick spines. If you used one of these popular spines from GBC, it will be really easy to edit your book. Locate the zipper-like tool that came with the spines and slide it under the spine's teeth. The spine will open up so you can make your changes. When you are done, use the tool to close the spine.

VeloBind and SureBind. The easiest way to edit work bound with VeloBind and SureBind supplies is by using the VeloBind debinder tool. The debinder tool has a razor blade in it that can cut through VeloBind and SureBind strips that have been secured with a hot knife system. Just cut the teeth on the strip and then edit your work as necessary. You will need to re-bind the document afterward.

Thermal binding. A lot of people think it's impossible to edit a book bound with a thermal binding machine. Luckily, that's not the case. Warm up your binding machine and place your document in the device. After the adhesive has warmed up, 바카라 gently grasp the pages you want to remove and tug on them. They should come out pretty easily. Be sure to let the document cool off before you use it again. Finally, if you want to add pages to your work, place them in the document before you stick it in the machine. When the document has been re-bound, tap it against a hard surface to settle the pages and let it cool off.

Editing your bound documents isn't that difficult, as you can tell by reading the above list. Of course, with several of these methods you will need to re-bind your documents, so it's a good idea to proofread your work beforehand so you won't need to edit it. And if you think will need to regularly make changes to your documents, comb binding is a great method to use. (GBC ZipBind and ProClick spines are helpful as well.) Good luck and happy binding!