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What is the homophones for sail

por Jeannie Panos (2019-10-30)

sale as in "bake sale" or"for sale" is the homophone of sail as in "sail boat" /

Is sale and sail a synonym?
no, they're homophones

Can you give 1 sentence using the homophones sale and sail?
I am putting my sail boat up for sale.

What is one sentence using the homophones sale and sail?
I was going to sail on Sunday, but I stayed at the shoe sale too long and missed my chance. She had such a good eye that she could sail through the antique store and find a treasure on sale for pennies.

Can you give me 5 examples of homophones?
sail sale too two see sea weight wait beet beat

What homophones start with the letter S?
Slay/sleigh, Sale/sail, Site/sight, Slight/sleight, Sent/scent

What are homophones for their?
There are two homophones for "their": there and they're.

Homophones for wait?
homophones for wait

What is the homophones of hello?
there are no homophones of hello

What are some homophones for romantic?
There are no common homophones that include synonyms for romantic. There are the homophones sweet (taste or personality) and suite, and the homophones beau (suitor) and bow (weapon or decoration).

What are two homophones for their?
"There" and "They're" are two homophones for their.

What are homophones for ware?
Homophones for "ware" are "wear" and "where."

How many homophones relate to there?
The homophones for there are they're and their.

What is the homophones of walk?
Wok is the homophones of walk.

What are some homophones for there?
Some homophones for there are their and they're.

How do you make homophones using letter a?
You don't make homophones. Two words are homophones if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning, spelling or both (e.g. bare and bear) Some words are homophones some are not. aid and aide are homophones that start with 'a'.

Is moan and mown synonyms antonyms or homophones?
They are homophones.

What are the homophones for their?
The homophones for their is there as in over there they're as in they're (or they are) happy

Are weather and whether homophones?
Yes i think it is homophones

Is there homophones for bizarre?
Yes bizarre and bazaar are homophones.

What are the homophones opposite of yes and to understand?
The answer is no and know, which are homophones.

What are the homophones for bite?
Byte and bight are homophones for bite.

What are homophones for hoard?
Homophones for hoard include horde and whored.

Are there homophones in the French language?
Yes. There are homophones in the French language.

Are who's and whose homophones?
Yes, who's and whose are homophones.

Two homophones for pear?
Two homophones for "pear" are "pare" and "pair."

Are Eggos and Legos homophones?
No, 더킹카지노 Eggos and Legos are rhyming words, but not homophones.

Are kernel and colonel synonyms antonyms or homophones?
Kernel and Colonel are Homophones.

What is the difference between feel and fill the homophones?
"Feel" and "fill" are not homophones.

Are there any homophones for there?
there are two homophones for "there". there is "their" as in it is their toy. there is "they're"wich means they are.

What are the three homophones for pair?
pair, pare, pear and pere are homophones

What are the rules of homophones?
Homophones sound the same, but they have different definitions and their spelling is different.

Complete the following sentence. Weather and are homophones.?
Weather and whether area homophones.

Are new and knew homophones?
Yes, new and knew are homophones because they are said the same!

10 examples of homophones with meanings?
yes i wanted 10 homophones with the meaning and difference.

How many homophones are there?
There are over 7,700 homophones in the English language, and people are still searching for more. When all the searching is done we estimate there will be somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 homophones.

What are all the homophones in the English language?
There are many homophones in English. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings. Examples of homophones in English: to, two, too; pear, pare, pair; I eye, aye; bear, bare; row, roe; dear, deer. see, sea.

Where can you find more homophones?
To find lists of homophones, please refer to the "Related Links" below. homophones: noun: definition: words that are pronounced and sound the same, but are different in spelling and meaning.

What is shown and shone?
Shown and shone are homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same, but that have different meanings.

What are homophones for council weak and jam?
Counsel, week, and jamb are homophones for council, weak, and jam.

What words are homophones in a long bladed pole made of a natural mineral?
The homophones are read and reed.

What are the homophones of to?

Can you give me a 5 sentence of homophones?
1. The mail man came by, so the male went to go get it. 2. The rose sat in the rows of chairs. 3. There was a deer that wrote a letter starting with dear. 4. I had a cell phone that is for sell. 5. There was a sail ship that was for sale.

Is the verb fall and the noun Fall a a pair of homophones?
No. Both these words are different forms of the same word -- noun and verb. Homophones are like -- made and maid. If you click on 'related links' below, the link will take you to a list of English homophones YES. If the noun is fall meaning autumn then they are homophones.

What is homophones?
Homophones are words which are pronounced the same, spelled differently and have different meanings. For example night and Knight.

Are canvas and canvass homophones?
Yes, canvas and canvass are homophones. They sound the same, but they have different spellings and meanings.

What are some bird homophones?
One set of homophones that involve birds is "tern" (a type of bird) and turn.

What is the definition of the homophones of profit?
A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word. "Prophet" and "profit" are homophones.

What is the homophone for seeing things?
The words see and sea are homophones. Homophones are words not phrases such as 'seeing things'.

Are ant and aunt homophones?
Aunt and ant are homophones. In American English, they are pronounced the same, but have different meanings.

Can you please use a homophones sentence using the word bye?
This is a sentence that utilizes the homophones flour and flower.

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