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Dear Friend Hitler to be Screened at Cannes Film Festival March du Film

por Mikayla Willard (2019-10-31)

Dr. Anil Sharma's debut production, Dear Friend Hitler under the Amrapali Media Vision banner is directed by debutant Rakesh Ranjan Kumar and all set to premiere at Cannes Film Festival's Marche du Film on 11th May with a second screening on 16th May. Dear Friend Hitler, is the first Indian - Hindi language film about the German dictator. The film that focuses on the last days of the German dictator has Bollywood actors Raghubir Yadav and Neha Dhupia in the lead roles. The film is based on two letters written by the forbearer of the Indian freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler during the Second World War.

The first look of Dear Friend Hitler was revealed at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year, where it aroused the interest and appreciation of cinegoers. "When we took the out-takes of the film to the Berlin Film Festival, the audience was excited at the prospect of seeing such a subject and the character of Hitler played by Bollywood actor," shares Dr Anil Sharma, the film's producer. Dr. Anil Sharma says, "There is no appraisal or reverence of Hitler's character in the movie. After unveiling the first look of this film on Adolf Hitler at the Berlin Film Festival it's clear that the film doesn't glorify Hitler, but scrutinize him against Gandhi's ideology of peace."

Dear Friend Hitler brings forth the last days of Hitler which he spent in his underground Fuhrer bunker just before his end. The Hitler movie captures the leader's insecurities, his charisma, his paranoia, and portrays his relationship with his close associates during the last few days of his life as he was trying to survive his downfall. The film also spells out Hitler's romantic liaison with his long time ardent companion Eva Braun whom he married in the bunker just a few hours before the couple committed suicide. How the Nazi leader dealt with betrayal and defeat at the most crucial time of his life has been brilliantly translated into celluloid in the movie in. Though set in the backdrop of the Second World War, the film is not a typically war film. It just brings across the fate of millions that was affected by the choice of divergent ideologies by two different leaders, Gandhiji's non-violence and Hitler's disastrous dictatorship. The film does not glorify Hitler or his Nazism but depicts Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as the hero, who led India to freedom with non violence.

Dear Friend Hitler is an attempt to spread the message of world peace, a message truly significant in today's world, where we continue to combat terrorism. Details of this interesting this Hitler film can be had at website The site reveals every aspect of the film 'Dear friend Hitler' and gives an insight into the actual content of the film which covers a positive aspect of the idealistic German leader and the clash of ideologies of two of the greatest world leaders, 온라인카지노 Hitler himself and Mahatma Gandhi and establishing the supremacy of the latter.