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Film with the word man in the Title - Answers

por Harrison Ardill (2019-10-31)

Oh so many. Here are some: The Third Man, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Little Man Tate, Rain Man, A Man for All Seasons, When a Man Loves a Woman, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Man with Two Brains, Demolition Man, The Wrong Man, Marathon Man, The Thin Man, Cadillac Man, A Man of No Importence, There Was a Crooked Man, The Elephant Man, The Man in the Moon, The Man Who Came to Dinner, The Man Who Cried, Inside Man, The Man Who Wasn't There, Our Man in Havana, My Man Godfrey, The Man Who Would Be King, The Tall Man, Dead Man Walking, The Gingerbread Man, Renaissance Man, The Family Man, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Yes Man, Man About Town, The Lawnmower Man, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Dead Man on Campus, The Running Man, January Man, The Best Man, Cinderella Man, Man Trouble, ...

What movies have the word paradise in its title?
Paradise Canyon is the title of a 1935 film. It starred John Wayne.

What movies have the word call in the title?
Call Me is a 1988 erotic thriller film.

What movie title begins with the word of?
One such film would be "Of Mice and Men".

What actor played the title character in the movie The Wolf Man?
Lon Chaney played the wolf man in the 1941 film "The Wolf Man".

Title of movies with family in the title?
Some movies that have family in the title are The Family, In the Family, The Family Stone, The Family Man, and The Family That Preys. Another film that has family in the title is The Addams Family.

Is a title a verb?
The word title is a verb (title, titles, titling, titled), a word for the act of naming a a work of art or literature. The word title is a noun, a word for the name of a book, poem, film, play, or other work of art; a word that is placed before or after a persons name to address them, to distinguish an accomplishment, education, a member of nobility. The word title is a singular...

What movies have the word 'man' in the title?
X-man, The Truman show, Mansfield park, The perfect man

What 1982 Disney film had a four word title?
There were no movies released by Disney in 1982 that had a four word title. The only movies released by Disney that year were Tron and Tex.

What two word movie title begins with the word office?
Office Space. It's a good film!

What was the title of that film where a man switches places with a dog?
i think its called the shaggy dog its Disney movie

What is the English translation of the Hungarian word szerelem?
Szelerem means love, as a noun, in the romantic sense. For example: "She fell deep into love with the man". Szelerem comes from the verb stem of szeret - "to love". There was a 1971 film of the same title, its translated title being love.

What two word movie title has two letters in the first word and six letters in the second word?
Al Capone (1959) biographical film.

Word of a man falls to his death?
The title, "A Man Falls to His Death" (by Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista), can be interpreted as the word: suicide accident murder

What song or film title contains the word twenty?
The Movie: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

What 1970 movies have the word Men or Darryl super in the title?
The Super Fight is the title of a movie released in 1970. Little Big Man, Watermelon Man and A Man Called Horse are the titles of movies released in 1970.

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