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Dred Scott quotes - Answers

por Fredric Thrower (2019-11-02)

"A man is a man, until that man finds a plan, a plan that makes that man, a new man"

Where did dred Scott live?
Dred Scott lived in missouri

Was dred Scott union or confederate?
Dred Scott was in the Union.

What are some characteristics about Dred Scott?
What are some characteristics of Dred Scott

Is dred Scott African American?
dred Scott is African American

What is Dred Scott's full name?
Dred Scott`s fll name was Dred Scott v. sandford

What was dred Scott fighting for in the dred Scott case?
Dred Scott was fighting for the freedom of himself, his wife Harriet, and his two daughters, Eliza and Lizzie.

Was dred Scott married?
Dred Scott was married, he also had two daughters.

What did dred Scott contribution to society?
Dred Scott rose the awareness of slavery.

When did dred Scott become a slave?
Dred Scott was born into slavery in 1795.

Is there an autobiography available for dred Scott?
No, there is no autobiography available for Dred Scott. But there is a ton of websites that offer information about him. The Encyclopedia also has great information about Dred Scott.

When did Dred Scott marry Harriet?
Dred Scott married Harriet Robinson in 1856.

Who was dred Scott and what was the dred Scott decision?
Dred Scott is a slave and sued his slave owner that if his in the north his freed from slavery. dred scott decision is when they said the Dred is just a slave and they are not citizen had no rights to sue their slave owners. this led to continue the civil wars against the north and the south

What happened to Dred Scott?
dred scott did not get his freedom but he found a wife and soon died of tuberculosis

Who was dred Scott and what did he do?
Dred Scott was a slave and he tried to get his freedom by going to court and talk it out but he failed

What were the origins of the Dred Scott case?
The origins of the Dred Scott case are due to the I.C.U.P organization

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