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Why did Stalin become a marxist

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Was Joseph Stalin a Marxist theorist?
As socialism and Marxism began to gain a foothold in the underground political system of Tsarist Russia, Stalin was not considered to be part of the left wing intellectual socialist movement. Stalin was better described as an "organization person" bent on revolution but not even considered to be a Marxist "thinker" such as Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Stalin did see in 1924, that to gain ultimate power in the USSR, he needed to become more...

Was Stalin the Soviet state's first Marxist leader?
No, Vladimir Lenin was the Soviet state's first Marxist leader.

Why did Joseph Stalin hate Leon Trotsky?
Stalin saw Leon Trotsky as a threat to his power as the Soviet leader. Trotsky had been a vocal critic of Stalin and Stalin's so-called "communists". Stalin had Trotsky exiled and later assassinated. Even in exile, Trotsky was considered as a major threat by Stalin. Trotsky's ideas were being spread around the world in Marxist circles. Stalin believed he had to liquidate the Marxist Trotsky.

What is a marxist-lennist?
A Marxist-Lennist is one who subscribes to the political ideology od Stalin, who developed his ideas from Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Many modern day communist party members are Marxist-Leninists.

What were the political difference between trotsky and Stalin?
Trotsky was a true Marxist. He expected that the Soviet Union by the 1930's would be moving away from the Dictatorship by the Proletariat, to another stage of Marxist development. Stalin cared less for Marxism. His goal was to basically run the Soviet Union as a supreme dictator. He kept the means of production under government control only to strengthen his own power; not for any Marxist reason.

Did Stalin practice true communist ideals and philosophy?
No, Stalin did not practice true communist ideals, but that was to be expected. Neither Lenin not Stalin sought to impose true communism on Russia, primarily because according to Marxist theory, communism could not be imposed on any society. Lenin and Stalin sought from the start to impose socialism in place of capitalism. Stalin's goal was to preserve "socialism in one country" not communism. In truth though, he did not even follow true Marxist ideals...

What are some fast facts about Joseph Stalin?
1. Joseph Stalin was a Marxist. 2. His family was very poor and all of his siblings died. 3. He had smallpox when he was young and survived. 4. He was arrested for being involved in Marxism. 5. He met Lenin who wrote a will for him not to become ruler. 6. When Lenin died, Joseph became ruler anyway.

Was Joseph Stalin a christian?
Joseph Stalin was an atheist. He was also a Christian. Joseph Stalin was raised a Christian and attended a seminary school in preparation for becoming a priest. When he joined the Marxist revolutionary, one of the requirements was to be atheist. There is no way to date exactly when he stated to claim he was an atheist.

What was one of Stalins major goals in Eastern Europe after World War 2?
Stalin wanted to reunify Western Europe. He opposed Mussolini in any attempts to forward his own expansion. Stalin wanted to reunify Russia into a Marxist state.

What did Joseph Stalin do as a teenager?
Stalin was born losif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on Dec. 21, 1879, in Gori, Georgia. He was the only surviving son of Vissarion Dzhugashvili, a cobbler who first practiced his craft in a village shop but later in a shoe factory in the city. Stalin's father died in 1891. His mother, Ekaterina, a pious and illiterate peasant woman, sent her teen-age son to the theological seminary in Tpilisi (Tiflis), where Stalin prepared for the ministry. Shortly before...

Was Joseph Stalin a fascist?
No, he was a Marxist-Leninist. He fought the fascists, the Soviet Union under his leadership crushed Hitler (just to give one example of his antifascism)

Who was dubbed Lenin's left leg during the early stages of Russia's Marxist movement?
Joseph Stalin was sometimes called Lenin's left leg as a pun on the description of a close helper as a "right hand man" and because Stalin practically idolized Lenin.

Why did Stalin want communist countries?
Stalin wanted to make Communist countries for many reasons. As a fierce supporter of Marxist ideology, Stalin believed when a number of Communist states became powerful that would lead to the collapse of Capitalism and the workers of the world will unite. Also after WW2, Stalin realized the way to protect the U.S.S.R was through a collection of buffer states, to help stop a western invasion.

What was stailin's system of government?
Joseph Stalin used a form of government known know as Stalinism. It is considered to be related to Communism and generally considered a branch of marxist-leninist ideology.

Why did Joseph Stalin believe he had to purge his country of other political parties?
He was a committed orthodox Marxist/Leninist and that is what that version of communist doctrine demanded, so he had no choice except to believe it and do it.

How did Joseph Stalin become leader of the US?
Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union, not the US.

Why and how did Joseph Stalin rise to power?
I have tried to split this into two questions: How did Josef Stalin rise to power in the USSR and Why did Stalin rise to power in the USSR. I shall answer How did Josef Stalin rise to power in the USSR. In 1924, the leader of the USSR, Lenin died. Stalin held the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party. Leon Trotsky, a powerful Marxist was the Minister of War. Eventually the true...

What were the causes of the Sino-Soviet conflict?
Basically, a personal spat between Mao and Stalin; two totalitarian dictators who each thought they were the top dog in the field of Marxist ideology.

When did Joseph Stalin become dictator of the soviet union?
Joseph Stalin reigned from 1924-1926

What did Stalin do with Lenin's New Economic Policy?
Stalin scrapped Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP) in favor of his own Five Year Plans. Stalin and other hardline Marxist/Communists felt that Lenin's NEP was a retreat from the move from capitalism to socialism and were angered over it. The NEP was kept in place by Stalin and his co-rulers after Lenin's death until 1929 when Stalin had eliminated his opposition and became the sole power in the Soviet Union. That is when he replaced...

What is Stalin and lenin relationship?
Lenin was a great political leader working for the greater good of the workers of Russia, and Stalin was an autocratic dictator who exploited Russia's workers for his own good. The relationship between them was that Stalin worked under Lenin, and when Lenin died, and Stalin seized power over Russia, even though Lenin had specifically stated that Trotsky should succeed him, Stalin tried to associate himself with the well loved Lenin in order to create...

After what leader's death did Stalin become dictator?
Stalin came to power in stages after the death of Lenin (1924). By 1928 Stalin was the sole dictator of the USSR.

What was the relationship between Trotsky and Lenin?
Trotsky was a Marxist revolutionary who got along well with Lenin. In fact following Lenin's death, Trotsky got into quite a few arguments with Joseph Stalin.

Who is the person known as Telia?
Comrade G. Telia was an active Marxist Party member. He lived in the late 1800's to early 1900's. He was considered by Stalin to have inestimable value for the "Party".

What did Lenin's Cheka become under Stalin?
The Cheka became the GPU, then the OGPU and then the NKVD under Stalin.

Why did Lenin distrust Stalin?
because Stalin was too rude and this become quite intolerable in a General Secretary

What was Joseph Stalin's political ideology?
Though Stalin considered himself a Marxist-Leninist Communist, he is thought to have followed his own version we now know as "Stalinism". Dont listen to this idiot. Stalinism is a type of government not a political ideology. Stalin was a marxist-leninist. The term Stalinism only came about because Stalin was a horrible leader, and he did things such as killing millions of people. Stalinism also is used because of the personality cult that Stalin created so...

What did Hitler do after he made Stalin?
if you mean what did Hitler do after he MET Stalin, he tried to convince him to become an ally, which of course did not happen.

What did Joseph Stalin study to become as a young man?
Joseph Stalin studied at the seminary as a young man but did not complete his studies.

How did Stalin and Trotsky differ in their politics?
Stalin and Trotsky had different views on many issues regarding Marxism - Leninism. The most significant difference was that Trotsky can be said to have been a true Marxist, while Stalin took a more "practical" view on how Marxism should be applied to the Soviet Union. Another key difference was that Trotsky believed that debate and different points of view on various issues were healthy for the communist party. On the other hand, Stalin believed...

How did Stalin become the Leader of Russie after Lenins Death?
There was no-one there to rule so Stalin thought it would be an "Amazing" chance to rule.

Leon Trotsky opposed what leader?
Trotsky opposed Joseph Stalin and was expelled from the Communist Party, exiled from the country and assassinated in Mexico for his efforts. Soviet leader was responsible for the demise of the leading Soviet Marxist, Leon Trotsky.

What has the author M D Kammari written?
M. D. Kammari has written: 'The development by J.V. Stalin of the Marxist-Leninist theory of the national question' -- subject(s): Nationalism 'Socialism and the individual' -- subject(s): Communism

What Russian Marxist split with the Mensheviks and joined the Bolsheviks in 1903?
Always controversial, even during the Civil War following the Bolshevik Revolution, it was Joseph Stalin who parted ways with the Mensheviks in 1903 and found a home with the Bolsheviks.

What was Stalin's most significant contribution to Marxist ideology in the 1930s?
Unlike Trotsky or Lenin, Stalin did not enter the Russian revolutionary movement as a Marxist intellectual. Historians do believe that if pressed on Stalin as a Marxist, it was his decision to create an independent socialist state or said another way, socialism in one country. In some 19th century dialogues, this concept was sometimes spoken of. Marx called for the workers of the world to unite. He dreamed of a massive human decision to form...

Did stalin have any military background?
Joseph Stalin did not serve in the military. He was a guerrilla who helped aid a revolution to become dictator of the Soviet Union.

What did joseph Stalin do for a living?
Before taking on the job of the dictator of the Soviet Union, Stalin had several "occupations" They were not always ones where he was paid. He began as: 1. Seminary Student. While at the Tiflis Seminary he joined a secret organization which desired his Georgian homeland to become independent of Russia. 2. After being expelled from the Seminary, he gave private education lessons to young students. 3. He worked as a writer for a socialist...

Was Stalins creation of a totalitarian state an inevitable part of the logic of Marxist-Leninist doctrine or an idiosyncratic interpretation of that doctrine?
Idiosyncratic interpretation of Marxist methodology. He exploited things to its full capacity, Stalin had a number of problems and those were reflected on his policies and reforms, Marxism-Leninism has been part of political ideologies for years, and depending on who is running the state, it often involves distinct disparities.

What did the supporters of Joseph Stalin most likely want?
Supporters of Joseph Stalin most likely wanted to see the USSR become industrialized quickly. Stalin came to power as a result of Czar being deposed.

How did Josef Stalin become a dictator?
He became Vladimir Lenin's successor.

What was stalins background?
Stalin originaly came from Georgia, south of Russia. His real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Stalin was in trining to become a priest, however he rejected this idea. His mother wished him to become a priest as it would elevate him from his lowly postion in life. Stalin become involved in anti-tzarist movements, which earned him 3 year stint in Siberia, which held many prisoners, political and criminal. It was during this time he changed...

What did Stalin do in the Russian civil war?
Stalin played a key role in the bolshviks revolution, his role was to convert the non russian citizens to become bolshviks supporters.

What factors helped Stalin to become leader?
The fear he put into the Russian people

What was one of the most important topics at the 1939 Communist Party Congress?
The Communist Party Congress met in March of 1939, when tensions in Europe were high. Generally speaking, Marxist terminology described the overall views of the members. That view was that the plan of the reactionary English bourgeoisie was to sacrifice the small countries in Europe to fascism and then turn Germany against the Soviet Union. Stalin agreed however, did not, or could not describe his ideas in a Marxist manner.

When did Marxist Party end?
Marxist Party ended in 2004.

When was Marxist Party created?
Marxist Party was created in 1987.

When was Marxist Worker created?
Marxist Worker was created in 1976.

How did Joseoh Stalin come to power in Russia?
Joseph Stalin become into reign after Lenin died. Russia was originally a monachry and Lenins idea of bringing communism to Russia brought public satisfaction. When Lenin died there was a battle for the rule between Stalin and Trotsky. Stalin eventually became into power after he exiled Trotsky out of the country and into Mexico where Stalin sent people out to assinate him.

Is the Frankfurt school a marxist school?
It is a neo-Marxist school of thought

After whose death did Nikita Khrushchev become leader of the Communist Party?
Joseph Stalin.

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