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F49T5HO Lamp And Ballast System

por Brodie Trudel (2019-08-14)

F49T5HO Lamp And Ballast System
Combine energy saving 49 watt T5HO fluorescent lamps with T5HO ballasts for maximum energy savings and easy maintenance.

Lamp and Ballast System
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Fluorescent One System Warranty
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High bay applications
Warehouse facilities
Any location with higher ceilings that require a high light output
Key features
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Maximum light output
Low mercury content and TCLP compliant
Lower maintenance costs and extended relamping cycles
Energy saving alternative to HID fixtures
One System Warranty
These lamps offer a great alternative to 54 watt T5HO lamps as you instantly save 5 watts per lamp, allowing you to take full advantage of energy savings without compromising performance, light output, or life.
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These 49 watt lamps are available in 3,000 K, 3,500 K, 4 100 K, and 5,000 K colour temperatures, with a CRI of 85, average life of 30,000 hours (based on a 12 hour start), as well as 95% lumen maintenance.

This T5HO system is ideal for high bay applications, especially warehouse and industrial spaces or big box retail stores. You can upgrade from an HID high bay system directly to the F49T5HO system by updating the fixtures, and start saving on energy and maintenance. Furthermore, if you already have a T5HO system, you can easily convert to a 49 watt system by simply changing the lamps!

These lamps are optimally paired with our parallel operation program start T5HO ballasts. Parallel lamp operation means when one lamp reaches end of life, the remaining lamps continue to be illuminated. This allows you to easily identify which lamp must be replaced, simplifying maintenance.
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