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Education policy 1998-2010 Pakistan

por Kay Erickson (2019-08-14)

Salient Features of National Education Policy 1998-2010
Aims and objectives of Education and Islamic Education
Literacy and non-formal Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Teacher Education
Technical and Vocational Education
Higher Education
Information Technology

Library and Documentation Services
Private sector in Education
Innovative Programs
Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation

Education policy 1947 to 2009 in Pakistan?
ur education is very bad

share: What is the education policy?
education policy is the policy which used in education

share: Determinants of foreign policy of Pakistan?
determinants of Pakistan foreign policy

share: Advantages and disadvantages of national policy on education in nigeria?
advantages of national policy on education

share: What has the author Zahurul Hassan Sharib written?
Zahurul Hassan Sharib has written: 'Khawaja gharib nawaz' 'Local self-government in relation to development in India and Pakistan' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Local government 'The history and prospects of rural education in India' -- subject(s): Education, Rural, Rural Education

share: What qualification is required for CSS in Pakistan?
According to new policy 16 years of education is required. Like BS/BA with Hons or simple BS/BA with MS/MA and you must be of 21 years.

share: State Bank of Pakistan relation with Pakistan?
It is the central bank of Pakistan which regulate and control the monetary policy and banking sector.

share: How can you make Pakistan successful?
Pakistanis require a few things to progress and compete with other countries. 1. Education 2. Getting rid of Corruption 3. Tax collection from upper class 4. Amendments in Pakistani Law According to ideology of Pakistan (Islam) 5. Pakistan's Foreign Policy needs to be revised

share: What is role IMF in Pakistan?
Dang tapao policy

share: Trade policy of Pakistan?
Does Pakistan have some policy now a days... not saying only about trade. Corruption, bribing, favoritism, nepotism, cheat is everywhere, as if it 'mis-things, swallowed and engulfed the back bone of 'once a good and prosperous' state called Pakistan.

share: What has the author Peter Karmel written?
Peter Karmel has written: 'Public policy and higher education' -- subject(s): Government policy, Higher Education, Higher education and state, Standards

share: What has the author Bryan Shelly written?
Bryan Shelly has written: 'Money, mandates, and local control in American public education' -- subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Policy, Educational equalization, Finance, Educational accountability, Education and state, EDUCATION / Educational Policy & Reform / General, Educational change, Education

share: What was Napoleon's policy on education?
Education was not essential or desireable for women, but it was mandatory for men.

share: What were the Tanzanian education policy of 1995?
For the full 1995 Education and Training policy, check out this link: website

share: When was pakistan's 1st educational policy formed?
ist education policy formed in 1958

share: What has the author Abdul Latif written?
Abdul Latif has written: 'The implementation of energy policy in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Energy policy

share: Who implements economic policy?
Normally its is implemented by the Government bank (State bank of Pakistan) but unfortunately in Pakistan it is implemented by IMF..(Hassan Khalil)

share: What are the main objectives of pakistan's foreign policy?
Following are the main objectives of Pakistan's Foreign Policy: 1. The Maintenance of Pakistan's Sovereignty The sovereignty means the supreme power which is eternal, universal, indivisible, imperceptible and the most supreme in its existence. The foreign policy is formulated by the head of the government and foreign minister of the country. In some countries, the legislature has considerable oversight as well. These policy makers, in Pakistan, have strove to maintain the sovereignty of Pakistan in... Read More

share: What has the author Esme C Kadzamira written?
Esme C. Kadzamira has written: 'Where has all the education gone in Malawi?' -- subject(s): Education 'Educational policy choice and policy practice in Malawi' 'Knowledge and policy formulation' -- subject(s): Women, Education, Educational equalization, Case studies

share: Does Pakistan follow expansionary fiscal policy?
Fiscal policy is the manipulation of taxation and 유로247가입주소 government spending by the government to affect the economy . Expansionary fiscal policy is when the government what to increase aggregate demand by decrease taxation.Pakistan does not use expantionary fiscal policy because Pakistan have highly economic growth and macroeconomic stability but also some poverty reduction(increase in standard of living)

share: Should India the dialouge policy with Pakistan?
Yes, talking is a GOOD thing.

share: How we can Check state life policy status in Pakistan?
Phone the insurance company

share: How do use the word policy in a sentence?
The education policy of the government is a mismatch to the requirements of the present time.

share: What role does the local government have for education policy and practice?
The role of local government in education is supported by the school district, which is governed by a school board. The school board has the role of administering the policy and practice in best interest of education provided.

share: What are the feature of Tanzania education and training policy 1995?
For the full 1995 Education and Training policy, check out this link: website

share: What has the author Sardar Mohammad Akhtar written?
Sardar Mohammad Akhtar has written: 'Economics of Pakistan' -- subject(s): Economic conditions 'Pakistan' -- subject(s): Pakistan, Economic policy, Economic conditions

share: What is the Nigerian educational policy and education in Nigeria?
Education is not considered very important, at least for girls.

share: How do we identify if a policy is still in existence if we have the policy number but no policy?
Jui Pusalkar has a Child Education policy since Aug / Sept 1997. We have misplaced the document. How do we get references for it ?

share: Government action in response to an issue?
When the government takes action in response to an issue, it does so through public policy. Public policy can range from education policy to energy policy.

share: What has the author Kalervo N Gulson written?
Kalervo N. Gulson has written: 'Education policy, space, and the city' -- subject(s): City children, Government policy, Race discrimination, Urban Education, Urban geology, Education, Case studies

share: How can I check my state life of Pakistan policy status?
Phone the company is the best option

share: What are the responsibilities of the secretary of education?
He heads the US department of education and formulates educational policy for the US government.

share: What is the secretary of education role?
The United States Secretary of Education is the supreme administrator of the Department of Education, whose main responsibility is to deal with the education policy of the federal government.

share: What is the importance of fiscal policy in education?
Fiscal refers to a specific part of government finances. Fiscal policy is about the specific details on taxation and spending. Education Services -in those areas where the government organize education -are a recipient of taxed incomes . It provides the income to operate

share: Can Pakistan send western union?
Unfortunately, money can only be received and not sent in Pakistan. This policy was created by Gen. Pervez Musharraf and later on accepted by PPP as well.

share: What has the author A Manzar written?
A. Manzar has written: 'Taliban in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Insurgency, Military policy, Taliban, Social conditions, Terrorism 'Taliban in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Insurgency, Military policy, Taliban, Social conditions, Terrorism

share: What domestic issues in Pakistani might influence Pakistan foreign policy?
The cats that live in the Pakistani underground may rise up and conquer the people of Pakistan, and later the world.

share: What was sam houston's education policy?
he was a very educated man

share: What has the author Muhammad Asif written?
Muhammad Asif has written: 'Energy crisis in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Power resources, Energy policy 'Energy crisis in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Energy conservation, Energy policy, Power resources, Energy development, Renewable energy sources

share: What has the author Lindsay Paterson written?
Lindsay Paterson has written: 'Scottish education in the twentieth century' -- subject(s): Education, History 'Education And the Scottish Parliament (Policy and Practice in Education)'

share: Why is Indian Education System so dumb?
Constant interference by Politicians and Bureaucrats made the system dumb. Indian Government does not have a rigid education policy. Indian education policy works on two polars. Religion and Caste system. Competency and calibre is not important to head an institution.

share: What has the author Lydia Kawun written?
Lydia Kawun has written: 'Towards a policy for adult/continuing education' -- subject(s): Continuing education, Adult education

share: What has the author Anthony Akoto Osei written?
Anthony Akoto Osei has written: 'Macroeconomic reforms and structural adjustment' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Structural adjustment (Economic policy) 'Tertiary education' -- subject(s): Congresses, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Higher education, Education, Higher, Finance, Higher Education

share: Who is chiefly responsible for the education in the US?
Local school boards and state departments of education. They set the standards to meet federal guidelines. One of the problems in education is that there is no consistant policy/theory concerning learning across the United States. Each state/school sets it own policy.

share: What has the author Abdullah I Kanduru written?
Abdullah I. Kanduru has written: 'The implementation of the national manpower policy by Tanzanian universities from 1962 to 1994' -- subject(s): Administration, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Higher education, Education, Higher, Effect of education on, Higher Education, Labor supply, Manpower policy, Occupational training, Universities and colleges

share: What has the author Abdus Samad written?
Abdus Samad has written: 'Governance, economic policy, and reform in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Politics and government, Economic conditions..

share: What policy issue does California equity refer to?
California equity refers to the policy issue of education and school programs, hoping to enlighten the subject and improve the current situation that education in the area may be improved over time.

share: What has the author Gillian Pascall written?
Gillian Pascall has written: 'Women returning to higher education' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Continuing education, Education, Higher, Higher Education, Longitudinal studies, Sex differences in education, Social aspects, Social aspects of Higher education, Women college students 'Social policy' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social policy, Feminism, Women, Welfare state, Great Britain

share: What has the author Rubina Saigol written?
Rubina Saigol has written: 'Women's empowerment in Pakistan' -- subject(s): Violence against, Economic conditions, Political activity, Women's rights, Social conditions, Feminism, Women, Government policy, Women in development 'Education, critical perspectives' -- subject(s): Education, Philosophy 'At home or in the grave, Afghan women and the reproduction of patriarchy' 'Knowledge and identity' -- subject(s): Curricula, Study and teaching, Gender identity, Education and state, Social sciences

share: National policy on education 1986 was headed by?
acharya ram murti

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