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What is the contribution of greek education to modern education

por Josef Buring (2019-08-17)

Contribution of greak education system to modern education

Discus the contribution of ancient greek education to modern education in nigeria?
Through system borrowed from ancient Greek today in Nigerian educational institutions there are strategiesed curriculum which gives gudelines to the learning activities.

share: List the contribution of greek edu to modern edu?
Classical Greek education introduced the Socratic method. This involves asking students a series of questions to get them to reason their way toward an answer.

share: Five contribution of Roman education to modern education?
One contribution of Roman education in modern education is the goal of preparing children for the adult world. Other contributions are a formal education system, higher learning, the Socratic method of teaching, and school holidays.

share: What was the contribution of Quintilian to modern education?
he stressed on reading

share: What are the contributions of Greek education to Mordern education?
Greek teachers have contributed very vastly indeed where education was considered . To modern education.

share: Five contributions of Greek education to modern education?
rank the five greek contributions in order of importance

share: What is the outstanding contribution of primitive society to education?
the primitive man started the rudiments of education from which evolved the modern educational system

share: How greek roman education is relevance to the nigeria education?
Greek and Roman education influenced much of modern educations. The arts, sciences, philosophy, and the methods of teaching are still used today.

share: What were the roman contributions to modern literature?
Romans inherited many things from Greek culture, but the language of Latin would be a contribution.

share: How do we honor Dr. Seuss's contribution to education today and when did we begin to celebrate his contribution to education?
when did we begin to celebrate his success in education

share: What are the contributions of ancient greek education to modern education?
Ancient Greece influenced much of todays education. This includes in the areas of arts, science, philosophy, and the idea that education shapes model citizens.

share: What was the primary contribution of the Assyrians to civilization?
They created one of the first alphabets which later mutated into the greek, roman and eventually our modern English alphabet

share: Contribution of Florence nightingale to nursing?
A proper education and made it more then for just prostitutes and 유로247가입주소 poor. It became a real honorable profession. She was the founder of modern nursing.

share: What advances were made in education during the Renaissance?
The biggest advancement was the combination of Greek and Roman ideas with modern ideas.

share: What was mustafa ataturks contribution to modern turkey?
Mustafa Ataturks contribution to modern Turkey includes modernization

share: How do we honor Dr Seuss's contribution to education today?
how do we honor are contribution to dr.suess

share: What are the contributions of Greeks in modern civilization?
The Greeks came up with democracy. Many words we use are based on the Greek language. The Greeks invented the first postulates and theorms for geometry and algebra. Modern civilization also uses quite abit of Greek architecture for example: the whitehouse. The Olypics are also a contribution of Greece.

share: What are the contribution of sir seewoosagur ramgoolam in education?
he made education free

share: What was Socrates contribution to education?
One of Socrates' contribution to education was the Socratic Method. This method is used to expose the underlying issues in the speaker and subject in classrooms and in law school.

share: What is the greek symbol for education?
The greek symbol for education is a wreath of leaves.

share: What s Confucius contribution on education?
his teaching

share: What is benefits of modern education?
Modern education is the best education in the world

share: Why is modern education better than ancient education?
why the modern education is good

share: What field did Booker t Washington made his largest contribution in what field?
He made his biggest contribution in the field of education.

share: What are the contribution of the modern family to society?
contributions of the modern family in the society?

share: What were Plato's contribution to education?
He founded a school of p

share: Who are the Filipino psychologist education and their contribution?
filipino psychologists

share: What are Contributions of different countries in physical education?
highlights the contribution of each country in developement of physical education.?

share: What is the contribution of Gandhi to education thought and practice and its bearing on contemporary education scenario?
Give the critical estimate of Gandhi's basic scheme of education.

share: Define instructional Communication and its contribution in education?
instructional communication

share: How was the education of Europe preserved during the dark ages?
Monks in the churches preserved some of the Greek and Roman teachings, but many were still lost until the modern age.

share: What is the contribution of john Dewey in education?
evaluate the contribution of JOHN DEWEY towards enhancing of community life in and outside school community

share: What was lavoisier's contribution to the development of the modern atomic theory?
Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman and chemist. His contribution to the development of the modern atomic theory was his idea of the possibility of an atomic mass.

share: When was Modern Education Schools created?
Modern Education Schools was created in 1997.

share: What is educate in Greek?
Greek word for Education and meaning

share: Are Pashtuns Greek?
Pashtuns are ethnically and iinquistically a people of eastern iranian ancestry (possible partial modern day descendants of Bactrians/Scythians) speaking a language called pashto(or pakhto). There is evidence of a limited greek contribution to the gene pool. Pashto language is related to the extinct Bactrian language and has many loan words from ancient greek dating from the greek occupation of Bactria (northern afghanistan) in ancient times.

share: What has the author M S Kobzev written?
M. S. Kobzev has written: 'Antichnye istoriki i pedagogika' -- subject(s): Ancient Education, Education, Education, Ancient, Education, Greek, Greek Education, Philosophy, Sources

share: Modern education philosophers?
Some modern education philosophers include Locke, Rosseau, Piaget, and Montessori. They have all contributed ideas that shape our modern education system.

share: What was one lasting and important contribution of the Freedman's Bureau?
Education.... Thanks

share: Contribution of Rabindranath Tagore as an educationalist in the field of education?
opened santiniketan

share: John Amos Comenius contribution in Education?
uwarku ce amsar

share: Contribution of Robert hooke to biology?
modern microscope

share: What is Democritus' contribution to society?
democritus is greek scientific philisoper!

share: What was the greatest contribution of homer to greek culture?
he created the illiad and odyssey

share: Which was an important contribution of the ancient Greek astronomers?
Establishing the size of Earth

share: How did Greek philosophers view education?
By contrast with the typical modern view of education as job- and career-related, Greek philosophers in ancient times saw it as fundamentally a kind of initiation into reality. For one thing, it was intended toÊawakenÊpersonsÊto their higher realities. For another thing, it allowed those personsÊwho received it to see and to enjoy the true nature of things around them.

share: What contributions has the Greek Orthodox Church made to Australian society?
the greek orthodox made no large contribution to Australian society

share: What describes a major contribution of the Greeks and Romans to modern medicine?
the development of the concept of the modern hospital

share: How is modern Greek language different from ancient Greek?
Modern Greek is to Ancient Greek as modern English is to old English (try reading Beowulf) some of the words are the same but the grammar declinations and conjugation are different.

share: Did Artemis have an education?
Since she was a Greek goddess, she would not have had an education.

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