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What clothes do they wear on Christmas Eve

por Suzette Farrelly (2019-08-17)

they wear nice clothes. Such as fancy clothes

Do you like eve parties and what clothes you like to wear?
Christmas Eve parties are typically liked by most people. Depending on the setting, you can wear dress clothes, 카지노사이트검증사이트 or a cute Christmas sweater and jeans.

Do Chinese wear special clothes on Christmas?
yes, the Chinese do wear special clothes on Christmas.

In the movie White Christmas where did they hide all the General's suits on Christmas Eve?
oh! i love this movie but like didnt they say his other clothes were gettin cleaned and so he had to wear his uniform (:

What do normal people wear on Christmas?
they just wear the same clothes as normal and sometime they may wear fany clothes and a christmas hat

Do Filipino's wear special clothes for Christmas?
Yes they do! They wear traditional clothes!

What do Filipinos wear for Christmas?
they wear traditional clothes

Who was the first one to wear clothes?
Adam and Eve

What kind of clothes do German's wear for Christmas?
they wear regular clothes with a little fancy accesorries

What do people wear on Christmas?
People wear their normal clothes.

What do America people wear for Christmas?
People in the United States do not wear special clothes for Christmas. Some might dress up a bit, but most wear clothes they would wear any other day.

What are French Christmas clothes made out of?
There are no 'Christmas clothes' in France. People do just wear their regular winter clothing.

What do Egyptians wear to church on Christmas Eve?
They wear a completely NEW outfit. -julia

What do british people wear on Christmas?
they just wear there normal clothes

What kind of clothes do Swiss people wear at Christmas?
they wear pajamasjdioajdioasjo

What do Mexicans wear for Christmas?
There gangster clothes

What do Australians wear at Christmas?
Summer clothes

Are there special clothes on Christmas to wear?
no not realy

What do austria people wear at Christmas?
They wear normal clothes but some people wear Santa hats Santa clothes or elf's hats

What clothing does people in Spain wear for Christmas?
they wear nice good clothes

What are traditional Christmas decorations in Spain?
They wear clothes

What do Germans wear during Christmas?
Warm clothes.

What type of clothes do they wear on Christmas in Africa?
they wear an africa cloth called kente

What clothes did the Victorian girls wear on Christmas?
wet with sperm

Traditional mens clothing in France at Christmas?
do the french wear any traditional clothes at christmas?

What costumes do people wear in Ireland for Christmas?
There is no particular traditional Christmas costume in Ireland. People just wear ordinary clothes. They will put on good clothes for parties or going to church services, but no particular costumes.

What do Irish people wear during Christmas?
they wear normal clothes like normal people.

What do kids in holland wear on Christmas Eve?
Like kids in any other country.

What do England people wear at Christmas?
nothing they go without clothes

What should you wear to school for a Christmas event?
Red and green clothes

What do German people wear on Christmas?
they just wear normal clothes just like im sure you do.

What clothes do spanish people wear on Christmas day?
Apparently they wear dresses or shorts and santa hats.

Is Christmas eve a holiday?
Christmas eve is not a holiday on Christmas is a holiday so Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas you can't celebrate Christmas eve its not a holiday

What people wear on Christmas in Britain?
Same clothes as usual. Some may wear a santa hat for fun

What kind of clothes do bolivian people wear at Christmas time?
They tend to wear a fleecy jacket caled a Babakanoosh

What do you wear on noche buena?
noche buena is new years eve, so sort out your clothes accordingly

Are special clothes worn for Christmas?
In the United States, no special clothes are worn on Christmas, though some may wear a special outfit or a Santa hat as a personal choice.

What kind of clothes did the people in A Christmas Carol wear?
They were all in victorian attire

What do people wear in southern hemisphere on Christmas?
Generally cool clothes as it is summer.

What do French people wear during Christmas?
They wear nothing special; Warm clothes if they go out, casual clothes at home; they dress a little better if they're dining out to at a friend's.

What Christmas clothes do they wear in Australia?
Erm... Normal summer clothes. Short shorts, and a tank top for the girls and board shorts and a tee shirt for the guys usually. We don't really have special 'christmas clothes' in australia.

Do Polish people wear special clothing to celebrate Christmas?
No,on Christmas polish people just were their clothes that they would normally where.

Does Disney close Christmas or Christmas Eve?
Christmas and Christmas eve

When people go to church on Christmas Eve in Egypt what do they wear?
C00Gi ;; All dAYYY NiGGAA3

What clothing do they wear in France for Christmas?
Warm clothes because this is Winter, but nothing special.

Do people in Italy wear special clothes to celebrate Christmas?
Yes they do, some where Togas.

What happens on Christmas Eve in Germany?
Christmas Eve is the big highlight of the Christmas season. Germans exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. In the past the Christmas tree was decorated on Christmas Eve, children would get to see it first time when "Bescherung" starts (gifts giving on Christmas Eve). Food on Christmas Eve varies depending on the region.

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
There are many different traditions, events, and activities for Christmas Eve. Many Christians attend church services. Some set up the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve, some open their gifts on Christmas Eve while others wait for Christmas Day to open presents. Some have special meals on Christmas Eve. Others go shopping on Christmas Eve. Some people work on Christmas Eve. Some do not celebrate Christmas, so they may not have any special thing to do...

What does Spain wear during Christmas?
Spain people where whatever they want during Christmas they go outside and show off there awesome clothes They actually wear there normal summer cloths and prefer to wear sandals or thongs

Why is the day before Christmas called Christmas Eve?
Eve means "before" and naturally Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas.

What day is Christmas Eve?
Christmas in December 25th. Christmas eve is one day before that so Christmas eve is December 24th.

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