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What do you call advertisement in Telugu

por Joseph Parham (2019-08-17)

In Telugu, we call advertisement as 'Prakatana'.

Who is the Telugu actress in onida advertisement?
Manjari Phadnis

What do you call alligator in Telugu?
what do you call a crocadile int telugu

What you call project work in Telugu?
what we will call project in telugu

What do you call rosemary in Telugu?
rosemary in Telugu

What do Telugu speaking people call jaggery as?
I'm from a telugu based nd cultured family from andhra pradesh. We call it "Bellam" in telugu. Almost all regions nd telugu slangs of Andhra call the same.

What do you call cat in Telugu?
Pilli is cat in Telugu.

What do you call pumpkin in Telugu?
gummadikaya is a pumpkin in Telugu

What do you call catnip in Telugu?
Miriyalu is catnip in Telugu.

What do you call judgment in Telugu?
judgment in Telugu is called teerpu

What you call salmon fish in Telugu?
salmon is called as "vanjaram" in Telugu

What do you call a squid in Telugu?
Squids are called as kamuta sanchulu in telugu.

What will you call birthstone peridot in Telugu?
Peridot birth stone in telugu

What is the name for oats in Telugu?
Telugu people call it oats itself. No one know what it is exactly called in telugu.

What do you call Octopus in Telugu?
i dont know what ppl call Octopus in telugu, "peetha" is wrong, peeetha means crab,

What do you call tomato in Telugu?
People often use the English word tomato (టొమాటో) as such in Telugu even though it is called Ramamulagakaya (రామములగకాయ) in Telugu. Some Telugu people also call it as Takkali (తక్కాళి) which is in fact a Tamil word.

What is the name of King fish into Telugu?
in Telugu they call it Vanjaramu thanks Jason

What is coriander leaf called in Telugu?
This is what you call coriander leaf in telugu: Kothimera

What is the meaning of maca in Telugu?
please tell what is the exact meaning of maca in telugu word i mean what do you call maca powder in telugu

What do you call cilantro in Telugu?
Cilantro in telugu is called "kothimeera". where as the seeds are called dhaniyalu

What you call husband 카지노사이트순위 in telagu?
we call husband as 'bava' telugu

What do you call horse in Telugu?
The word that means "horse" in Telugu is "gurramu." The sound a horse makes is "neigh, neigh" in Telugu, which is the same as English.

What do you call celery seeds in Telugu?
Celery seeds are nothing but "vammu" in Telugu, "ajwain" in Hindi

What do you call a fig in Telugu?

What do you call a butterfly in Telugu?

What do you call snake in Telugu?

What do you call television in Telugu?

What do you call reception in Telugu?

Can i call you meaning in Telugu languaze?
nenu meeku call cheyavacha?

The names for dog cat monkey lion and tiger in Telugu Hindi and Malayalam?
what we call lion in telugu

What do you call your dad's sister in Telugu?
Dad's sister in Telugu is called menattha attractive and fit bid¯.

What you call light in Telugu?
Kaanti, Velugu.

What do you call mobile in Telugu language?

What do you call hippopotamus in Telugu?
neeti guramu

What do you call a giraffe in Telugu?
jiraphee జిరాఫీ

What do you call peas in Telugu?
battani బటాణి

What do you call museum in Telugu?
Sangrahaalayamu సంగ్రహాలయము

What do you call chickweed in Telugu?
chetarasi kura

How do you call grandfather in Telugu?
Thaatha తాత

How do you call butter in Telugu?
Venna వెన్న

What do you call courgettes in Telugu?
Nethi beerakaya

What do you call a peacock in Telugu?
nemali, నెమలి

What do you call cricket in Telugu?
karra banthi

What do you call butterfly in Telugu?
seethakoka chiluka

What do you call photo in Telugu?
chata chitramu

What will you call birthstone Jasper in Telugu?

What do you call your dad in Telugu?
nannaType your answer here...

What do you call platfrom in Telugu?
vedika, pranganamu

What do you call calculator in Telugu?
Ganankala sadanam

What do you call basil in Telugu?
thulasi, తులసి

What do you call resistors in Telugu?
vidyut nirantrini

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