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Is Blogger owned by Google

por Lane Kell (2019-08-17)

Blogger was created by Pyra Labs and then bought by Google in 2003.However, if you log into google without logging into blogger, you will not be signed in like you would be for other google products. Google owns blogger, but there seems to be a disconnect, and they cannot partner easily.

Are Blogger and blogspot the same thing?
Blogger is a platform for free blog publishing and BlogSpot a service provider of free domain. Both are owned by Google, Google hosts Blogger services on subdomain of So whenever you will make any blog on it will redirect to both are auxiliary to each other.

What site advertises blogs for free?
Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad & Joomla are the top players as of December 2010. It's going to be quite a while until Wordpress & Blogger get beat out, as Wordpress is the largest and Blogger, well let's just say they are owned by GOOGLE.... and they certainly aren't going away anytime soon :)

What is the name of Google blog property?
The name of Google blog property is Blogger. Their service is called "Blogger".

How do you disconnect my blogger from my Google?
To delete your blogger follow the steps in the related links.

Where can you make your own blog for free?
The two most popular free blogging sites are Wordpress and Blogger/Blogspot (owned by Google). Other sites include TypePad, LiveJournal and

What is a blogger?
A blogger is a person who keeps or maintains a blog.

How do you make a blog on blogger?
Go to Blogger, sign in with your Google or Gmail account and follow the steps one by one. That's it.

What is google blog search mainly used for?
Google Blog is a search pertaining to a subject interested to you presented by another blogger. You can read opionions, latest news or entries made by a blogger on a particula subject.

How do I create my blog on Google?
You can create a blog on any platform, like Wordpress, blogger etc. 'Blogger' is Google's platform where you can create blog. To start your own blog on 'Blogger' you need to have a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the same account to start your own blog on 'blogger'. In case you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a Google account and then start your blog. Similarly...

Where is a good place to blog online?
Google Blogger Service.

Can you make money with Google?
You can make money using Google's Blogger, Youtube and Google Adwords for a start

What are some free Weblog hosting providers?
Some free blog hosting providers include Blogger (owned by Google), LiveJournal, and WordPress. These sites also provide templates, post tags, and user comment support, among other features.

Who is the owner of Google Chrome?
Google Chrome is owned by the founder of Google and the Google company. It is not just owned by a single person.

Can you make Google blog?
Yes, you can, as long as you have a Google account. Just go to Google, click on more, then go down to "blogger" and follow the instructions from there.

How many sites can I create with one Google account?
You can have up to 100 blogs per Google account on Blogger.

Is blogger free?
Yes, it's free. All you need is a Google account.

Is Wikipedia owned by Google?
No, Wikipedia and Google are owned by two different organizations/companies.

Is Opera now owned by Google?
opera is not yet owned by Google its still independent

Is Google Cash owned by affiliated with or related to Google Inc in any way?
Google Cash is not related or owned by Google, arttoy it's just a scam

What is the best free blogging platform with Google Adsense allowed?
Blogger is the best free blogging platform with the Google Ad-sense..

Why your Google AdSense is not Approved. I applied for my blog onlycinematalksdotblogspotdotcom?
plz help me approved google adsense for my blogger ....

Where could one find free web layouts for their website?
There are many places to find free web layouts the biggest is owned by google and is called blogger. Another is 1and1 or web design. with free web layouts most the time that is all you will get from the website the rest you have to do yourself.

What do you mean blogger?
Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a sub-domain of A user can have up to 100 blogs per account. In blogger we can create with free domain with free styles. example thank you.

Who is owner of Google-?
The owner of Google is owned by Google Incorporation.

Do blogs accept advertising?
Yes if it is the blogger website or if you have your own domain. Google adsense is helpful.

How can you add attachments in your Blogger?
hey its very simple man! just create your fake Gmail Account and use your google Docssa a saved locationa nd just give URL of that google DOCS in the blogger and make that DOC public. Hope it will help . . :) Fore further help contact me undersigned . Devansh Kumar Bhardwaj blogger at website (IPhone Developer)

Is owned by Google?
No, it is not. is owned by Answers Corp.

What are good blog websites?
You can use Google's Blogger or Wordpress just to name two (google them for URLs)

How do you search Blogger blogs?
I searched their blogs through the keywords. Most of the time I used Google to search it.

How do you make a template?
Hmm, to create a blogger template you should have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML and JAVASCRIPT. If you have then search on google for TEMPLATE TUTORIAL for blogger. I am also have a blog website plz visit and rate this answer

Where can one find blogger help when learning to blog?
When one is learning to blog a great help will be the site of Google itself, called At this website one can find all the answers an inexperienced blogger can ask.

What is blogger?
According to the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia Blogger is: A Web site launched in 1999 from Pyra Labs, San Francisco, CA website that provides the tools for creating blogs (Weblogs). After users select a pre-designed template or create one with their look and feel, every posting entered on Blogger is published to the Blogger page on their Web site automatically. In early 2003, Blogger was acquired by Google. it is a free site that you can...

What type of company is Blogger?
Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google. The domain would be It will be hosted on Google's own servers; it can't be installed on a web server. You can post articles, pictures and videos on your blog.

Which is the most used sites in world?
1.Google 2.facebook 3.Youtube 4.Yahoo 5.Blogger

What internet sites host blogs?
Wordpress, tumbler, wix, blogger, google+,joomla, hubplaces are the best blogging sites.

What are the most popular sites in the world?
1.Google 2.facebook 3.Youtube 4.Yahoo 5.Blogger

How has Google changed?
A big way Google has changed is by not only just being a search website, but much more. They make Products such as Google Earth, Gmail, Blogger, they made the Android operating system, and by becoming a part of innovation.

How do you start a blog on Gmail?
Google hosts a blog site called as blogger /blogspot. Just create an account and start blogging.

How can you create your own website to generate income?
Just Go to make a blog in blogger and signup in Google ad sense And ENJOY

Is Google Enterprise privately owned?
Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergy Brin when they were students at Stanford. It was privately owned and incorporated in 1998. It went public in 2004.

Do you get mail if you sign in a Google account?
Yes, if you sign up for GMail which is owned by Google.

When Facebook is owned by Google?
That isn't a question.

How do you paste advertising links on your blog?
Sign up with a advertiser (Google Adsense, etc). They will give you the code you need to paste in. Blogger has an app that let's you insert Adsense, since Google owns both.

Why blogspot good in SEO?
Umm - As a search engine optimization expert, I don't believe that Blogger is good for SEO. It isn't a custom domain which is the beginning of ANY great SEO effort and in general, Google frowns on sub-domains..even their own (Blogspot) from an indexing standpoint. If you don't believe this - search your favorite term on Google and see how many sub-domain blogs are listed on Page #1 versus custom domains. Further - go to...

Is Gmail a blog site?
No, gmail is a mail server that will help you to send or receive mail etc. blogspot is a service for blogger of Google. you can try it.

How do you crate a fke website for a school project?
you can create website for school project through blogger, google pages and many more Website.

What are Google and Yahoo?
Google and Yahoo are two search engines owned by Microsoft and Yahoo! respectively.

Who sponsors YouTube?
If this helps You tube is owned by google!

Who own's YouTube?
Youtube now is owned by Google.

Is Google owned by Burger King?
No. Where did you hear such a thing?

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