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How do youday sports similar to the roman sports

por Bonny Glowacki (2019-08-18)

they aren't similar because roman sports were deadly and harsh but 'youday' sports isn't

How are todays sports similar to romans sports?
they are not similar at all

How are todays sports different from roman sports?
roman sports averagely were deadly and modern sports are rarely a threat over an injury

How are the modern sports today similar to those in ancient rome?
There are some modern sports which are similar to those in ancient Rome, 스보벳 boxing, wrestling (there is a form of wresting at the Olympics which is called Greco-Roman wresting) throwing the discus and weight lifting. The Romans also played games which were similar to volleyball, and handball. They also played field hokey and a type of soccer.

Did Rome have better sports than Greeks?
Roman and Greek sport would of been very similar however Ancient Greece can claim the Olympics so in that respect the Greeks had the greater sports but only in terms of competition scale

What is a similar god that is similar to Apollo from roman?
helios in roman

What were the most famous ancient roman sports?
Famous ancient Roman "sports" were watching gladiator fights and chariot races.

What are the Roman sports?
gladiators and cheriot race Gladiatorial Games and Chariot racing are the most famous ancient roman sports.

What are greek and roman sports?
Greek sports are those sports which are introduced by Greeks and Romans Sports are those sports which were introduced by Romans.

What was similar about roman magistrates and roman assembiles?
They were not similar. The Roman magistrates were the executive officers of state. The popular assemblies elected the magistrates and voted on bills.

What is a good topic sentence for ancient Roman sports?
A good topic sentence for ancient Roman sports might be: What sports of ancient Rome involved man to man combat and what type of races were popular?

What were some roman sports?
Roman sports are bloody sports that Romans used to do in the old days for entertainment. Some fought to the death and in small cities some fought until injured. Gladiator Fighting!!! :)

Is EA sports games the same as 2k sports game?
No there not but they are quite similar.

How are roman democracy and American democracy similar?
The Founders of the United States admired the Roman Republic. They gave lawmaking power to an elected Congress similar to the Roman Senate.

What are the similarities between greek and roman architecture?
The architecture between the two groups is relatively similar. They are founded in symmetry, the use of stonework (especially marble), columns, and esplanades. They erected numerous statues and glorified the human form. They also built sports arenas and temples in similar architectural appearance.

Name Two sports where the judges mark your performance in a similar way to gymnastics?
Nothing is quite as similar, but figure skating and diving are also judged sports

What is the roman name for sports?
if you mean how to say sports in romanian, its sportive if that wasn't what you meant, sorry

What Roman recreations are similar to modern beaches?
The baths had a similar purpose.

Who used the roman coliseum?
The Romans. The Government of Rome used it as a spectator stadium for the Gladiator fights and such similar sports of the time. It is the famous place where the best Gladiators went to die or, through many fights, eventually won their freedom.

What are the similaritiesdifferences between ancient Roman and modern sports and athletes?
One of the differences between the ancient and modern Roman sports and athletes is that the ancient only allowed the natives of the Roman empire to participate while the modern one allows those with acquired citizenship to participate. The similarities is that both allows different variety of sports.

What are the sports originated in Europe?
A lot of sports originated in Europe and were the sources of development of sports in other parts of the modern world. Many of the ball sports around the world originate from sports in Europe. American Football is similar to Rugby. Baseball is similar to cricket and rounders. Australian rules football is similar to Gaelic Football and Rugby. Games like hockey, have similar games in Europe, like Shinty and Hurling. Golf and Tennis began in...

Greek and roman sports?
ball sack suking

What where some roman sports?
a roman sport was carete racing there would be great big aduiances to wacth them

Who is similar to Athena in another culture?
The Roman Minerva is similar to Greek Athena.

What two early civilizations similar?
Greek and Roman Civilization were similar in Literature !!

How are Roman myths similar and different from Greek myths?
roman myths are similar because they have the same stories and characteristics of the 12 main gods, but they do not have the same names

Was Greek technology similar to Rome's?
No, Greek technology was not similar Roman technology. Rome might have had one Greek technology that they used, but other then that one Greek technology, Roman technology was not similar to Greek technology.

What is similar to sports?
Boating, Flying, Treasure Hunts.

How do the Roman games effect the sports you play?
The only modern sport which can be traced back to the Romans is Greco-Roman wrestling, even though they had their own versions of weight lifting and boxing and a game which had some similarities with soccer. The most of the Roman sports were adopted from the Greeks.

What are the differences between the roman architecture and Sassanian architecture?
Gothic and Roman architecture are similar:

Which Roman goddess is similar to Artemis?
The Roman goddess Diana is usually identified with Artemis.

What is a similar god to ares in another culture?
The Greek Ares is similar to Roman Mars.

What were Roman legionaries?
The Roman legionaries were Roman soldiers. They were soldiers who belonged to the legions, the units of the Roman army which were similar to the army corps of modern armies.

What sports are similar to tennis?
Racquet sports (squash, badminton), handball and volleyball all have major similarities to tennis.

Which government official in the roman republic was in charge of organizing public sports?
The organization of public sports and games was the responsibility of the aediles.

What is water sports?
Water sports is sports played in water like: paragliding snorkelling rafting sailing canoeing rowing kayaking scuba diving and similar

Why is Greek and Roman architecture similar?
because they both lick cock wow. That was a mature answer was it not?? Anywho, Greek and Roman architecture were similar in that they both used coumns. The only difference was that the Romans added the arch and dome. Also, the Greeks built facilities such as the ampitheater. The Romans were more upscale seeing as they built the Coloseum of Rome. Both of those answers suck. The question wasn't 'how Greek and Roman architecture were...

One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both?
One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both built a strong system of roads.

How are your Olympics and the ancient Greeks similar?
They both involve sports

Which sports is it similar to jai-alai?
indoor lacrosse

Which of these sports are the most similar to each other?
racquetball and squash

What are two similar sports Americans play?
Soccer and Football

What sports are most similar to each other?
Baseball and softball

What ar similar gods to ares that are in different cultures?
The Greek Ares was similar to Roman Mars.

Is Poseidon a similar god or goddess in another culture?
Poseidon is similar to the Roman god Neptune.

In what way were Helenistic and Roman civilizations similar?
They were both concerned with expanding their empires They had similar religions

What is a similar g od in another culture of ares?
The Roman Mars is a similar god to Ares.

Who is a god similar to Ares from another culture?
The Roman god Mars is similar to Greek Ares.

What god with another culture was similar to Athena?
The Roman goddess Minerva was similar to Greek Athena.

How is volleyball similar to other sports?
It could be similar in the name because a lot of sports end in ball like basketball and football and baseball. It can relate because in basketball you play on a court and you play indoor volleyball on a court. It can relate to tennis because in both sports you serve. You also run in volleyball and in most other sports you run.

What were roman temples used for?
Roman temples were similar to Greek temple. The temples were there to worship gods that were also similar to the Greek gods, except for the difference sin the names. The Roman temples were also constructed in a way not too different from Greek temples.

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