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Top 12 LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors India/Canada/China

por Lazaro Chapdelaine (2019-08-19)

Top 12 LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors India/Canada/China
This article solves many problems that you guys face while choosing the best LED lights online manufacturers or supplier.
LED Lighting Market Outlook
The term LED refers to Light Emitting Diode and it is a new generation high bay lighting. It is being widely used in residential buildings and commercial infrastructure such as offices, warehouses, workshops, exhibition centers and more. Today, these lights are used in places where appropriate lighting is the utmost priority.

Why LED lights are popular? Because the manufacturing and installation cost of these lights is low while the quality is high. A lot of big companies are investing in research and development of advanced technologies to produce highly efficient products for their end customers and offer LED lights for sale.

LED lights are:
- Warm white lights
- Energy efficient
- Dimmable
Check out the figures that shows the popularity of LED lights…
LED lights.png

So, let’s check out some of the top manufacturers & distributors of LED lights in different parts of the world…
Top 12 LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors India/Canada/China
LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors India
india has announced to decrease its carbon footprint and making the shift to LED lighting is a small but significant initiative.
1. Philips Electronics India Ltd: Though Philips is a Dutch brand, it considers India to be its biggest market for LED lights. The company offers a huge range of products in different categories. It is the world leader in LED and sports lighting. Main products include bulbs, wall lights, ceiling lights, tube lights, suspension lights, décor lights & more.

Why Philips? It has a good pan Indian distribution and after-sales service network. Also, the products are made with innovative technology.

2. OSRAM India Pvt. Ltd: OSRAM has branches in more than 150 countries and currently providing a great range of around 5500 products for different applications. It offers an extensive range of energy-efficient and environment-friendly indoor/outdoor LED luminaries, lamps, modules, and more.
Why OSRAM? The company is known for its wide & innovative range of automotive lights – for motorcycles, for trucks, and LED accessories.
3. Havells India Ltd: Havells Group is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company and amongst top 5 LED lights distributors in the world. Some popular LED products include lamps, spotlights, decorative lights, tube lights, landscape lights, commercial lights, street lights and more.

Why Havells? The company offers a wide range of electrical good for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.
4. SYSKA: The brand is just two decades old but managed to come in the list because of its innovative range of LED lights, fair-pricing, and high durability. The company offers quality lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Some of the popular products include lamps, decorative lights, tunnel lights, parking lights and more.
Why SYSKA? The products are crafted to meet Global standards and you can choose from a wide variety of LEDs.

LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors Canada
LED retail store lighting. den led gia phuc business

People in Canada love to decorate their homes with beautiful lights whether it’s Christmas or New Year and LED lights Canada have become integral parts of their life.

1. SmartRAY: It is a premier lighting brand in Canada offering a huge range of commercial residential, decorative and industrial LED lights. Some of the popular products include ceiling lighting, garage lighting, outdoor patio lighting, LED bulbs, and more. The company supply to churches, malls, parking lots and entertainment companies.

Why SmartRAY? The company is one of the largest Christmas and seasonal lighting suppliers. It is known for its patent protects products and cost-effective lights.

2. Delviro Energy: It is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of commercial, residential, industrial and architectural led lights canada. It takes into account everything starting from electronic and mechanical design and circuit board building to metal fabrication.

Why Delviro Energy? The company offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions for Architectural and Horticultural needs.

3. CREE – The Company has thousands of successful LED installations in Canada and known for its good network of professional lighting agents available to assist end users. The products are sold via authorized electrical and lighting distributors. The product line includes LED lights for both interior and exterior applications.

Why CREE? The products come with DeltaGuard finish which means a warranty against the rigors of outdoor exposure.

4. Carmanah technologies Inc: The Company is known to manufacture solar-powered navigation and hazard lights using LED technology. It takes into account everything starting from design and project development to research consulting. It builds and supplies solution for industrial applications in some of harshest environments.

Why Carmanah? It offers a grand portfolio of products for marine, aviation, roadway, transit, illumination and railway markets.

retail store lighting LED lights gia phuc

Top LED Light ManufacturesDistributors.png

LED Light Manufacturers&Distributors China

China is one of the biggest LED product markets in the world and home to many of the leading manufacturers and distributors.

1. Chinabrands: Chinabrands is a leading drop-shipping wholesale supplier in China and offers an array of products in different categories including high-quality LED lights. You can find both branded as well as local lighting solution at this website at the most competitive price.

Why Chinabrands? The company has its spread over 200 countries and some notable features include:

Wide Variety of Products – When you’re looking for LED lights, it is the only website where you can find a large extension of products. Also, latest products are added on daily basis.

Competitive Price – As both branded and local products are available, there’s something for every budget. Each and every product is at wholesale rates whether it is low or high end.

Unmatched Quality – The supplier go for quality inspection for each and every product and that’s highest standards of quality can be expected. Also, each item passes through 3 to 4 quality tests before coming to the website.

More Savings – It is the only platform that offers extra discounts, coupons, and reward points against every purchase. With your every purchase, you get CB points as rewards that you can use in next buy

Super Fast Delivery – The warehouses are located in more than 50 countries and that’s why Chinabrands is able to deliver orders fast. In most of the cases, it only takes 2 days that goods deliver to your customer’s doorsteps.

Dropshipping – Chinabrands is a top rated dropshipper in the world and that makes it totally worth of considering. Also, it offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can easily download and import to your online stores.

LED shop lights, online led store

What’s more? Chinabrands is a trusted platform that guarantees fully successful end-to-end system integration and provides real-time updates.

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2. Made-in-China – It is a popular third-party B2B platform in China and supplies an array of products to global buyers. The company offers an array of products when it comes to LED lights for modern, indoor, outdoor, and bathroom lighting.

Why Made-in-China? It allows you to choose from the top LED light factory where you can find some good options in different categories.

3. SeniorLED – Senior LED is known for high-efficiency lighting and develops LED lamps, tube lights, and other lighting solutions. Some of the popular products offered by the company include LED panel lights, bay lights, tubes, lights with aluminum case, freezer lights, UFO lights, linear lights, and more.

Why SeniorLED? The products offered by this company are insured with Product Liability Insurance from AIG against any faults.

4. Deolighting – The Company is a renowned name in the development and manufacturing of engineering lighting fixtures. From industrial lighting and outdoor lighting to architectural solutions, it offers a wide range of products in each category. Some popular products include bay lights, ceiling lights, lamps, fluorescent lights, and more.
Why Deolighting? It is known for its eco-friendly and innovative proven LED products. Also, the products are tested for quality.

How to choose China LED lamp manufacturer?
China is one of the biggest LED product markets and choosing the best LED lamp manufacturer can be a little tricky. However, you can make this process as enjoyable as you want by following these simple steps:

LED light dealer.png
Step 1: Know your needs – ascertain what type of lighting you want, whether you’re looking for residential LED lights online or the industrial one.
Step 2: Identify potential suppliers – create a list of suppliers that are able to fulfill your requirements and refine them.

Step 3: Monitor the supplier performance – conduct performance reviews to know if the supplier is worth investing your hard-earned money and time.

Step 4: Look for credibility – always look for some credible features in a supplier such as

- Reliability

- Quality

- Value for money

- Clear communication

- Superior service

- Payment security

- Warehouse facility

Step 5: Choose a supplier – once you have reviewed and shortlisted the suppliers, choose the one that suits you the best.

When we talk particularly about China’s LED lamp manufacturer, Chinabrands is a renowned name because you get the opportunity to explore both high-end and local brands. Also, you enjoy features like a wide range of products, genuine price, and warehouses in more than 200 countries, fast delivery, and drop shipping.
- LED service life

- Basic knowledge of LEDs

- Terms and conditions

How to choose a high-quality LED lighting manufacturer?

Follow these tips to choose the best:

- Consider quality and safety first

- Check out the reviews by previous customers

- Know the minimum and maximum order quantities

- Pay attention to payment terms and conditions

- Go through the return policy

- Check for storage and handling facilities

- Know the specific methods of delivery

- Give priority to customer service

- Know about buyer protection programs

How is china led lights prices?Can you give me some reference?
Best LED Light Brands

Well! You will find a huge variety of lamps in China ranging from the budget-friendly pieces to the most architectural ones. As there are many manufacturers in China, you can expect to find every price range starting from low to high.

As far as the reference is concerned, you can pay a visit to Chinabrands as this is the only platform where you will find both local brands and high-end brands. They have a huge range of electrical good for indoor and outdoor use starting from $0.14…

Chinabrands offer:

- Drop shipping

- Competitive price

- Huge variety of LED products

- High-quality LED lights online

- Fully automatic order confirmation services

- Global warehousing and lot more…

What are the top LED lighting companies?

As the global LED market continues to grow, some of the world’s top LED lighting companies are still wooing the customers around the globe.

LED lights have been rapidly replacing incandescent and fluorescent lights and following are the top companies to count on apart from the above-mentioned ones:

1. Mouser Electronics

2. Nichia Corporation

3. Lumileds

4. Acuity Brands

5. Eaton

6. GE Lighting

7. Seoul Semiconductor

8. Zumtobel Group

9. Everlight Electronics

10. Chinabrands

You can view more details of wholesale led lights

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