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What is product-policy decision

por Cerys Frei (2019-08-19)

Product Policy plays a very significant and 휴대폰소액결제현금화 crucial role in the product establishment and its growth in the market.The marketer has to keep mind the product policy decision while introducing a product.It acts asa tool in the hands of the marketer.

It involves the four majordecisions:

1. Individual Product decision-It involves decisions related to product attribute, product branding, product packaging, productlabelingand productsupportservices.

2. Product Line decision: It involves decision like ProductProductline stretching and Product Line filling.

3. Product Mix Decision-It involves decision like Product mix width, Product mix length, Product depth, Product consistency.

4. Product Positioning Decision.

Decision table and decision tree?
decision tree decision table

Do a decision or make a decision?
The answer is you make a decision.

What is a certain decision?
A certain decision would be a decision that you have absolutely no doubts to. But if it's used in a context where it is relatable to a known decision then a certain decision would imply it's referral to that decision.

What is a decision making?
Decision making is when you make a decision

What is the difference between individual and group decision making?
An individual decision is a decision that was made by one person. A group decision is a decision that was crafted by multiple people.

What are the three main decision areas in business finance?
The three main decision areas in business finance are:Investment decision,Financing decision and Dividend decision

What is decision making and communicating?
Decision making is the process by which a decision is made. Communicating, when it comes to decision making, is the way the information about that decision is distributed to ensure everyone is aware.

Determine factors affecting decision implementation in an organization?
what are the factors that affecting decision making what are the factors that affecting decision making what are the factors that affecting decision making what are the factors that affecting decision making what are the factors that affecting decision making

Distinguish between a firm's capital budgeting decision and financing decision?
~The decision about which assets to buy is termed the capital buygeting or inverstment decision. The cesision about how to raise money is the financing decision.

What is a binding decision?
A binding decision is when you will have to follow the decision made by a 3rd party or a court(a judge). Arbitration is an example of binding decision

What is economic decision making?
a decision that depends on the economy that is currently in place. the decision must depend on the economy of the time that the decision is made.

Why is a responsible decision a good decision?
Because an irresponsible decision is a bad one

When a decision is made what two things is a decision maker considering?
Two things a decision maker considers when making a decision are future costs and benefits of the decision. Other things are sometimes considered when making decisions including future consequences of the decision.

A kind of decision table that permits access to another decision table is?
This type of decision table is known as an extended-entry decision table.

What is program decision?
A program decision is the routine or repetitive decision that can be handled by established business rules. These decision are often called on a standard process.

What do you mean by decision making ability?
decision making ability means who can do decision right in right time.main theme of decision is don't be late.

Decision making theory?
Decision making theory is used to determine the values and other issues, including uncertainties, that relate to the decision being made. It is then determined if the decision is a rational and wise decision to be made.

What is unstructured decision making?
An unstructured decision is a kind of decision where no plan or steps were followed. It is a haphazard decision that is not guided by any rules or specific inferences.

What is a rhetorical decision?
A rhetorical decision is a decision made on information that is well known. People often come to a rhetorical decision as a safe method of thinking.

Difference between decision table and decision tree?
we can not perform complex tax trough the decision tree but we can able to perform it by using decision table.

What is sound fincanical decision?
A sound financial decision is a decision in which benefits the person directly responsible for the decision and sometimes those indirectly involved. An example of a sound financial decision might be investing in a stock that does well.

What is branding decision?
What is branding decision?

When you evaluate a decision you ask yourself about the consequences of your decision?
Yes, you can ask yourself about the consequences of your decision.

What is an unilateral decision?
A unilateral decision is a decision made without the consideration of opposing opinions or viewpoints.

The decision of a jury?
The decision of the jury is called a verdict. The decision of a judge is called her ruling or holding.

Is the word 'decision' a common noun?
Yes, the word "decision" is a common noun.

What is a programmed decision give an example?
a programmed decision is made in response to a situation that has occurred often enough to enable decision rules to be developed and applied in the future. For example the decision to reload paper in the printer is a programmed decision.

State 6 steps of desion making and explain each?
There are a few steps in making a decision. The steps to making a decision are think about what to do, the after math of the decision and then making the decision.

What is overruling?
Overruling is when a decision, which is made by the same tribunal or a higher court, gives a decision that is the complete opposite of the previous decision. The previous decision is then overruled and has no authority as a precedent.

What advantages does decision table have over decision tree?
Decision Table can create more queries, it is more of multipath/ multiflow. Decision Tree follows single path.

Which is the result when the benefits of a decision are greater than the opportunity cost of that decision?
It would be helpful to know what the decision is to know what the benefits and opportunity of the decision are. It is important to include this information.

Can you refuse alimony if marriage is not consummated and wife is earning and there are no dependents?
That decision is up to the court, not you. That decision is up to the court, not you. That decision is up to the court, not you. That decision is up to the court, not you.

What did president Truman cite as the toughest decision of his presidency?
His toughest decision was........ his decision the enter the Korean War.

What is the verb for what is the verb for decision?
The verb of decision is decide. Other verbs are decides, deciding and decided. Some examples are: "We decide to have a cup of tea. He decides to swim with dolphins. The family were deciding on a new town to move to. I have decided what to do.

What is Public Decision?
A decision you make in public

A decision reached by study?
Is an informed decision.

Spelling of decision?
you spelled it right decision

What part of speech is decision?
Decision is a noun.

How do you say decision in German?
decision = Entscheidung

How does satisficing decision differ from maximizing decision?
Satisficing decision means accepting a satisfactory, or good, result. Maximizing decision means not accepting any result except the best.

What is acquisition decision memorandum?
"A memorandum signed by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) that documents decisions made as the result of a Milestone Decision Review (MDR) or decision review." -ACQuipedia

What is the outcome of the decision process?
It is impossible to tell the outcome of the decision process without knowing more information. One can assume, however, that the outcome of the decision process is, in fact, a decision.

What will a good decision making system do?
get decision to the right decision maker, create a trail of accountability, and provide flexibility

Did Truman regret the decision of bombing hiroshima?
The toughest decision of his presidency as cited by him was his decision to enter the Korean War.

When is a jury's decision not final?
A jury's decision is not final until the acting Judge in the courtroom dismisses and approves their decision.

Can you give me a sentence using the word decision?
"It was her decision not to drink that night at the party." The only decision I had was to drop out of school

What is a bilateral decision?
A bilateral decision is taken by the two sides or two parties involved in the decision-making process.

What is non programming decision?
Non programming decision is the decision which has to be taken in any situation which is necessary which is not already predefined.

What is a rush decision?
A decision made in a rush. In other words a decision which is made quickly and without much thought.

What are the key factors in correcting a poor decision?
The key factors in correcting a poor decision are rethinking that decision again.

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