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Who is the best bass player alive

por Janice Delamothe (2019-08-19)

There are many opinions on who the best bass player is, but Jimmy Blanton was ranked the best bass player. Who is the best bass player in the world?
Lewis moon is the best bass player in the world!!!!!!!!

Who was the bass player for frampton comes alive?
Stanley Sheldon

Who is the best bass guitar player ever?
The "best" bass guitar player is an opinion, as different players have different styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Two of the best electric bass players ever are Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten.

Who is the bass player of Green Day?
Mike Dirnt is the bass player for Green Day. The best person in Green Day.

Who is the greatest electric bass guitar player?
A wise bass guru once told me, "There is no one 'Greatest Bass Player' and it is impossible to achive. Instead, set your sights lower, like, being the best bass player in the building... or the room...

Who is the worlds best bass player?
I don't think there is a world's best bass player. Mick Karn's really good and so are the ones in Black Sabbath and The Beatles and bands like that. I play bass in a band. Three of us are 12 and one is 13.

Who is les claypool?
Les Claypool is an amazing bassist from the band Primus. He in my oopinion is the best bass player when it comes to slap bass. He is the singer and bass player for primus who made the theme song for South Park

Who is the best bass player of all time?
Cliff Burton R.I.P

Who is the best bass player ever?
cliff Burton RIP Cliff

Who is the world's best bass guitar player in your opinion?
Victor Wooten

Who is the best go player alive?
The best player inthe NFL, NCAA, ect. is Brian Ford

Is Pele the best soccer player alive?
How can u ask something like this when Maradona is alive? Maradona is the best player ever in the history of football.... Even Johan cryuff was a great player than Pele ...

Who is the best bass player of the Jonas Brothers?
Garbo, a.k.a. Greg Garbowsky

Is Micheal Jordan the best basket ball player alive?
no gopal neopaney is the best basketball player ever.

What happened to James Guyett john lee hooker's bass player?
He's alive and well in California... Peace, Love and Blues Power!

Who is the best football player alive?
Ndamakung suh

Who is the best baseball player alive?
Albert Pujos

Who is Jordan best?
the greatest basketball player alive

Who is the best bass player in world?
Geddy lee is the best bassist in the universe listen to yyz or la villa strangiato

Is tha band ram jam still alive?
They don't perform but they are alive. Actually, 2 members have died. The bass player and drummer died but the 2 guitarists and lead singer still are alive but not in Ram Jam anymore. The band is no longer together.

Who is the best rugby player alive?
Nathan Sharpe of Australia

Who is the best video game player alive?
Bagels Mewtwo is

Who is the oldest player for Chelsea?
DIDIER DROGBA the best striker ALIVE ! He's 34 and he is the BEST !

Who is a famous 6 string bass player?
One famous six string bass player is Jojo Garza. He plays with a group called Los Lonely Boys along with his brothers Henry and Ringo. He plays a Tobias bass. In 2005, they earned a Grammy for best pop performance.

Who was the FIRST bass player in the band Tool?
Their original bass player was Paul D'Amour. Their current bass player is Justin Chancellor

Who is the best hockey player alive?
Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky

Is Michael Estrada the best basketball player alive?
How about Michael Jordan

What kind of superstar was Michael Jordan?

Did joe greene die?
No ---not as of jan2011 -he is the best football player alive

What is more likely to sit in a band a guitar player or a bass player?
A Bass Player

Can you freeze a bass and it still be alive?
No, it will die.

What is the best Bass Guitar?
there cant be 'the best bass guitar', theres many different varieties when it comes to tones, strings, amps, playing style, etc etc. Im not sure what kind your looking for, but try looking up bass musicians and what bass they play and their set. Rickenbacker, Wal, Music Man Stingray, are just examples of some basses. But when it comes to music tastes, bass musicians like Victor Wooten (Grammy winning bass player), Les Claypool (famous for...

Who is the bass player for Journey?
Randy Jackson is the bass player for journey

How did Michael Jordan do help us?
Becoming the best NBA player alive

Who is the best softball player alive?
Jennie Finch or Jessi ca Mendoza

Who is the best baseball player that is still alive?
probably ken Griffey jr

Will metallica stick with one bass player?
i always thought after Cliff passed away that metallica would never settle with one bass player but i think the best replacement was Jason and that no one will ever be a better replacement but the answer to your question is no, but after all its their decision

Who is Mike D'Antonio?
Mike D'Antonio is the bass player for Killswitch Engage, a Metalcore band. The best band in the world

What did randy Jackson do for a living before American idol?
Randy is probably best known as a bass player and a producer.

Who is the bass player of Escape the Fate?
The current bass player is Max Green.

Who is the bass player for Daft Punk?
Daft Punk does not have a primary "bass" player.

Who is the bass player on school of rock?
the bass player in school of rock is katie =-)

Who is the bass player in Black Veil Brides?
Ashley Purdy is the bass player.

What is Metallica's bass player name?
The current bass player is Robert Trujillo. Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton both played bass for Metallica in the past. Ron Mcgovney was the original bass player though.

Who out of the beatles is still alive?
Paul McCartney (bass) and Ringo Starr (drums) are still alive of the Beatles.

Who is the original bass player for tejano band La Mafia?
The first Bass player was Speedy Villanueva. He was also the first bass player for Exellencia and was with the TEX Maniacs. Rudy Martinez was also the second bass player for La Mafia as well was speedy's replacement when he left Exellencia. I believe there was another bass player, but I cant remember his name. but he recorded maybe 2 albums. Then came Tim Ruiz, who is currentlythe bass player.

Can you be a real band without a bass player?
Yes but it would sound better with a bass player. You can go and download some software for a base player or have an instrement playing in a lower key than the others. I would say find a bass player. You will b a real band with or without a bass player .....The Doors never had a Bass player, and they were around for years. They used keyboards for the Bass Lines. Occasionally they would...

Who is the Bass Player on The Temptations in Japan?
Bill White was the bass player for the Temptations in Japan.

Who is the Naked Brothers Band new bass player?
kristina is the new bass player.

Who is the bass player of simple plan?
The bass player of simple plan is David Desrosiers.

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